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Armory Park Tucson Historic Subdivision

The Armory Park Tucson Neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is named for the Armory located in the Military Plaza in Tucson AZ.

The Armory Park area was born after the arrival of the Southern Pacific railroad in 1880. Many prominent individuals employed by the railroad lived in Armory Park.

The Armory Park Tucson neighborhood covers about 30 blocks. Its boundaries are Stone Avenue to the west and 2nd Avenue to the east. The north/south boundary of Armory Park is 13th Street to 19th Street – MAP.

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Armory Park Tucson Home Styles

Armory Park home styles reflect the evolution of Tucson itself. The railroad arrived and with that event came access to the east coast of the what was to become the United States. This brought new building materials and architecture to Tucson AZ.

Most Armory Park homes of the late 1880’s were Victorian styles. Later, a style evolving from the Victorian architecture was Queen Anne. Other home styles of this era included Mission, Colonial Revival, and Spanish Revival.

After the turn of the century, California architecture influenced Armory Park. California Bungalows were being built after 1910 and into the 1920’s. From the early 1900’s, Armory Park and much of Central Tucson homes used styles from the east and west coast.

A distinctive feature of Armory Park homes was the sleeping porch. Before air conditioning, it was common for people to sleep on the porch or rooftop. The cooler outdoor temperatures during the summer months were much more comfortable.


If you are interested in a historic Tucson homes, Armory Park Tucson AZ should be at the top of your list. The Armory Park area is rich in Tucson’s history. Many Armory Park homes have been renovated and upgraded. Other homes await a Tucson historic homeowner’s loving touch. Located within Armory Park is the community of Armory Park Del Sol.

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