Tucson Real Estate Closing Process

Understanding The Tucson Real Estate Closing Process

Tucson Real Estate Closing Process And The Key Steps Know

Tucson Real Estate Closing ProcessTucson Real Estate Closing process may be a different experience than you had buying other homes.

As your Tucson Realtors our objective is to explain the home buying process to you in detail.  We will explain each step in detail and discuss what to expect and how much your closing costs will be. From our first contact until you have moved into your new home and settled into the community WE ARE THERE FOR YOU!

This includes the Tucson Real Estate Closing process.  Tucson Real Estate Closing process starts when you and a Tucson Home seller have reached an acceptable purchase contract.

We work with you through every step to ensure a rewarding experience and minimal stress.  We will do our absolute best to find you the perfect Tucson Home.  We will answer your questions along the way and work to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Information about the Tucson Real Estate Closing Process is provided, below.

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Buying a Tucson Home or other Tucson Real Estate always concludes with the Close of Escrow.  Tucson Real Estate closing process includes 3 key steps for the Buyer –

First, the title company representative will want to see identification to verify you are the party purchasing the property.  The identification MUST have a picture on it.  That means a drivers license OR passport will be required.

Second, you will sign documents related to your purchase of your Tucson Home.  These documents will include, mortgage documents, title documents and deed of trust at a minimum.  There may be other documents required based on the complexity of your specific transaction.

Third, you will need to provide the funds required for the down-payment. Funds are usually provided with a Cashiers Check or wired to the title company prior to the appointment to sign the documents.

The Tucson Real Estate closing process will take about 1 hour to sign all the documents will take about 1 hour. After the Tucson Real Estate closing process done, documents are forwarded to the mortgage company.

After the mortgage company has reviews and approves the documents they release the mortgage funds.  When the funds are received, the escrow company disperses the funds to the Sellers and other parties.  Then a escrow company representative will deliver the documents to the appropriate PIMA county office to officially “RECORD” the transaction.

Upon the recording, the buyer officially owns the home. Only then is the Tucson Real Estate Closing Process complete

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Tucson Real Estate Closing Process was last modified: August 14th, 2015 by ben4wp

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