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Condos for sale in Tucson azIn the greater Tucson area, condos provide a wide range of lifestyles. Those who enjoy living in an urban setting can find their home in the heart of downtown Tucson.

Tucson continues to undergo renewal. With new restaurants, hotels, and neighborhood bars opening across the city.

This revitalization is drawing people to the urban lifestyles and condo living. Apartment conversions along with new condo projects are bring people to downtown.

For those looking to live in Oro Valley, the Foothills or Ventana Canyon, there are plenty of condos as well.

And for those looking forward to a 55+ community lifestyle, there are townhomes and villas. Regardless of what lifestyle you prefer, there is a condo, townhome or villa to fit your needs.

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Condos & Townhomes for Sale in Tucson

Do You Know the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhome?


Condo ownership is a popular form of real estate structure, especially in urban areas.

A condominium is a single unit within a larger multi-story building. The owner of a unit owns the structure itself, but not the land under it.

This leaves the property owner with exclusive ownership rights to their unit. Shared amenities in the building are under the governance of a homeowners association.

Amenities range from hallways and lobbies to workout facilities and pool areas. Condo owners pay dues to a Homeowners Association for maintenance.

Condos offer an appealing option for those who seek urban living, but don’t want to own a single-family home.


A townhome is a type of residential building. Townhomes are a cluster of similar structures that share some common features.

Unlike a freestanding home, a townhome will share a wall with its neighbor(s). Townhomes might be side-by-side with two units sharing a wall. With a single level structure, the owner also owns the dirt under their structure.

Most townhomes will have their own driveway and garage, as well as a front, side, and backyard.

Townhome owners maintain the outside of their building. This would including the landscape and any exterior components like patios or decks.

If there is a HOA, the Homeowners Association may be responsible for maintenance. This could include both structure and landscaping.

Townhome complexes will often have shared amenities for owners. Popular amenities include a pool, fitness center, and patio/BBQ area.

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