For FHA MIP Means Mortgage Insurance Premium

FHA MIP Has New Rules That May Impact Tucson Home Buyers

FHA MIPFHA MIP rule changes beginning April 1, 2013. FHA MIP or FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) will increase to 1.35% on 30-year amortized loans with 3.5% down. FHA MIP is in addition to the monthly mortgage payment.

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This will not have a huge impact on buyers qualifying

The bigger change in FHA MIP comes effective June 3, 2013.  On June 3, FHA MIP will be for the life of the loan! In the past, once a home’s principal balance reached 78% of the original sales price after being paid for 5 years, the MIP would drop off. How much of an impact does this have on a loan?

To put this in perspective, with a purchase price of $175,000 and a 3.5% down payment, the loan amount would be $168,875. Adding the 1.75% “up front FHA MIP”, the total loan amount would be $171,830. (Remember: FHA charges MIP on two levels – up front, which is financed into the loan AND annually which is paid monthly.)


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Cumulative Premium



Example with 4% loan rate 30-Year term – ARP=5.017%


For the homeowner who intends to live in the home less than ten years, this does not have a significant financial impact. However if you plan on living there longer you may want to consider refinancing into a conventional loan. This would eliminate the FHA MIP.

Other considerations would be the 3% down conventional loan. This program comes with it’s own set of more restrictive guidelines. For more on FHA Loan rules and FHA MIP go to the FHA Website.

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