Perfect Home For Your Retirement

Creating The Perfect Home For Your Retirement

perfect home for your retirementMoving home in retirement is common as people decide to downsize, move closer to family, or just move somewhere warmer. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help make your perfect home for your retirement.

Take What You Need

Use moving as an opportunity to de-clutter. Don’t leave behind sentimental items, but give real thought to what is important to you. Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t miss after a few months.

Consider Safety

If you need handrails, shower seats, or stair-lifts in your home, make their installation a priority. Even small changes, like slip-proof mats, will make your new home much more secure. Make sure alarms are installed and working, too. The more secure you feel, the quicker you will settle in and start feeling at home.

Create a Checklist

Small admin tasks will pile up while moving. For instance, you will need to set up or move your utilities. These are each straightforward tasks in isolation, but you will need to contact your phone, gas, electricity, internet, etc. providers separately. Create an organized task list to work through them methodically.

Decorate Inexpensively

Any space can be transformed with three elements: paint, plants, and lights. If any of the rooms in your new home are in need of a spruce up, get a bright color on those walls. Even painting a one-wall accent can completely change a room.

Next, place lamps and potted plants around the room. Use faux plants if you do not want to keep real ones. Add your favorite family photos and ornaments, and there you have it; a cost-effective way to bring life to any room.

Create a Workspace

If you plan on continuing to work from home, whether part-time, consulting, or on a personal project, Oberer Homes suggests ensuring the office space in your new house reflects your needs.

Create a little corner with a desk to work from and use design tools to differentiate it from the rest of the room, such as a different wall covering or a room divider. Decorate the space with plants, photos, and books to create a pleasant and stress-free workspace.

Don’t Forget the Garden

Now that you’ve made a welcoming interior, focus on the garden, especially if you’ve moved somewhere sunny. If you are a keen gardener, create the perfect spot to grow some fresh vegetables or beautiful flowers. If gardening isn’t your thing, this could be a great patio spot to entertain friends, or a peaceful nook to read novels.

These and more are all achievable DIY projects, either by yourself or with the help of family and friends.

Insure Your Home, Including with a Home Warranty

In addition to creating a home you love, you need to protect it. According to, an average cost of $165 monthly for $250,000 dwelling coverage will cover homeowners insurance to protect against damages.

However, this insurance doesn’t cover systems or appliances breaking down. For this, you’ll need a home warranty and a yearly service contract to protect you against the high cost of household breakdowns.

You may be asking “are home warranties worth the cost?” but you’ll soon find that the extra protection for systems like plumbing and electrical is well worth the investment.

This is especially true if you’ve purchased a home with older installations that may either be out of warranty or about to be.

For instance, repairing an AC unit can cost up to $5,000, hardly an expense you want as you head into retirement.

The Perfect Home

Nothing is stopping you from creating the perfect home in retirement, and moving can actually help you get rid of what you don’t need and focus on creating the space that you do. If you want help finding your perfect new home, schedule a free appointment with Premier Tucson Homes today.

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Additional Thoughts And Insights

As Realtors in Tucson Arizona since 2002, we have helped dozens of people find that “perfect home for your retirement”. Active Adult communities provide an endless list of thing to do and activities to dive into.

Oh, and by the way, home warranty plans can be helpful when some of those gremlins pop up in any home. But find the one that best fits your needs and budget…..Start Here.

When buying that home for your retirement and lifestyle answer the question – should it be a Single Family Home OR Condo/Townhouse?

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