Pima County Fair

Pima County Fair Is A Big Tucson Attraction

Tips For The Pima County Fair And A Great Experience

Pima County FairThe Pima County Fair is held in August every year. It is Tucson’s biggest annual event! Visitors can enjoy live Pima County Fair concerts, food, exhibits, attractions, automobile shows, animals and much more!

The Pima County Fair grounds includes four halls, 2 stages, horse arenas, a cantina, and a stock barn. The Pima County Fair grounds is also used for many other events throughout the year.

Even Though a fair is generally predictable with rides, carnival games and cotton candy, the Pima County Fair is unique, in the fact that it offers some kind of special thing going on every day. Whether it is a concert, demolition derby or animal exhibit. Each day at the Pima County Fair is different.

For those not interested in rides are not you are interested in don’t stay away. If you never seem to win a teddy bear don’t be bothered. Each of the 4 exhibit halls are filled with things to see and do. Yes, and there is always the food.

Two of other annual events are held just South of the Pima County Fair Grounds.

The Southwestern International Raceway (SIR) and Tucson Raceway Park (TRP). These racetracks offer endless weekend events for the entire family. There are rofessional motor races at TRP and NHRA at SIR.

SIR will also offers weekly highschool drags for the younger visitors in a secure and controlled setting. TRP hosts spectator events for any race car. Visit TucsonSpeedway.com and SIRACE.com for their schedule of events..

However, there is far more to the Pima County Fair grounds than just racetracks and an annual fair. It is also a year round hosts to large outside live shows and festivals that attract all ages and draw large crowds.

These events will appeal to every member of your family. Animal shows, equipment sales and rallies are a few of their other activities. While the fairgrounds may seem to have a clear-cut function, it is actually far more than it seem to be.

Facilities are available to rent for weddings and Quincenearas. A Quincenearas a popular Latin American event celebrating a girl’s fifteenth birthday

The annual Pima County Fair is under the jurisdiction of the Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc. This is a non-profit, private corporation, established by Pima County in 1975. The “commission” operates the fairgrounds and the Pima County Fair.

Under the management contract established between the Commission and Pima County, whatever profits earned from operations is put back into the facilities.  Over $2,000,000.00 of improvements have been made to date.

The Pima County Fair complex is situated in a desert landscape with mesquite, cacti and grass. The facility was created for diverse and multiple use to include outdoor performance and stage areas, three exhibit buildings, horse facilities, and livestock arenas.

There are 15-acres of asphalt that can be used for outdoor display and exhibit spaces. There is ample picnic areas, RV facilities and areas for out-door camping.

The Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc. oversee improvements to the facilities at the Pima County Fairgrounds. They cooperate with other for profit and non-profit organizations to produce more events to serve our community.

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Pima County Fair was last modified: June 26th, 2014 by ben4wp
Pima County Fair was last modified: June 26th, 2014 by ben4wp

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