Pinal Air Park

 The Pinal Air Park Is A Unique Facility in Tucson AZ

A Brief History

pinal air park tucson arizonaThe Pinal Air Park was originally constructed in 1942. It operated as the Marana Army Air Field during WWII as a pilot training center. It was part of the west coast military flight training operations that trained over 50,000 pilots during the war.

The facility was decommissioned in 1948. In the 1960s, Pinal County took it over and leased it to various tenants during the Vietnam War.

Evergreen Aviation acquired the lease of the property in the late 1970’s and operated the facility for over 35 years.

Some of the tenants were Air America, Continental Air Services, and Intermountain Airlines. A few may notice the connection between these air carriers and “secret” supply operations during the Vietnam war. Some suggest the CIA may have been involved in the various ways.

A few may remember the 1990 movie “Air America” portrayed Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. as pilots for the covert CIA operated airline.

In May 2011, Relativity Capital L.L.C. acquired the facility and re-named and revitalized the company as Marana Aerospace Solutions.

The expansive facility has a 6,850-foot runway and acres of storage and maintenance facilities. The runway can handle takeoffs and landings of all aircraft types, including large commercial and military aircraft.

Airlines Park Planes

Some of the world’s biggest commercial airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and leading government agencies rely on Marana Aerospace Solutions as a strategic partner.

Marana Aerospace Solutions is one of the world’s largest commercial aircraft MRO and storage facilities. It consists of three maintenance hangars and a large maintenance flight line.

The 6,850-foot runway is suitable for takeoff and landing of all aircraft types, including large commercial and military aircraft.

Pinal Air Park Airport is located in south central Arizona. The facility is situated within the climate-friendly Sonoran desert which makes it ideal for aircraft storage and maintenance.

Pinal Air Park is located in the northwest side of Tucson, Arizona. The overall facility also offers a Fixed Base Operation (FBO) for business and private aircraft. The FBO provides a convenient alternative to the Tucson International Airport and downtown traffic.

While you can see the Pinal Airpark from the I-10 freeway, it is not open to the public. If you want to see military aircraft up close go to the Pima Air And Space Museum. Also, Tucson is the home for the military aircraft boneyard. Unfortunately, the boneyard is not open to the public.


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