Scottsdale Versus Catalina Foothills

Scottsdale AZ Compared To The Catalina Foothills

If Scottsdale AZ is on your list of potential places to live in Arizona, Then Check Out The Catalina Foothills

The City Of Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale ArizonaThe City of Scottsdale is a large suburban area boarding the east side Phoenix. Scottsdale AZ has over 200,000 households and offers a active and busy lifestyle. It is a prominent location for year around living as well as seasonal (winter) residents.

Scottsdale AZ is generally divided into four major areas – Old Town Scottsdale, North, South and Central. Each area has its own feel, neighborhoods and lifestyles.

Scottsdale Has Four Major Areas

Old Town Scottsdale is really the downtown area. Accordingly, it has a lot of business locations and a very low residential population. Although Old Town has some condominium complexes, it is mostly made up of stores, restaurants and nightclubs.

North Scottsdale has many upscale neighborhoods and high-rise communities to live in.  North Scottsdale AZ is the place prime real estate is to be found.  Homes in this part of Scottsdale will range from $400,000 to over $5 million dollars.

South Scottsdale is generally defined to be within the boundaries of Thomas Road to McKellips Road. This area is a bit more affordable than the north. Median home prices are  around $300,000. South Scottsdale AZ is home to thousands of working residents who enjoy the region’s beauty.

Central Scottsdale runs along Shea Boulevard. Residential communities include Gainey and McCormick Ranch. These two older communities are popular places to live in the district. Central Scottsdale also has a number of upscale resorts along Shea Boulevard, making it a popular part of town.

The City of Scottsdale has a relatively high cost of living when compared to other areas of the United States and Arizona. Scottsdale costs 12.4% greater than the national average and 10.5% higher than the Arizona average. Scottsdale ranks 4th in per capita income in Arizona. This higher cost of living is also reflected in Scottsdale home prices.

The median home value in Scottsdale AZ is $383,600. Scottsdale home values have declined -1.6%  during 2014. Notable sources suggest home prices will rise 1.2% in 2015.

The median list price per square foot in Scottsdale is $221/sq ft. This is higher than the overall Phoenix Metro average of $124. The median price of homes currently ( January 2015 ) listed in Scottsdale is $549,000. That is considerable higher than the median price of homes that sold at $351,975.

Catalina Foothills – Tucson

The Catalina Foothills had a population of 50,796 based on the 2010 census. Catalina Foothills is one of the most affluent communities in Arizona and the United States. The area has the 6th highest per capita income in Arizona, and the 14th highest per capita income in the U.S. For communities with  a population of at least 50,000.

The Catalina Foothills community includes some of the Tucson metropolitan area’s most expensive homes and land, and has the highest median property value.

Homes in the Foothills offer great views of the Tucson city lights and the mountains surrounding Tucson.

The median home value in Catalina Foothills is $376,800. Catalina Foothills home values have declined -0.2% over the past year, but predicted to  rise 1.5% within during 2015. The median list price of a Catalina Foothills home is $178/sq ft. The median price of homes listed in Catalina Foothills as of January 2015 is $447,000. The median price of homes that have recently sold is $413,365.

The Catalina Foothills School District serves families living in the Catalina Foothills.


Scottsdale AZ is a popular place to live in Arizona as 200,000 households would attest. It has activities, restaurants and lots of things to do. If you don’t mind the fast pace, lots of traffic and higher costs.

The Catalina Foothills offers similar activities, great restaurants, a casual lifestyle with similar home prices. However, the overall cost of living is lower and the lifestyle less hectic.

Which one is right for you? The “better choice” is in the eye of the beholder! Give us a call, take a look.

If you are considering a move to Arizona for a job, winter retreat or future retirement location, we can help.

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