Self Directed IRA for Real Estate

Using A Self Directed IRA For Real Estate

Tips On Using A Self Directed IRA For Real Estate And Home Buying

self directed ira for real estateSelf Directed IRA For Real Estate may make sense again. Once a popular investment option. The housing decline took a lot polish of the idea. As the real estate market improves, a Self Directed IRA for real estate may again find favor.

What does it take to do it? First, talk with your accountant or financial adviser to evaluate your situation. Needless to say there are risks.

Here are the basic action steps to create a Self Directed IRA for Real Estate.

Action 1: Set Up A Self Directed Real Estate IRA: The first step is to establish an Unlimited IRA. This will be done using a registered self-directed custodian. This is the foundation that will permit an IRA to do real estate investments. Your Accountant or Financial Adviser will be able to do this for you.

Action 2: Fund Transfer : The custodian will request, track and direct the transfer for funds from your prior IRA holder(s) into the new self-directed account. This might take 2 to 3 weeks depending upon your prior IRA custodian’s to transfers funds.

Action 3: Establish A Limited Liability Company (LLC): A key component of the process is to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your Self Directed IRA. The LLC will provide the means to invest.  The LLC is the tool that provides self-direction

Action 4: Funding the LLC: With the self-directed IRA funded and the Limited Liability Company in place, you can capitalize the LLC. Once done, your self directed IRA for real estate will control the LLC. The LLC will hold the cash in the LLC checking account.

Action 5: Purchasing Real Estate: Your IRA, through the LLC, will now be able to invest in Real Estate. You will control your IRA and be able purchase Real Estate by simply writing a check from the LLC.

This may sound challenging. However with the right professional assistance the Self Directed Real Estate IRA is really straight forward. A Self Directed IRA For Real Estate Investing isn’t for everyone. Discuss the idea with your accountant or financial adviser. Assess the risks and rewards. There are opportunities in many cities. Tucson Real Estate has been improving. It may provide you a great opportunity!

What more information on Self Directed IRA’s? Here is a quick video.

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