Tips To Sell A Tucson Home

 Tips To Sell A Tucson Home Fast

6 Useful Tips e That Will Make A Difference

tips to sell a tucson homeTips To Sell A Tucson Home will help make a Tucson home stand out in the Tucson Real Estate market. Should you do them all? NO Way! Use the tips to sell a Tucson home that will make your home standout.

Before you start, contact Kim. She will help you decide on the better upgrade options.

Most appraisers have tales of irate home owners not getting value from their home upgrades. The imported Italian tile that just didn’t make a difference to buyers.

Or the costly remodel that made the home the most expensive in the Tucson neighborhood. Good money spent and no return on investment.

To get the most bang for the your upgrade buck before you sell, check out these 7 tips to sell a Tucson home.

1 – Tips To Sell A Tucson Home -Exterior and Landscaping

It is hard to overcome a poor first impression. Be sure the exterior of the home shows well. The front of the home makes the first impression. Caulk cracks and paint the exterior walls. Caulk around windows as necessary to have a tight seal. Consider replacing that old garage door. Replacing the front entrance door or at least upgrading the door hardware should be considered. All outdoor lighting must be working.

Should the buyer want to see the home in the evening, the lights and landscaping will make a big impression. Curb appeal can’t be overstated.

Don’t think you will get all your money back on this items. You won’t. Money spent on exterior maintenance, doors, landscaping and lights make the home stand out.

2 – Tips To Sell A Tucson Home – Interior Basics

Before you decide to spend serious cash on a major upgrade do the interior cosmetic fixes first! Buyers are turned off by worn carpeting, bad paint and old flooring.  Leaking faucets, dirty windows, torn screens suggest a poorly kept home.

Replace carpets and damaged flooring first. Paint the home neutral colors. Fix the leaks and anything that appears damaged. Neat and clean suggests will cared for. Well cared for means NO PROJECTS to a buyer.

3 – Tips To Sell A Tucson Home – Bathrooms

Now we get to an upgrade that can be more expensive, but make a big difference in getting your homes sold. Old and outdated faucets, lighting, toilets, tubs and showers are a real turn off for buyers.

If you do the project, the buyer doesn’t have to. That allows them to pay more for the home. Upgraded counter tops and sinks are also very visible and necessary if the existing surfaces are marred or damaged.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive, but new in the bathrooms will make a big selling point.

4 – Tips To Sell A Tucson Home – Kitchen Improvements

So now comes the big ticket items. Kitchens are the center of a home. Anything you do to improve the cooking area will add value.

It is critical to do the “right” things in the kitchen. Flooring, counter tops and cabinetry come first. If you do the counter tops, the the cooking area, sinks and fixtures should also be done.

Unfortunately, it is hard to just do a little bit in the kitchen. Lights, faucets and counter tops are first. Flooring and appliances are second. UNLESS the appliances are old. A buyer see old appliances and an “out of pocket” cost. New appliances are in the home purchase.

5 –  Tips To Sell A Tucson Home – Alternative Space

In most Tucson homes storage is in short supply. No basement, no storage. An area that may offer additional storage in two story homes is the space under the steer well. If it isn’t already a closet or storage area, consider making it one.

This upgrade is usually easy to do. Some 2 x4’s, dry wall, a light and paint. OK, you will need a door to the area.

A kitchen pantry may also be an option for that space under the stair well. This will be based on the location.

While you may be tempted to do the work yourself. Consider this. Any upgrade that isn’t finished well or looks “out of the style of the home”, is a turn off.

If you are handy and have the time to do it right, that will save some money. If not, get a contractor to do the work.

6 –  Tips To Sell A Tucson Home – Miscellaneous Home Improvements

Here are some smaller projects for the interior and exterior that will make a difference. Be wise with you dollars. Some upgrades to consider include:

Security – alarms and lights
Water purification – faucet filters or the entire home

Depending upon the neighborhood you live in consider a “few” luxury touches.

Enhanced dish washer
Whirlpool or jetted bathtub
Built in wine refrigerator

A word of caution! Keep in mind the subdivision or neighborhood your in before considering any home improvement project. Consider the neighborhood and other homes being sold in your area. DON”T GO OVERBOARD!

The worth of a home is determined through the worth of the neighbor’s houses. Don’t do things that will increase the worth of your home over the value of houses in your area. Over doing it is throwing money away.

Thinking of selling your Tucson home? We can help! First, give us a call to discuss your situation. Let us give you some insight on the Tucson Real Estate market.

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