Termite Inspection Tucson Home Buyer

A Termite Inspection Is A MUST in Arizona

Tips For Tucson Home Buyers On The Termite Inspection

termite inspection

A Termite Inspection is an important step in the Tucson Home Buying process.  In our view, every buyer should have a Tucson Home Inspection.

A Termite Inspection is common. A termite inspection is a requirement of most Mortgage lenders. Lending underwriters want to be sure there isn’t any structural damage due to termites.

The Arizona Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract provides the buyer an “inspection period“.  The “standard” Tucson Home Inspection period is 10 days. The termite inspection and all other inspections need to be done within this period.

When completed, the Termite Inspector will prepare a Termite Inspection Report.  It will usually be a 2 or 3 page report. The termite inspection report will identify will identify any evidence of Termite activity.

As a buyer, recognize that Termites are inherent to the Arizona climate. Don’t be alarmed should Termite activity be identified. In most circumstances, you should request the Seller have a Termite treatment done as part of the “Buyer Inspection Notice – Seller Response form.

A Tucson Termite Inspection is usually done in conjunction with the Tucson Home Inspection. Should you desire to have a Tucson Roof Inspection, we will recommend a Roof Inspection Companies to consider.

As with the Tucson Home Inspection, the Termite Inspector with provide a written report for your review. Should the Structural Inspection identify any issues, we would include them in our repair request to the sellers.

Some Buyers want to have Tucson Pool Inspection and Tucson Mold Inspection since these inspections also provide valuable information in the final purchase decision.

Other inspections that might be recommended by the Tucson Home Inspector. These would include Tucson Roof Inspection or should the property have a septic system a Tucson Septic Inspection will be necessary. While a Tucson Radon Inspection is not common, as a Buyer of a Tucson Home, you are entitled to have one done should you choose.

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Termite Inspection Tucson Home Buyer was last modified: June 18th, 2015 by ben4wp

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