Termite Inspection Tucson Home Buyer

The Termite Inspection Is A MUST in Arizona

Mortgage Lenders May Require It!

termite inspectionA Termite Inspection is an important step in the Tucson Home Buying process. But first a bit of background.

There are four types of termites in Arizona.

Like bees, termites are social insects. Each termite in the colony has different functions.

Ok, this is TMI, but may be interesting to some readers.

Workers are responsible for feeding and maintaining the colony. Soldiers defend it.

You find Swarmers in the reproductive caste, and that includes the queen. Their job is expanding the colony as well as creating new colonies.

As expected the queen’s job is to produce eggs, ensuring the colony’s population continues.

Types Of Termites

Desert subterranean termites.

This specie thrives in extreme dry heat. So, it’s no surprise they’re found in Arizona, particularly the southern parts of the state.

subterrian termitesYou may find them living in desert plants. For example, a cactus. But they’re also attracted to the soft, porous rings in timber.

When they eat, the damage left behind resembles honeycombs.

Desert subterranean termites don’t need dampness as most other termite species need. They love dry wood.

Finding drop tubes from ceiling rafters, sheetrock, or plasterboard show an infestation.

Arid subterranean termites

They are the most common in Arizona and thrive in many environments.

Termites aird subterrianYou find them in deserts but also in canyons, rivers, sand dunes, and high altitudes (above 4,000 feet).

Swarming season varies according to the altitude but occurs sometime between May and October.

Coloring ranges from dark brown to black, and wings are practically translucent except for the veins.

Western drywood termites

As their name would imply, they love dry wood. But they are thrive in coastal areas.

termites western dry woodThey cause incredible damage. This occurs because they form many colonies in a single structure.

Each colony housing around 2,000 termites.

Termites create chambers by eating across the wood grain, with tunnels connecting them. Walls within the galleries and tunnels are smooth and free of soil.

You may also see “blisters” on the wood surface. These are from enlarged galleries close to the surface.

Desert dampwood termite.

dampwood termiteThis specie is not common in Arizona. No surprise, it isn’t very damp here and their diet relies on wood with a high moisture content.

But they are here. This subterranean species loves citrus groves. They also eat living trees and shrubs, infesting the wood from below ground.

This species takes its moisture from the sap of these living plants.

Infestation occurs at or below ground level. Untreated poles, fences, and posts that are in direct contact with the soil are a favorite home for them.

The Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is a requirement of most Mortgage lenders. Lending underwriters want to be sure there isn’t any structural damage due to termites.

The Arizona Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract provides the buyer an “inspection period“.  The “standard” Tucson Home Inspection period is 10 days. The termite inspection and all other inspections must be done within this period.

When the inspection is done, the Termite Inspector will prepare a Termite Inspection Report.  It will usually be a 2- or 3-page report. The termite inspection report will identify any evidence of Termite activity.

As a buyer, recognize that Termites are inherent to the Arizona climate. Don’t be alarmed should Termite activity be identified. In most circumstances, you should request the Seller have a Termite treatment done as part of the “Buyer Inspection Notice – Seller Response form.

Other Inspections To Consider

A Tucson Termite Inspection is usually done in conjunction with the Tucson Home Inspection. Should you desire to have a Tucson Roof Inspection, we will recommend a Roof Inspection Companies to consider.

As with the Tucson Home Inspection, the Termite Inspector with provide a written report for your review. Should the Structural Inspection identify any issues, we would include them in our repair request to the sellers.

Some Buyers want to have Tucson Pool Inspection and Tucson Mold Inspection since these inspections also provide valuable information in the final purchase decision.

Other inspections that might be recommended by the Tucson Home Inspector. These would include Tucson Roof Inspection, or should the property have a septic system a Tucson Septic Inspection will be necessary. While a Tucson Radon Inspection is not common, as a Buyer of a Tucson Home, you are entitled to have one done should you choose.

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