Tucson Escrow Process For Home Sellers

Tips For Home Sellers On The Tucson Escrow Process

What Sellers Should Know About The Tucson Escrow Process 

tucson escrow processTucson Escrow Process ends with the recordation of the transaction and transferring title from the seller to the buyer.

Tucson Escrow process has  3 key steps for the Seller to complete.

First, During the Tucson escrow process the title company representative will want to see identification to verify you are the party selling the property. The identification MUST have a picture on it. That means a drivers license OR passport will be required.

Second, During the Tucson escrow process you will sign documents related to the sale of your Tucson Home. These documents will include, title documents along with other documents required based on the complexity of your specific transaction.

Third, when the Tucson escrow process is done you know exactly what the proceeds from you sale are.  A check for your net proceeds from the sale of your home will be issued AFTER the transaction has be recorded at the appropriate county office.

Your check will be a from the escrow company account drawn on a local bank. You can pick up the check, have it mailed to you by certified mail or have the funds wired to your account.

During the Tucson escrow process all Buyer and Seller documents will have been signed.  Also, the Buyers will provide any additional funds for the down-payment.  This concludes the formal part of the Tucson escrow process.  The escrow company will forward all documents to the mortgage company.  After review the mortgage company will fund the loan.  The escrow company will then disperse funds to the appropriate parties.

An escrow company representative will deliver the documents to the appropriate PIMA county office to officially “RECORD” the transaction. Upon recording the transaction, you have officially sold your Tucson Home or other Tucson Real Estate and the Tucson escrow process is complete.

If you have already relocated to another city before the Close of Escrow process, you will need to coordinate with the escrow company to have all the documents sent to you AND to have a Notary Public available to verify you are the Seller and to witness that you signed all the required documents.

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Here is a YouTube clip on the Tucson escrow process.  We don’t endorse any title company or escrow company.  We will be pleased to suggest one or two based on our experience.

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