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Tips On Selecting Tucson Real Estate Professionals To Jump Start Your Home Search

Tucson real estate professionals - Ben & Kim BoldtTucson Agents Abound but there are only a fewAbound but there are only a few Tucson Real Estate Professionals. Selecting the right Tucson Real Estate Professional can jump start your home buying process.

Home buying in Tucson may be similar to other areas of the United States. However, there are a few exceptions.

What You Need To Know

First, a Tucson Home Buyer does not need to have an attorney involved in the process. You can have one, but they are not required. With the right Tucson Real Estate professionals, you can be sure of the highest level of service and trust.

Arizona statutes established that a licensed Arizona Realtor has the authority to act on behalf of a client as an attorney.  This authority only covers matters related to the real estate purchase contract.

Second, even though an Arizona Licensed Realtor has this authority to act as an attorney, one should also know that to be a licensed Arizona Realtor a person ONLY needs to:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Complete a 90-hour licensing course
  • Pass a real estate school and State examination

Anything missing??? How about some real EXPERIENCE or college education!

The Critical Question

A critical question to ask when selecting an Arizona Licensed Realtor is how qualified are they to meet your real estate interests and objectives. Are multiple years in real estate REALLY being qualified?  As the Tucson Real Estate professionals, we don’t believe it is.

If you agree, review our background and experience – About Ben & Kim – set the bar for professional service in Tucson Real Estate.

Find the Tucson Real Estate professionals among the many Realtors in Tucson. It will make your home buying process less stressful and hopefully, everyone will actually have some fun.  To help you understand the Tucson Home Buying Process here is some information many of our clients have found helpful – –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Closing Escrow

Closing Costs

Home Insurance

10 Tips for Tucson Home Buyers

Key Steps in the Home Buying Process

Home Inspections – Don’t Buy Without ONE!

Considering Tucson AZ homes for sale OR Greenvalley as a place to retire? As Tucson Real Estate professionals, we can help!

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