Real Estate Agents To Sell A Tucson Home

Tips On Finding The Right Real Estate Agents For Tucson Home Sellers

A Tucson Real Estate Agents “Real” Experience Makes The Difference

real estate agents tucson azReal Estate Agents abound in Tucson.  Choosing the right Realtor from all Tucson Real Estate Agents is a key.  Having the right Tucson Realtor is key to getting your Tucson home SOLD.

So how do you select YOUR Realtor from all the Tucson Real Estate Agents trying to get your business.  First, ask yourself a key question.  What experience do Tucson Realtors really have?  Is 15+ years as a Tucson Realtor really 15+ years of experience?  OR just ONE year 15 times.

There are a lot of Realtors doing business as Tucson real estate agents for many years.  Is that REALLY being qualified? We don’t think so!  Here’s why.

As the Professionals in Tucson Real Estate we have over 50+ combined years of business experience before becoming Real Estate Agents.  Years of  profile client service experience AND 25+ years as Tucson Realtors.  So What you say.

We believe our business experience AND Tucson Real Estate expertise set a new and higher standard.  A standard you would expect from your accountant, attorney or trusted business adviser.  We understand our clients interest. We work each and every client through every step in the Tucson Real Estate process.

The Tucson Home Selling Process may be similar to many other areas of the United States, but there are some things to know.

First, a Tucson Home Seller does not need to have an attorney involved in the process unless they want one.  Arizona statutes establish that a licensed Arizona Realtor has the authority to act on behalf of a client “as an attorney” on matters related to the real estate purchase contract.

Second, even though all Arizona Licensed Real Estate Agents have this authority, the qualifications to be a licensed Arizona Realtor may surprise you.  To be one of the many Tucson Ariozna Real Estate Agents a person ONLY needs to:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Complete a 90 hour licensing course
  • Pass a real estate school and State examination

Anything missing??? How about EXPERIENCE!

Key to selecting for the hoard of Tucson Real Estate Agents is understanding their qualifications.  Will the agent you select meet your real estate interests and objectives?  Is their 20 years as a Tucson Realtor really 20 years of experience.

Again, perhaps it is just ONE year 20 times. Is multiple years in real estate REALLY being qualified?  We don’t believe it is.

Would you prefer having a business professional working for you?  Check us out and review our background and experience About Ben & Kim.

Words used by our clients include – honest, integrity, candid and Professional.  Check out what Our Clients are saying.

Questions about Tucson Homes,Tucson Real Estate or Selling Your Tucson Home ?  Call Us 866 316 5575 OR complete the CONTACT FORM.

A Comparative Market Analysis that will answer the question “What is My Home Worth” – Today? We will gladly answer you question and clearly demonstrate why choosing from all Tucson Realtors will get your home sold – FASTER!

Overview of the Selling Process

1 Considers purchasing a home
2 Selects a real estate agent
3 Determines needs and wants
4 Discusses financial issues
5 Views & researches target homes
6 Makes an offer to buy
1 Decides to sell property
2 Selects a real estate agent
3 Detemines Listing Price
4 Prepares home for marketing
5 Agent markets the home
6 Accepts, rejects or counters offer
7 Offer Accepted
8 Loan Application
9 Inspections
10 Title Search
11 Appraisal
12 Loan Approval
13 Closing Papers Signed
14 Documents Recorded
15 Funds Available To Seller
16 Seller Moves Out
17 Buyer Moves In

Visit the Arizona Department of Real Estate for more information on Arizona & Tucson Realtors Licensing requirements review

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