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Tucson Water CompanyTucson Water Company serves over 700,000 people. This includes the City of Tucson and greater Tucson Metro Area. The water supply actually comes from 200 groundwater wells found across the Tucson area.

Each well is an “entry points” to the Tucson Water Company system. Each well serves the neighborhood in which it is located. Any excess water is sent to reservoirs and utilized elsewhere in the system.

In the TMI category, the Tucson Water Company system has 37 services areas. There is 4,500 miles of pipes and 145 booster stations in the system.

The City of Tucson has annual rights to about 140,000 acre-feet of Colorado River water. Water is delivered to the Tucson Water Company via the Central Arizona Project (CAP). CAP water is used to recharge the aquifer under Tucson. Tucson water is a mix of Colorado River and Tucson’s existing below ground water supply.

The recharge process is done at the Clearwater Renewable Resource facility. The CRR facility located in Avra Valley. The Tucson Water Company supply is 37% ground water and 63% Colorado River water.

Tucson Water Company conducts thousands of tests of the water each year. Test results are published. The Annual Water Quality Report (also known as the Consumer Confidence Report or CCR) presents the results.

The EPA set the format for this report.  Report guidelines are included in the Safe Drinking Water Act. The EPA requires all public water providers to provide this information to their customers.  The report must present water quality data to the public in an clear manner.

The Tucson Water Company is located at

310 W. Alameda
Tucson, AZ 85701

Use the City of Tucson map to find driving directions from your location.

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Tucson Water Company was last modified: August 28th, 2015 by ben4wp

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