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Tucson WaterTucson Water is a frequent topic for people thinking of moving to Tucson. Supply and quality of Tucson water are the specific questions.

The BIG question first! Tucson has enough water!  Tucson’s water supply is more than adequate for today and the foreseeable future. There is no water shortage in Tucson.

Tucson Water comes from wells across the Tucson area. Tucson is located on top of an aquifer. The size of the aquifer is gigantic. Research suggests it will provide Tucson water for many years.

Tucson water is also supplied from the Colorado River. Water is moved from the Colorado River to the aquifer via the Central Arizona Project (CAP). This is a canal that runs through the middle of Arizona. It supplies a number of cities with water from the river.

Although Tucson possess plenty of water it is understood water conservation is important. Water preservation policies have been put in place.

“Recharge Basins” are an example. Basins in many places throughout Tucson. Basins are depressions in the ground designed to collect water. Rain being the greatest source collected. The basins allow the collected water  to seep back down to the aquifer.

Recycling at its finest!

Reclaimed water projects have been put in place. These projects provide reclaimed water to large volume users. For example, golf courses.

Making a complex issue simple. There is a huge amount of Tucson water available. There are no water restrictions! However, planning for the long range future is an ongoing process.

Tucson water quality varies greatly based on the specific area in Tucson. The overall quality of Tucson water is good. With that said, water purification or water softeners become a personal preference.

The City of Tucson Website provides additional information on the Tucson Water supply.

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