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3 Revealing Secrets To Know About Zillow Tucson AZ

Zillow Tucson AZ May Not Give You What You Want Or Need To Buy Or Sell A Home In Tucson AZ

zillow tucson az - Need To KnowZillow Tucson AZ is just one of the cities Zillow covers. In fact, Zillow will show homes for sale in almost every city in the United States. To do that, Zillow uses proprietary software to generate “estimated” home selling prices. The Zillow Zestimate is generated from software automatically based on data captured from many sources.  Zestimates have been generated for nearly 100 million homes throughout the U.S.

If you are looking for a home in Tucson, then Zillow Tucson AZ may help you. But here are 3 little secrets Zillow may not want you to know.

Secret No. 1 – The estimates provided aren’t accurate

Zillow’s website shows their “Zestimate” is within 10% of the sales price LESS THAN 67% of the time.

Stated another way, only 1 in 3 Zestimates are within 10% of the actual sales price. Hmmm. How valuable is a baseball pitcher that is able to throw the ball “close” to home plate 2/3 of the time. NOT MUCH!

There is a better choice if you are searching for a home in Tucson AZ.  Us – Ben & Kim Boldt. Our websites has 100’s of preset home searches you can easily use. And we will be happy to set up a search for your specific home wants and needs.

And guess what? All the information you get is accurate. Straight from the Tucson MLS system. Updated daily and emailed to you. New listings, price changes and more.

Secret No. 2 – Those agents next to the listings aren’t the listing agents

The real estate agents appearing next to Tucson homes listed for sale may not even be the actual listing agent. Tucson agents paid Zillow to be there and hope you will see them and make contact with them.

In 2014, Zillow had over $300 million in revenue. That revenue came from real estate agents that wanted their profiles on Zillow. Agents pay to have their properties shown as “Featured Listings” on Zillow. A Zillow premier agent is paying more to be highlighted on listings pages.

Each agent has a nice picture, star rating and a few words about why they should be your agent.

We are a better choice as your Tucson Real Estate Agent. Why? Ben and Kim worked in professional positions for over 30 years BEFORE starting in real estate. Check out our backgrounds – HERE!

We are The Professionals in Tucson Real Estate. There are few Tucson Realtors that can match our backgrounds and experience. We don’t pay Zillow AZ to show our profile next to any of the Zillow Tucson AZ homes for sale. But we do have a profile and client testimonials on Zillow – READ.

Secret No. 3 – Zillow Isn’t Available Answer Your Questions

Zillow makes it easy for potential home sellers to review the market. Sure, it is easy to go to Zillow, find your neighborhood and see the Zestimate for homes. But if the Zestimates aren’t accurate what good does it do?

The Zillow Tucson AZ information may not provide enough information on the property shown. Does the Zestimates reflect recent upgrades and renovations done on a home? Does it disclose that it backs to a busy street? Maybe, maybe not.

You have a better choice. We are here to answer your questions and explain what is going on in the local markets. Request a CMA – Comparative Market Analysis for your home. Yes, we will contact you and ask a few questions to better understand the specifics about your home. If you want us to visit you home we will. A visit will help us find the homes that are truly comparable.

If you are buying a home, we are here to help you achieve your Tucson real estate goals. We share our expertise about adult communities, homes near specific schools or where to find local shopping.

We know Tucson and its surrounding communities. We will share our expertise and experience with you. Our experience and backgrounds make a difference for Tucson home buyers and sellers.

Read “what our clients have to say” – HERE!


Zillow Tucson AZ is a go to resource in Tucson real estate. But so are we. Our website – the one you are on – has a lot of information on Buying OR Selling a home in Tucson.

Give us a call to discuss your home buying or selling needs.

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