Airplane Graveyard

Airplane Graveyard

The Military Aircraft Boneyard in Tucson AZ

Airplane Graveyard Tucson AZThe Airplane Graveyard in Tucson AZ is unbelievable. For aviation buffs, there’s nothing like the sight of hundreds of derelict airplanes roasting in the desert sun.

The Tucson Arizona desert sun is exactly why the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group is in Tucson Arizona. The dry and arid environment helps protect the aircraft. AMARC stands for the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center.

This airplane graveyard in Tucson is a combined service facility and maintained by the US Air Force Material Command. The Command is located on the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

The airplane graveyard is just south of downtown Tucson Arizona. Most often called The Boneyard the airplane graveyard has over 4,000 military aircraft on the grounds. Some will go back into service.

For other aircraft in the Tucson AZ boneyard, it is the last stop before the re-cyclers blade. Fighters Bombers and cargo planes are all found in the Tucson airplane graveyard. There is generations of military aircraft history at the airplane graveyard in Tucson AZ.

A Video Documentary About The Boneyard


The Reclamation Insurance Type area or RIT. It is on the east side of Kolb Road. RIT division holds planes in various states of completeness. The junkyard appearance is very misleading.

What seems like junk to the eye is useful airframes and parts. And well controlled throughout the process of part reclamation. Strict inventory management rules control each plane and its parts.

Once all parts come off, the rest of the airframe gets chopped up and recycled.

To get an up-close look at military aircraft and many historical airplanes visit the Pima Air & Space Museum. Map of the Pima Air & Space Museum. The Pima Air & Space Museum is the exclusive provider of Boneyard tours.

The Tucson aircraft boneyard is a “must stop” for any military aircraft spotters.

How To Get There

Driving directions to the Pima Air & Space Museum. Tucson International Airport is nearby.


Both the Boneyard and the Pima Air & Space Museum are places where you can touch history. If you are visiting Tucson AZ, put them on your list of things to see.

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