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Our Tucson Blog Post provides updates on the many things to do in Tucson along with related news about the Tucson Real Estate market are the focus of this blog.

Tucson is a vibrant and exciting place to live. There are many events and activities going on every day along with outstanding places to visit.




Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 17, 2019
If you think moving up in life means buying a bigger home, it’s time to set the record straight.
Consider the numbers! Today, single family homes average a bit over 2,600 square feet. That’s according to the United States Census Bureau.
You may not think that’s all too big until you look back at history.
The National Association of Realtors data shows the average home size in 1950 was 1,000 square feet or less. And families were bigger back then.
By those standards, today’s homeowners are living large!
Is moving into a smaller home may feel like a step down? It shouldn’t. And the upsides may outweigh the smaller space. Smaller homes will save you money, time and reduce the clutter in your life.
Downsizing could be the fresh start you and your family need!
Want to learn more?…….READ ON!


How To Boost Air Quality In Your Home

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 5, 2019

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post Air QuailtyTucson, Arizona has one of the better air quality rating in the United States. In fact, Tucson is ranked in the top 5 cities for best air quality.

CNN reported “The ambient air quality in Tucson and the surrounding areas are ranked high by the EPA. There are few pollutants in the air, keeping allergies low. The hot, dry climate is one of the contributors to the excellent air quality. If you’re looking for an alternative to a big city, like Phoenix or Los Angeles, Tucson is a good choice.”

But if you want to boost air quality in your home, even if you live in Tucson….. READ ON!


Southwest Architecture Is Everywhere In Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 28, 2019

real estate blog southwest architectureSouthwest Architecture comes out of the Pueblo Revival or Santa Fe style homes. It draws upon the homes built by the Native American of the southwest. And influenced by Spanish settlers of the territory from Mexico to California.

The regional architecture from which the Pueblo style draws its inspiration is primarily found in New Mexico and Arizona, but also Colorado.

The architectural styles in the Southwest come with the cultures that lived there. And the environment in which they had to adapt to.

Native American groups integrated their spiritual beliefs and social needs into their homes. Southwestern-style work often integrates Native American graphics and designs into ornamentation and architecture.

To learn more about Southwest Architecture just …… GO HERE!


The Latest Edition Or Our Tucson Real Estate Newsletter

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 19, 2019

tucson real estate newsletter - premier tucson homesThe middle of August has just pass and September is not far away. And that means snowbirds are fluffing they feathers and thinking about returning to Tucson, AZ for the winter.

For those of us who live in Tucson all year, things are more quiet. Relaxed and  maybe, just lazy. But if you are ready to get out and do some things in cool places, this edition of our newsletter is for you.

Get going, right now, right…..HERE


Decoding The Home Inspection Report

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 14, 2019

tucson real estate blog home inspection reportAs a Tucson home buyer, there is only one thing to say about a home inspection – don’t buy a home without one!

The home inspection report is an important document in the home buying process.


Simple, it gives the buyer the facts on the condition of the home they are about to buy. And what items aren’t functioning as they should.

The inspection exposes hidden health and safety issues of the home. Both inside and around the home.

Every home inspectors provides a written “inspection report” on what they found.

The home inspection report covers all major systems in a home and appliances. Major systems include, foundation, electrical, roof, A/C, heating, and plumbing.

The home inspection also checks the operation of the stove, oven, and dishwasher. And make observations on the condition of the homes structure and foundation or slab.

Most Tucson Home inspectors take photos of any items they identify as needing repair. They will describe the condition and actions to repair the item.

To better understand a home inspection report …….GO HERE!


Easiest Tucson Home Search On The Web

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 6, 2019

Tucson real estate blog postSearching for a home can be a challenging process. But, if you are moving to Tucson, AZ we will make the process much less stressful for you.

We have been Tucson Realtors since 2002. We know Tucson and the Tucson Real Estate market.

As a top Realtor duo, we invest the time to understand your home buying interests and desires.

That’s why we created a quick and easy home search to jump start the process for buyers considering Tucson, AZ.  Its aimed at everyone from those familiar to others who may not even know where Tucson is.

Here are 4 fast and easy Tucson home searches to get you started. Our website – which you already found – has many more. Just CLICK the “Buyer” tab and dive in. But to get you started FAST…. GO HERE!


Creating Curb Appeal Will Help Sell Your Home – FAST!

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 31, 2019

tucson real estate blog - curb appealThere are dozens of small, inexpensive home improvements that you can do to make your home stand out for anyone driving by. That’s “curb appeal” folks.

Creating curb appeal frames your home and creates an indelible “first impression”.

It provides a distinctive look that says the owner takes pride in their home.

Great curb appeal gets the attention of potential buyers. And, better yet, it helps convert potential buyers into proud new owners.

For helpful tips on what to do …. Start HERE!


Ready To Move To Arizona? Big Question – What City?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 24, 2019

Moving to Arizona has something for everyone. Many people want warm winter days and lots of sunshine. That usually means they are snowbirds.

Others want to be able to play golf, swim, play tennis or hike any time they choose throughout the year.

For retirees, a top consideration is cost of living. For year around residents jobs and careers are at the top of the list.

The problem is how can you decide where to live in Arizona? The answer?

Compare Arizona cities on your list and discover which one will be best for you!

You can do that right….. HERE!


How To Create A Southwest Flair In Your Home

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 17, 2019

tucson real estate blog southwest flair in your homeWhen you think of southwest style decorating, places throughout the western United States such as Colorado, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico come to mind.

Southwestern decor is warm and full of energy with a hint of rugged appeal. The style uses unique geometric patterns, artisan-made pottery, and rough-yet-cozy aesthetics.

Colors are key. Rich colors. Turquoise and terracotta accents make solid wood furniture stand out. Utilized patina iron, distressed leather or weathered wood for that “perfect” southwest feel.

Common motifs are Native American and ranch-inspired, including lassos, animal hides, and dream catchers. For tip on how to bring a “Southwest Flair” to your home, giddy up and head……..HERE!


Featured New Listing In Marana, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 12, 2019

Just listed in Marana. 7822 W Palladin Road in Continental Ranch. Great room living at its finest.

New interior paint, tile floors and 3 car garage. 3 bedrooms – 2 full baths. Priced at $259,900.

Close to community pools, tennis, skateboard, basketball courts, baseball and toddler parks, plus jogging/walking trails.

ALL appliances stay. Want more on this home. Well head ……HERE!


Give Your Outdoor Kitchen A Southwest Design

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 6, 2019

tucson real estate blog postThere is a growing tendency to take our cooking outdoors. We’re not talking about a backyard barbecue pit, but a full-scale kitchen.

We who live in Arizona and the surrounding US Southwest have ample opportunity to take advantage of outdoor kitchens.

You’ll want access to any number of modern appliances and conveniences. However, since it’s going to be outdoors, how might you incorporate a southwestern flair into the design?

Here are three themes that will make your outdoor southwest kitchen design feel like it belongs….HERE!


Tips For A Successful Kitchen Remodel

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 5, 2019

tucson real estate blog post kitchen remodelKitchens remain the most popular room in the house to renovate. But they can be a big job both in cost and project scale.

More than any room in the house, the kitchen needs to be practical and functional. To start think about how you use your current kitchen. Identify your priorities for the remodeled space.

And be sure to understand where the lighting needs to be. No matter your age, lighting needs to be bright and in the right places. For seniors this is especially important.

With age, the eyes may not see things as well. And lights become a big help.

So before you start bashing down walls consider these important tips — HERE!


There Is Over 5,000 Subdivisions/Neighborhoods In Tucson – See Homes For Sale In Each One

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 6, 2019

tucson real estate blog post - neighborhood home searchSearch for homes by Tucson AZ neighborhoods/subdivisions by area of Tucson. The areas are set by the Tucson MLS service. Tucson covers about 600 square miles when you include all the communities, towns and cities.

And the topography varies dramatically as you travel throughout the area. Home styles, topography, lifestyles and amenities also change.

Tucson home lot sizes vary by area and neighborhood. New neighborhoods tend to have smaller lots. Older neighborhoods out of the Central Area will have larger lots. Many options and choices are available. ……HERE!


Looking For A Golf Community In Tucson? Well Here They Are!

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 29, 2019

Golf in Tucson dates back to the early 1930’s. El Rio was Tucson’s first full service country club. And Tucson golf communities can be found through metro Tucson.

But back to El Rio. El Rio is a typical of desert golf courses designed before the 1980s. Flat terrain, tight tree-lined fairways and postage stamp greens. El Rio operated as a private club for over 30 years. But it didn’t survive.

The City of Tucson purchased it and opened it to the public in 1968.

Today, El Rio is one of five city-run courses. The others are Fred Enke, Silverbell, Dell Urich and Randolph North.

As with the population of Tucson, the number of golf courses have also grown. Courses include Public/Daily Fee, Semi Private and Private Golf courses. Most, but not all, 55+ communities have a golf course.

So if you are looking for a home in a Tucson golf community, start your search here. Select any Area Map  of interest. And “click” the price range of interest. Wala, Homes for sale by price range or Tucson AZ Neighborhoods ……HERE!


Tucson Real Estate Newsletter – Premier Tucson Homes

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 20, 2019

tucson real estate newsletter - premier tucson homesSpring has sprung and summer is about to be here. Snowbirds have packed and headed to their summer nesting spots. What does that mean for residents?




And of course, lots of summer events and things to do in Tucson.

Catch the late May and June events right here. And for anyone looking to buy a home in Tucson check out our featured homes.  Get going, right now, right…..HERE


Latest Updates On Tucson Schools

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 15, 2019

Tucson Real Estate Blog Tucson Schools InformationSchool districts in greater Tucson offer elementary, middle school and high school programs. The school district map pinpoints each district.

While public schools abound, there are also a large number of “charter” schools. BASIS being the most notable.

Tucson students ready for post high school education have the University of Arizona. The U of A and Pima Community College provide a broad range of programs and degree options.

To find out more on school district and post high school options, Start …..HERE


Premier Tucson Homes Featured Homes – May 2019

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 9, 2019

tucson real estate blog postStarting a home search in Tucson, AZ can be a challenging task with many questions. Size, architectural style and price are always key considerations.

To jump start your process we provide “our” list of featured homes in Tucson, AZ.

We review all active listings on the Tucson MLS and select our favorites. These homes showcase what is available in the Tucson Real Estate market. And with the home inventory levels so low, one of these may be what you are looking for.

We hope you find our featured listings of interest. And don’t hesitate to call to ask questions about any home on our list OR to discuss the details of what you want. Start your Tucson home search …..HERE


Are All Tucson Arizona Realtors Alike – Hell NO!

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 30, 2019

tucson arizona realtorsThere are over 5,000 Tucson Realtors wanting you to choose them to buy or sell a home in Tucson AZ.

Most Realtors have a website showing Tucson homes for sale. The website will show the company they work for and how to contact them.

On the surface, all Tucson realtors look alike. But are they?

What makes some realtors good and others great? What’s the secret sauce to delivering the highest level of service to each and every client? How do some realtors put the PRO in professional and others don’t?

Choosing a Realtor to work with is one of the single most important steps in buying or selling a home. To learn more…GO HERE


The Answer To The Question “What’s A Casita?”

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 23, 2019

tucson real estate blog postIf you’re a prospective home in Tucson you may be wondering “what is a casita”?

The casita is a growing real estate staple in the American Southwest. This is especially true for home buyers looking to downsize. The utility of the “casita” is makes a smaller home more livable when the quests arrive.

Casista in Spanish, the word means “small house”. A casita will have it’s own plumbing and electrical systems. Rooms include a bedroom and bathroom. The more grand casitas may even have a small kitchen. For more on homes with casitas…… GO HERE


Answers To Frequently Ask Questions From Home Buyers

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 19, 2019

You’ve searched far and wide to find the right home. And you have found it! Dream home all the way.

You have cash for the down payment and ready to make an offer.

But before you pull the trigger there are some very important questions you’ll want to ask first.

Here are some questions and answer many buyers have as they get ready to “sign on the bottom line”….. You have questions – we have answers  — HERE


Ever Wonder The Risk Of Natural Disasters In Arizona?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 7, 2019

tucson real estate blog post When it comes to natural disasters, Arizona is one of the most low drama parts of the USA. We have few mild earthquakes. Most not even noticed by anyone.

Tornadoes are rare. But haboobs do occur in the Phoenix area. Some are unbelievable.

Hurricanes get shredded before they can reach us. Some from the Gulf will push heavy rain into the State.

Summer “monsoons” bring rain and wind. Some times they do create damage. But now where near a tornado.

Mid westerners find it laughable and weak after they move to Arizona.

But wild fires due occur. Lighting or humans are the usual cause. The good news is they occur in rural areas and wild lands not cities and urban areas.

So if you want natural disasters on an apocalyptic scale you need to go east or west a state or two. Texas, Oklahoma, and California.

For more ….GO HERE!


THE Tucson Mountains – Majestic and Magical

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 27, 2019

tucson real estate blog post tucson mountains sombrero peakThe Tucson Mountains are on the west side of the City Of Tucson and home of the Tucson Mountain County Park. The Tucson Mountain Range is one of five mountain ranges surrounding Tucson, AZ.

Although small in size, this range dominates the western area of Tucson.

The Tucson Mountain Park is almost 20,000 acres and one of the largest owned by a local government.

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a major Tucson attraction in the west area of Tucson. Saguaro National Park, and Old Tucson Studios are at the southern end of the Tucson Mountain.

For more on this scenic mountain range in Tucson….GO HERE!


The Lost Barrio – Hard To Find – But A Unique Place To Shop

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 22, 2019

“The Lost Barrio Tucson” Warehouse Shopping District is three blocks filled with quaint shops and galleries. Located in a historic warehouse district of Tucson known as the Barrio San Antonio.

tucsson real estate blog post Lost BarrioThis interesting hide away is at 228 S Park Avenue. That’s between Campbell and Euclid south of Broadway Blvd. When visiting the Lost Barrio, the work unique cannot be overused.

Everything is unique at the shops and galleries in the Lost Barrio. Antiques, home accessories, gift items, handcrafted furniture, fine art, rugs, tribal and folk art, Asian art, architectural elements, and Mexican imports.

And look for Tooley’s. A small cafe with a casual breakfast and lunch menu. The Lost Barrio world importers and artisans have created an exciting and colorful interior design and gift shopping destination with something for everyone.

For more on this unique place to shop in Tucson, AZ …. GO HERE!


El Conquistador Golf Club – Oro Valley Community Center

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 18, 2019

tucson real estate blog post - oro valley community centerThe Town of Oro Valley purchased the El Conquistador Country Club in December 2014.

The facilities including the golf course are now the Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center. The facility expands the amenities of Oro Valley.

The El Conquistador Golf Club remains as it was. Two 18 hole courses at the community center and 9 holes at the Hilton Resort.

The Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center has 15 lighted tennis courts. With 16 more at the Hilton Resort. The facility also has 2 pickleball courts, 2 racquetball courts and 2 swimming pools. Fitness classes including Pilates, yoga, aqua, Tai Chi, boot camps, and interval classes.

The fitness center offers a full range of equipment. Cardio equipment, Life Fitness treadmills; Precor and Life Fitness upright and recumbent bikes. And there is more. Precor and Life Fitness elliptical machines, Concept rower, and weight and exercise room.

The bottom line is there is a lot to do at the Oro Valley Community and Recreational Center. Learn more ….HERE!


Our March Tucson Newsletter Is Here!

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 15, 2019

tucson real estate blog postOne of the great things about living in Tucson AZ is the weather. But along with the weather comes a host of events and activities. And rain outs are almost non existent.

If you are a resident of visitor don’t miss these events coming in April. And don’t miss the gardening tip! Find out what is happening in Tucson in April— HERE!


Getting Answers To The Question – Where To Retire?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 12, 2019

tucson real estate blog postAre you asking yourself the big question? Where should we retire? Well, you are not alone. Over the next 10 years, 10,000 people a day will reach the expected retirement age of 65. Yes, 10,000 a day.

If you are in that group, you are a baby boomer. Born between 1946 and 1964.  Over 24 “boomers” have already retired. And 54 million more will.

But where?

Want some insight on the states and cities boomers are headed for? Start— HERE!


New Listing In Vail, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 1, 2019

16917 S. Orchid Flower Trail Vail, AZ – 2,595 SF – 5 Bedroom – 4 Bath – Casita in gated Sycamore Canyon.

The front courtyard and fountain draws you into this “architectural digest” decorated home. The main home has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. A 282 SF casita is perfect as an office or guests that just won’t leave.

A large foyer and great room creates open space and great views. And the kitchen is a cooks dream. Stainless steal appliances, a breakfast bar & nook plus its own patio access.

A split bedroom floor plan gives the owners privacy when guests arrive. And real cherry hardwood floors make everyone feel warm and comfortable. The master bedroom has a two-way fireplace to enjoy your master bath retreat.

End your day on the flagstone patio with pool, spa and stunning Santa Rita mountain views. Take a look, what do you think? — HERE!

Call us to arrange a showing – 520-940-4541


Just Listed In Oro Valley, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 25, 2019

tucson real estate blog post 1077 W Mulligan Dr oro valley az1077 W Mulligan Dr Oro Valley AZ – 2,545 SF – 2 Bedroom – 3 Bath – Den in the small gated neighborhood of Fairfield At Vistoso with 68 homes.

The great room floor plan is an entertainers delight. The large kitchen is open to the great room and dining area. Guests can visit and stroll out to the patio to enjoy the pool, spa and BBQ. Oh, and the views of course!

Frequent block parties, so be ready to meet your neighbors. Take a look — HERE!

Call us to arrange a showing – 520-940-4541


Ventana Canyon Golf And Luxury Homes

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 12, 2019

tucson real estate blog postThe Ventana Canyon Golf Courses are located in Ventana Canyon. It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Santa Catalina front range. And one of the least visited. To find out why read the rest of the article.

The two 18 hole courses created by Tom Fazio wind through the foothills canyons and arroyos. Both courses, Mountain and Canyon, have received awards and accolades.

These courses are a “must play” for any golfer visiting Tucson, AZ.

Each of the Ventana Canyon golf courses challenge a players ball striking accuracy. If you are a golfer, the Mountain and Canyon courses need to be experienced when in Tucson, AZ. Get a quick read on each course – HERE…..


Home Sales Update On The Popular Tucson Communities And More

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 6, 2019

Almost everyone knows Real Estate is a “local” market. Each subdivision and community has its own unique characteristics.

And those uniqueness’s mean home values and sales trends will be different.

Likewise, people buy homes in Arizona for different reasons. For many buyers, it is the warm weather, 320+ days sunshine or the beauty of the great Southwest.

While others want to be able to play golf the year around. Or swim, play tennis or hike on any given day.

Check out the latest Tucson “local market” homes sales data in 9 of Tucson top Real Estate markets. GET A QUICK UPDATE NOW…..


How To Decorate Or NOT Decorate Your Southwest Home

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 29, 2019

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post - Southwest HomesThe architecture of Arizona homes is different from other parts of the country. Spanish influences are seen everywhere. Classic features include tiled or flat roofs, parapet walls, and viga beams.

For many Tucson home buyers decorating their new is a new adventure. They’ve relocated with the excitement of living in their new southwest home.

The native American and Spanish believe that colors can protect against evil spirit. The proof is in the colors used in most of Southwestern interior designs.

One reoccurring question is “Why are the Southwestern interior paint colors very warm?” The answer is pretty simple. Bright and bold colors resembles the colors of the Mother Earth.

Turquoise and blue-green colors reflect the sky. Orange and yellows reflect the desert. Learn more about… HERE


Top 5 Home Improvement Projects Buyers Want

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 24, 2019

tucson real estate blog post January 24, 2019Many home improvement projects don’t add value to your home. In fact, some improvements can even detract from the asking price when you decide to sell.

But some projects can add significant value to your home.

With housing prices increasing, now is the time to invest in your home and increase its value. But recognize, not all projects will return their full investment.

Some of the simple upgrades actually return more than the bigger ones. And buyers aren’t as interested in starting projects after they move in.

A bathroom renovation may not return its full investment, but it will help sell your home.

So which home improvement projects should you invest in?

Lets find out….. HERE


PIMA County Best Place To Retire In Arizona

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 17, 2019

tucson real estate blog post PIMA County ArizonaU.S.A Today published the finding of a survey by 24/7 Wall St. on the best places to retire in every state. In Arizona, PIMA County is identified as the best place to retire. And guess what! Tucson is in PIMA County.

It comes as no surprise that Baby Boomers – people born from 1946 to 1964 – started turning 65 in 2011 and are today entering retirement in unprecedented numbers. According to the National Institute on Aging, this generation is retiring at a rate of 10,000 people per day.

And by 2030, 20 percent of the U.S. population will be comprised of elderly Americans, climbing from 15 percent in 2015.

The 24/7 Wall St. survey created an index of 17 health and economic factors in U.S. counties and areas considered equivalent to counties by the U.S. Census Bureau. These included parishes and boroughs.

Only counties where the 65-and-over population grew at least as fast as the nation and was larger than the national average were considered. The key data for PIMA County included

  • Population: 1,007,257
  • 65 and older population: 18.1 percent (7th of 15 counties)
  • Primary care physicians: 82.5 per 100,000
  • Estimated monthly living expenses for family of 2: $3,876.65 (14th out of 15 counties)
  • Median home value: $166,300

Modern Living In The Old Southwest

Along with available healthcare services, the Median home value is a big factor in selecting PIMA County and its biggest city – Tucson. Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona. It is a vibrant city with lots of events, activities and things to do.

Although Tucson’s is higher then the PIMA county average, the median price of a home in Tucson in $205,000. Below that in many other states considered as a retirement destination.

So if you are considering where to live after you retire, consider Tucson, AZ in PIMA County. Want to compare the cost of living for cities in Arizona? Start   HERE!


What’s A Mid Century Modern Home And Where Can You Find One

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 8, 2019

tucson real estate blog postToday’s interest in mid century modern home styles appears rooted in nostalgia. Baby boomers remember growing up in a home built during the mid century modern home period.

Perhaps bringing back strong childhood memories and seeking to recreate them today.

The notable characteristics of the mid century homes include their flat lines, rectangular shape, large glass windows and open floor plan space.

Homes had simple lines and large windows that attempted to blend the inside of the home with nature.

Tucson AZ had been a significant location for military personal during the war years. Thousands of Army Air Force and Navy pilots were trained at Ryan Field and what is now the Marana Airport.

Many of these people returned to the Tucson area to live after the war and purchase a home in a new subdivision – a mid century modern home – for their families.

Some of the most beautiful mid century homes in the west!

For more on Tucson’s Mid Century Modern homes and where to find one…..HERE


Past Tucson Real Estate Blog Posts can be found – HERE!

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