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Tucson is a vibrant and exciting place to live. We know, we have lived here since 2002.

There are many events and activities going on every day along with great places to experience.

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Thunder & Lightening Over Arizona

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 28, 2023

blog post air show tucson azFor air show enthusiasts this is a DON’T MISS event. A 2 day air event at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ. March 25 & 26, 2023. A multitude of aircraft displays, flybys and skydive activities. Not to mention the world renowned Air Force Thunderbirds.

Bring the kids, bring the family, bring your friends to this great airshow.

The free air show will feature the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, a demonstration squadron flying F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets. Additional flyers planned for the show will include the A-10 Thunderbolt II and the F-35A Lightning II demonstration teams.

Now the best part…..It’s FREE!

However, there is “premium” seating available…..NOT FREE….but worth it. Check out the details for …Thunder & Lightening Over Arizona!


Water In Tucson, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 21, 2023

blog post The question about water availability in the greater Tucson area is a frequently from many of our clients. Especially those from Midwest and Northwest. Questions are ask not omly abut the quantity of water, but the quality.

One of the first things to know is that Tucson sits on the top of a large aquifer. Experts believe there is enough water there to last many, many years.

Tucson also receives water from the Colorado River via the Central Arizona Project.Clearly, there are concerns about the low water levels in the lakes and reservoirs feeding the Colorado river.

Water remains a precious resource throughout most of the southwest and southern Arizona. In that regard, Tucson’s water conservation programs have been in place for over 20+ years. To get a better understanding of situation take a read …….Understanding The Water Supply In Tucson Arizona.


Rillito Park Race Track

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 8, 2023

tucson blog postSaturday February 4 is the start of the 2023 winter racing season at Rillito Park Race Track. It is one of the oldest annual events in Tucson.

It has been called “The Birthplace of American Quarter Horse Racing.” For 77 years, this Tucson, Arizona racetrack has persevered. And during seven weekends each February and March, you can experience one of the most engaging racing environments in America.

Rillito Downs Race Track opened in 1943 and became the center of all Quarter Horse racing throughout the western United States.

It was part of a racing circuit that ran from Houston to San Francisco. This year the race schedule runs from February 4 to April 2nd.

Learn more about this historic landmark in Tucson’s history……….Rillito Park Race Track


Culinary Dropout – Novel Place With Good Food

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 1, 2023

Culinary Dropout RestaurantHow do you start a review of a restaurant operating in a building that was once a lumber yard?

Well, lets start with the obvious. It is big. I mean gigantic BIG!

The theme of the Culinary Dropout is……Hmmm….FUN!

Birthday parties, get together with friends, family outing or a block party but not outside. And there is a mega screen TV to catch your favorite sports.

It is big, there is lots of noise! Have a beverage of choice and play corn hole or ping pong.

Stop in and check it out. It might become your fun place to have fun, eat and have your favorite beverage……Read On Culinary Dropout


Discover The Natural Beauty Of Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 24, 2023

Catalina Mountain Northwest TucsonTucson, Arizona, is a city surrounded by mountains and natural beauty.

There is no lack of outdoor things to enjoy, from the gorgeous saguaro cactus that dot the terrain to the steep mountains surrounding the city.

Tucson offers something for everyone, whether you like hiking, bird watching, or just exploring the great outdoors.

Discover  some of the natural beauty of Tucson that you shouldn’t miss…….Lets Explore Now


Tucson Gem Show January 28 thru February 12, 2023

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 17, 2023

gem showThe world-renowned Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase opens on January 28, 2023. It runs for 2 weeks and closes on February 12th.

It is like a time portal, a trip around the world, and a treasure hunt all rolled into one.

Every winter, over 65,000 guests from around the globe descend upon Tucson, AZ. They buy, sell, and trade, gems, minerals, and fossils at over 48 gem show locations across the city.

If you’re planning a winter visit to Tucson, you won’t want to miss this three-week-long event.

Find Out More About this BIG Tucson annual event…… International Gem Show…..the Schedule!


“A” Mountain – Part Of Tucson’s Histoy

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 11, 2023

Historic A Mountain in TucsonThe Presidio of Tucson began in 1775. In Spanish a “presidio” is a fortified military settlement.

To protect the Presidio from Apache raiders, a sentinel stood on the top of the mountain. Thus the name Sentinal Mountain.

“A” Mountain contains volcanic rock from the nearby Tucson Mountains. But “A” Mountain is not a volcano.

Coming from its use as a look out point by the Spanish in the late 1700’s. It is part of Tucson’s history.

But that history was added to in 1915 when the U of A defeated Pomona College in football…..Find Out More About “A” Mountain!


Parish Brings Southern Cajun Food To Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 3, 2023

Tucson blog post parishThe Parish may be the only southern Cajun restaurant in Tucson. Behind its unassuming store front is a comfortable eatery with friendly staff serving bold Southern Cajun food. Tables seat about 50 guests.

The bar area is also small, but perfect for a “beverage” of choice and appetizers or a full meal. Located on the west side of Oracle Road a bit north of Orange Grove Road makes finding it an easy task.

Come on down…..Ya’ll….More On The Parish


Contractor Taking To Long?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 20, 2022

Contractors taking to longIf you love the charm of an older home and plan to buy it and make updates or renovations, this article is for you.

Making renovations or doing remodeling means one thing…..Contractors.

Contractors, electricians , and plumbers working for you on any project need to “managed”.

The earlier the better! But when your contractor falls behind schedule and doesn’t take your call, these tips will ……..READ ON!


Dreaming Of Living In Southern Arizona?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 13, 2022

Living in Southern ArizonaIf you are living in the Midwest or Northeast areas of the U.S. and shoveling your 3rd snowfall of the week, you might just be “Dreaming of living in Southern Arizona”. If that’s the case, this guest article may just be for you.

Yes, northern Arizona gets snow! Lots of it in flagstaff. And Tucson saw snow this morning……at 9,000 on Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Please note the word “SAW”.

Our guest post offers some reasons and tips about moving to Southern Arizona. If you haven’t guessed, that is where Tucson is located…….READ ON!


 Tucson Urban Fishing Programing

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 7, 2022

Fishing In Tucson - Tucson Urban FishingIt may surprise many people who like to fish can do it in Tucson Arizona.

Yes, fishing right in the greater Tucson area.

So, if you and your family like to fish, grab your pole and head out to one the 3 lakes in the Tucson Urban Fishing program…….READ ON!


Moving To Arizona – Lots Of Reasons To Consider IT!

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 29, 2022

reasons for moving to arizonaWinter is a season with holidays and time for family gatherings and sharing. But it also means snow and cold temperatures across much of the U.S.

Winter is also the time when “snowbirds” take flight to warmer places.  With no surprise, one of the more popular spots is Arizona. Southern Arizona to be specific and that includes Tucson!

Whether a seasonal visitor or year around resident, Arizona has a lot to offer as a great place to live.

Take a read on the many reasons to consider Arizona as a place YOU may want to live.

And if you are thinking TUCSON, give us a call!……READ ON!


Have A Great Thanksgiving!

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 23, 2022

happy thanksgiving

Tips To Make Buyers Fall In Love With Your Home

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 13, 2022

Tucson Home SellersEvery Realtor listing a home will recommend the seller de-clutter, deep clean and stage their home. Oh, and price it based on the market and your home’s features.

All of these suggestions are corner stones to get your home sold at the best price possible.

But how do you make buyers fall in love with your home?

This guest article provides tips on how to do just that. If a buyer falls in love with a home within their budget, they will be happy buyers.

Here are some tips to do just that……READ ON!

Tips On Choosing Between A House And A Condo

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 17, 2022

blog post house or condoIts snowbird season in Tucson and for the renters, the thought of owning a seasonal home will come up. IF it hasn’t already!

Deciding to buy a second home is a big step but one that many people consider at some point in their life. One of the first questions tends to be should we buy a houe or a condo.

The answer to the question is, “it depends”.

Here are some tips to consider to help you decide what will be the better choice for YOU………READ ON

What Is The Hottest State In The United States?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 20, 2022

Blog PostFor those people who like trivia, here is a question to ponder. What is the hottest state in the U.S.?

Now if you live in the southwest, you know it has been one of the hottest summers on record. And southern Arizona was no exception.

So, your answer could be Arizona!

Seems logical doesn’t it?

But are you correct? Hmmmmm!

To find out if you are right you will need to ………READ ON!


Dead Trees Can Also Kill Your Resale

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 6, 2022

dead treesIt’s usually relatively obvious to homeowners that the condition of their actual home will affect the sale price.

Many sellers scramble to repair HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems and improve the aesthetics of the property without ever considering their trees.

The most common trees we see in Tucson are mesquite, palo verde, and a small variety of pine trees. While the species that can handle the arid desert climate are limited, the problems these trees face are plentiful.

One of the most significant issues facing Tucson trees is under-watering and drought conditions. Long stretches of drought can leave your trees without the nutrients they require from the soil, ultimately leaving them to wither and die.

Unfortunately, over-watering is also a problem, and it can lead to root rot and total death of the tree as well. If your trees are suffering they may be turning buyers off. For things to do……….GO HERE!


Considering A Move? These Tips Will Help

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 16, 2022

blog post shipping your carTucson, Arizona is a great place to live. Moving to Tucson or any other location is a significant event. Before boxing up your things, figure out a timeline for the packing process.

Pack all non-essentials first. These would include books, home decor items and electronics.

Pack the essentials last! Kitchen items, dinnerware, clothing, and items you might need before you close the door.

Any move has its challenges, but here are some helpful hints and website links to that will help……….GO HERE!


Dante’s Fire Chef Is Tucson Iron Chef Winner 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 2, 2022

Dante's Fire Cocktails and CuisineDante’s Fire chef-owner Kenneth won the 2022 Iron Chef Tucson competition.

After a two year absence due to COVID, this annual Tucson event took place at Casino Del Sol on July 30, 2022.

Foy and his team used cherries in a Blue Moon pesto as part of his tasting plate. Other items included cayenne cherry compote, seared Asian pears, and candied bacon. Oh, and cheddar crisps

Foy plans to host a dinner at Dante’s Fire to feature his competition-winning dishes. For more on this notable Tucson Restaurant……….GO HERE!


Finding That Perfect Home For Your Retirement

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 26, 2022

your perfect homeThe first question to consider about a perfect home for retirement is your lifestyle. Both when retirement happens and for the future.

If you entertain, you will need more space than if you rarely invite people over.

Will your children and grandchildren being overnight guests? If they live out of town they will more likely stay over. In town, it may be dinner, conversation, and head for home.

There are many things to consider and these tips may help you find answers to your questions and consideration……….START NOW!


To Ship Or Drive Your Car – That Is The Question

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 19, 2022

car shipping serviceFor many people that have a winter/seasonal home in Arizona, the big question they have is should we ship our car or drive this year. Depending on where your summer home is that can be an easy or difficult question to answer.

The cost of gas, lodging, meals can be significant along with the TIME involved. All these factors need to be considered to make the better decision.

To help determine what is “right” for you, we have some thoughts for you to consider……..HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – June 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 13, 2022

tucson real estate blog postThe Tucson housing market continued year over year price gains in both single family homes and condos/townhouses.

However our Tucson Housing Market June 2022 Update shows real estate is beginning to feel the effects of higher interest rates and increased inventory.

Slowing? Yes, it appears to be!

But Tucson is still a sellers market at this time. Both the Average and Median Sales Prices for single family homes had year over year double digit gains – 11.0% and 13.2% respectively.

As existing home sales continue to soften nationwide, housing supply is improving, with inventory up for the second straight month.

One would expect price growth to moderate as supply grows. But for now, inventory remains low, and buyers are feeling the squeeze of higher prices all around.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!


Tucson Golf Communities

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 5, 2022

tucson retirementGolf in Tucson dates back to the early 1930’s. El Rio was Tucson’s first full service country club. Golf courses in Tucson and its surrounding communities grew along with the population.

Courses include Public/Daily Fee, Semi Private and Private Golf courses.

If golf is your passion, owning a home in a Tucson Golf community will let you drive your own golf cart to and on the golf course. But there will most likely be a “trail fee” to use your golf cart on the course.

Planning your “winter get away trip” with golf in mind? Perhaps you should include a few days to check out homes in one or more of  Tucson’s golf communities.

You can start ………RIGNT HERE!


Chef Alisah’s – Northwest Tucson AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 28, 2022

Restaurants in TucsonThis small family owned restaurant serves up eastern-European-style fare. Chef Alisah is on the west side of Oracle south of Rudasill Road in a in the Casas Adobes neighborhood.

All dishes are from scratch right there in the kitchen. Plates are authentic.

The presentation feels as if you are in Eastern Europe or the Balkans when you try the Gulash. Another popular choice is the grilled eggplant with red bell peppers, olive oil, salt & pepper.

BTW – Chef Alisah’s was on of six Tucson restaurants that have appeared on Diners Drive Ins and Dives

Want to know more ………GO HERE!


Bata Restaurant – Central Tucson AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 21, 2022

Bata Restaurant Tucson azThe restaurant’s name has Japanese origins. A shorthand term for Japanese style grilling called “robata”.

Bata draws on Japanese and other international cooking techniques using open flame, but its not a Japanese restaurant.

Open fire is a primary cooking technique for all items on the menu. Even a beef tartare has a fermented and flame-dried green onion powder as a garnish.

A bar in the basement of the building will open in May. The concept comes from the Toughluck Club in the basement of Reilly’s downtown. Why copy? Bata’s owner also owns Reilly’s

Want to know more ………GO HERE!


Tucson Oro Valley Loop

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 15, 2022

Tucson Oro Valley LoopWhat’s the Loop?

Well, it is one of the most extensive trail systems in southern Arizona. 131 miles of paved trails where people can take in the scenes of Tucson.

The Loop is a family friendly activity and is for people of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are into walking, running, biking, cycling or skating, you can do it on the loop. Horse riding works too. In fact, if it doesn’t have a motor, it’s good to go on The Loop.

Want to know more ………GO HERE!


Top Restaurant Picks From Tucson Diners

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 31, 2022

Tito Pep tucson restaurantIf you haven’t been to Tito And Pep, you have missed a Tucson dining experience. The restaurant opened in 2018 with owner and Chef John Martinez in charge.

Chef Martinez provides a fine dining level of food and service in a relaxed atmosphere. It serves non Mexican dishes with Mexican influences.

The menu at Tito And Pep is a contemporary take on bistro dishes. Small shareable plates like kampachi aguachile and charred broccoli with pickled fresno chiles.

For the hungry, larger entrees including pollo asado and striped bass are popular. Southwest flavors come from a mesquite fired grill brought in from Austin, TX.

For more on this popular Tucson restaurant……. GO HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – April 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 18, 2022

tucson real estate blog postThe Tucson housing market continued year over year price gains in both single family homes and condos/townhouses.

For April the Average and Median Sales Prices for single family homes increased – AGAIN – year over year, by 12.9% and 17.1%, respectively.

Active Listings fell again and set new historic lows with a mere 990 single family homes on the market at the end of April 2022.

That translates to a 17 DAY supply.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!

Luxury Kitchens Are THE Remodel Again In 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 11, 2022

luxury kitchen designsHome sales data showed luxury kitchen “upgrades” added value when selling the home.

Six of the top 10 features mentioned in listings that sold for more than expected in 2021 were in the kitchen. And there are many kitchen styles that will add value to a home.

Listings that mentioned “steam ovens” topped the list for price premiums. Homes with them sold for about 4.9% more than expected. Pizza ovens (3.4%), new appliances (3.2%), quartz (3.2%) — as in countertops. ………GO HERE!


Tucson Restaurants On Diners Drive Ins And Dives

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 4, 2022

Diners Drive Ins Dives Tucson AZThose of us living in Tucson know Tucson has some great restaurants. If that is a surprise, read last weeks post. Six unique restaurants have been featured on the Food Network show Diners Drive Ins And Dives.

It has been a few years since the episodes were aired, but the good news is all six restaurants are still in business.

The focuses of the Triple D show is on small, independent eateries featuring comfort foods. Those using fresh ingredients, home-style recipes, and gourmet culinary approaches make the show.

The restaurants that Fieri picked in Tucson defy the milkshakes and cheeseburgers label.

Each is unique. Patrons interviewed repeatedly said, “You can’t find this kind of food anywhere else in Tucson.”

To find out who the six restaurants that Guy Fieri ate at and appeared on the Diners Drive Ins And Dives show. Maybe you will want to book a reservation………GO HERE!


Food & Wine Magazine Says Tucson Is One Of The Next Great Food Cities

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 26, 2022

Tucson blog post food and wine Tucson azIt’s an exciting time for food in America. The culinary landscape in cities around the country has matured in the past two decades. A shift that has been thrilling to experience and to taste.

Food and Wine Magazine is recognizing Tucson as one of the “Next Great Food Cities” in America. One of Seven smaller cities in the United States to make the list.

The designation is based on creativity, innovation, diversity, and deliciousness of America’s seven most exciting up-and-coming destinations for food lovers. To find out more about the Tucson food scene and the other “Food Cities”………….GO HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – March 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 19, 2022

tucson real estate blog postThe Tucson housing market shows continued year over year price gains in both single family homes and condos/townhouses.

March data shows the Average and Median Sales Prices for single family homes increased – AGAIN – year over year, by 15.6% and 18.0%, respectively.

Active Listings fell again and set new historic lows with a mere 869 single family homes on the market at the end of March 2022.

That translates to a 17 DAY supply.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!


Things To Do This Spring In Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 5, 2022

Spring In TucsonDo you know how to tell it is spring in Tucson, Arizona?

Everything is blooming!

Trees have vivid blossoms, desert flowers are everywhere and the little critters are coming out of hibernation.

Spring is also a great time to be in Tucson. Why you ask?

In addition to the stunning colors, temperatures are perfect and with snowbirds leaving parking spot are new closer to the store you want to go to.

Now the next question. What are the things to do in Tucson in Spring? To find out……… GO HERE!


How To Get Your Home Sold

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 30, 2022

Tucson Home SellersThere is no doubt that selling a home is usually a big and important event.

Whether for a job change or other reason to change locations, schools, time to visit friends and family will all change.But lets start at the beginning. For some reason, you are about to sell your home.

Choosing a Realtor to work with is the next big step.

An experienced and professional Realtor will guide you through the process and reduce the stress you may feel.

For more on the process to get YOUR home sold……… GO HERE!

El Corral RestaurantA Dining Experience That Takes You Back To The Old West

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 22, 2022

El Corral Tucson AZEl Corral Restaurant opened in 1926. It held the reputation as the first restaurant/cafe/tavern east of Oracle Road.

The El Corral you dine in today is in the same building. To no ones surprise modifications took place over time.

In 1939, the owner of El Corral Cafe, Leroy C. Perkins, subdivided land into Los Ranches Perkins.

The first dwellings built were guest cottages for a seasonal ranch. In 1946, the business name changed to El Corral Night Club, owned first by E.H. Bruening. The “Nightclub” name continued through the 1950s.

Agro Land and Cattle Co., Inc. obtained the restaurant in 1975. They continue the proud traditions started so long ago.

If you are thinking Prime Rib, check out El Corral…….HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – February 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 15, 2022

tucson real estate blog postThe Tucson housing market hasn’t skipped a step as the new year shows continued year over year price gains in both single family homes and condos/townhouses.

February’s data shows the Average and Median Sales Prices for single family homes increased – AGAIN – year over year, by 21.5% and 23.4%, respectively.

Active Listings increased over the prior month, but continue at historic lows with a mere 909 single family homes on the market at the end of February.

That translates to a 16 DAY supply.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!

Annual Tucson Rodeo Event Begins February 19th

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 17, 2022

Tucson rodeoTucson RodeoLa Fiesta de los Vaqueros OR Celebration Of The Cowboy.

Tucson’s annual celebration of the cowboys is the oldest heritage event in Southern Arizona. The Tucson Rodeo is one of the top 25 rodeos of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

Some of the best cowboys and cowgirls compete in six rodeo performances. It is an annual event that includes one of the oldest non-motorized parades in the world.

The Parade will be held on February 19th and Rodeo events begin on February 20, 2022.

An estimated 150,000 spectators will line the streets along the route. And over 150 western-theme floats and buggies will be in the parade. Along with Mexican folk dancers and marching musical groups.

Want To Know More?? ………..About the …….RODEO PARADE ……….RODEO EVENT


Tucson In Top 10 Hidden Gem Housing Markets For 2022

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 10, 2022

Tucson lightsIn 2021, single family existing-home prices rose at the fastest pace in five decades. The average year-over-year pace was 18%.

Gains reflected strong job growth, low mortgage rates and inadequate housing construction.
Metro areas saw job growth with businesses and people moving more favorable climates.

These migrations increased among workers with the ability to work from home. In these cases homes did not have to be near a corporate headquarters.

Are there markets where home prices are still undervalued?

According to the National Association of REALTORS® the answer is …..YES!………..READ ON


Downtown Clifton Hotel

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 4, 2022

Downtown Clifton hotelWill you be visiting Tucson anytime soon? Do you know where you will be staying?

If the answers to these two questions are YES and NO, we have a suggestion. …….The Downtown Clifton Hotel.
The Downtown Clifton Hotel is unique among Tucson hotels. Built in 1948 along the route from Phoenix to Douglas Arizona.

A renovation in 2014 and expansion in 2019 created a unique hotel experience.

Its location in Armory Park means all downtown Tucson dining and activities are easy to get to.

If you are interested ………..READ ON


Pima Air And Space Museum

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 27, 2022

Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson ArizonaIf you are a resident or visitor in Tucson, AZ you MUST see the Pima Air & Space Museum. Even if you aren’t an aviation buff!

The Museum opened in 1976 and is the largest self-supporting aerospace museum.

The museum presents over 400 planes. From a Wright Flyer to a 787 Dreamliner. There are six indoor exhibit hangars and 90 acres of outdoor displays. Three of the hangers feature WWII fighters and bombers from different countries.

It has also been the home to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame since 1991. To learn more about this Tucson attraction…….READ ON


21 Things That Prove Tucson Is The BEST City In Arizona

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 18, 2022

tucson at nightAlright, lets start with the obvious. We live in Tucson, are Realtors in Tucson and we LOVE Tucson! If our word isn’t enough, a recent post on BUZZ FEED presents 21 reasons why a staff writer thinks Tucson is the BEST CITY in Arizona.

From the vibe of the city to its award for being a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Tucson stands out as a place to visit and a great place to live. In addition to the historic landmarks, the street art, local bars and outstanding restaurants can’t be beat.

Not only that, if your are over 50, your will have flash backs of the TV westerns that were filmed in Tucson. So let nostalgia begin or discover things you didn’t know about this fantastic city in Arizona ……..TUCSON……….READ ON


Spots To Shop In Tucson, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 12, 2022

Blog PostTucson not only has great restaurants, it has some outstanding shopping options. There are small boutique shops throughout the greater Tucson area and some major malls. Whether you’re looking for quirky specialty or hand-spun local, you’ll score lovely finds in Tucson.

It may take a little digging to unearth your “perfect” shopping experiences, but keep trying. From the Lost Barrio to La Encantada to Tubac and Saturday farmer’s markets, just start some where and shop till you drop.

Here are some of the places to fill your shopping bag with thoughtful gifts, offbeat souvenirs, authentic crafts and rare treasures………….READ ON



Arizona Is A Top Destination People Are Moving Too — Think Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 7. 2021

Tucson real estate blog postAs Yogi Berra stated….It’s Daja Vu ……all over again!

A national moving company report for 2020 and 2021 shows Americans continue to leave California in droves.

Americans “are fleeing” California along with Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. These four states had the most outbound moves in 2020 and 2021.

Two other states people are leaving are Maryland and Oregon.

Where to you might be asking? Texas, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Arizona.

And the next question….WHY?

Jobs and a better lifestyle are the quick answers. But underlying concerns, not stated, include widespread protests and riots last year.

Crime rates in some cities have climbed amid the “de-fund the police” movement. Large cities loosing people had increased shootings and homicides in 2020.

That trend continued during the first six months of 2021.

Also, people moved to states where homes were larger and relatively less-pricey.

Those are reasons why Arizona is in the top states people moved to……….READ ON.


Bubb’s Grub – Catalina AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 29, 2021

bubb's grubIf you travel north of Oro Valley, AZ on Oracle Road you most likely have gone through Catalina, AZ. Although small, Catalina is the home of Bubb’s Grub.

Oh, and if is football season and Sunday, you will likely see a the parking lot full of Packer fans. It’s not a sports bar with a dozen TV’s, but fans love the food as well as the Packers.

The specialty is down home BBQ ribs and beef brisket. But the sandwiches, fish and other stuff are also real good!

So on your next time through Catalina, check out – Bubb’s Grubb – Texas BBQ…… For the backstory on Bubb’s Grubb…. READ ON


Premier Tucson Homes Newsletter – December 2021

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 24, 2021

 Premier Tucson Homes Newsletter

Our December 2021 Newsletter is published!

Topics include –

1 – Tucson Housing Market November Update.

2 – Dude Ranches in Tucson, AZ

3 – Things To Do In Winter In Tucson

And more…..Take A Read

7 Things To Do This Winter In Tucson AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 16, 2021

winter in tucsonTucson is a sprawling metro area in southern Arizona. The city started small and expanded into the empty space around it. Over the years people moved to Tucson due to its low cost of living and weather.

Tucson is known for a few months of warm – ok, hot – summer days. But the rest the year is perfect daily highs and cool evenings.

That is why people from all over the U. S. come here in the fall and winter months. These seasonal residents are affectionately know as “snow birds”.

Whether you are a snow bird, winter visitor, or year around resident, we have identified 7 things to do in winter in Tucson, AZ.

Find out what they are and start planning your visit to each of them…..START NOW!


What’s A Debt To Income Ratio

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 10, 2021

Debt To Income Ratio is a key mortgage factorWhen applying for a mortgage to buy a home your credit score is important. But your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is also a critical item for lenders.

The debt-to-income ( DTI ) ratio compares an individual’s debt payments to their income.

When you apply for credit, lenders will calculate your DTI. It helps them determine their risk and an individual’s ability repay debts.

Debts will include the mortgage on a home you plan to buy. For more on this key lender calculation……GO HERE!


What’s A Heat Pump?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 30, 2021

Heat pump outside unitLooking for a home in southern Arizona? If you are, you may hear a home has a heat pump.

Yes, many homes have traditional air conditioning and furnace heating. But heat pumps are also popular in the southwest. Especially in subdivisions where natural gas isn’t, or was not, available when a home was built.

So if you want to better understand what a heat pump is and how it works to cool and heat your home…… START RIGHT HERE!



Tucson Streetcar System Keeps People Moving

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 16, 2021

tucson street car systemThe Tucson streetcar system started service in 2015 and it has kept people moving in the downtown area.

Tickets are required to ride on the Tucson streetcars. No money can be used on the streetcar. Tickets will need to purchased before boarding a Tucson streetcar.

When you are ready to ride, look for one of the ticket vending machines at each stop.

Also, this new modern technology comes new rules for the cyclist, pedestrian, and motorist.

The safety rules and things to review to be up-to-date are available on a short youtube video. To learn more about the downtown streetcar system stare ..RIGHT HERE! ……….NO ticket required.


Catch A Quick Look At Events & Scenes Of Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 9, 2021

tucson real estate blogTucson is famous for its dramatic beauty and giant saguaro. The Sonoran Desert is home to the saguaro, a symbol of the American Southwest.

But don’t let the term “desert” scare you away. Five mountain ranges surround the city. They create scenic drives, and even snow skiing.

In the winter you can drive up to Mt. Lemmon and enjoy the slopes. Then go for a hike in the valley in the early evening.

Tucson’s legendary year-round sunshine and saguaro-and-sunset landscape have romanced visitors for decades.

Tucson Attractions offer events and culture to keep everyone entertained. The Tucson area has rich cultural heritage and an abundance of Tucson attractions.

Museums, galleries, shops, and live performances are available the year around. Take a quick look at a few of the bigger events, attractions and scenes …..RIGHT HERE!


Chicken And Waffles To 4th Avenue In Tucson, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 3, 2021

Drunken Chicken Downtown TucsonThis little hole in the wall restaurant on 4th Avenue is making chicken, waffles and craft beer a staple in downtown Tucson.

The menu is as small as the restaurant. ONE page. And the name Drunken Chicken what would you expect? Chicken. Chicken strips, chicken breasts, chicken sandwich.

And the “piece de resistance. Chicken and waffles. Have you figured out that Chicken is the specialty? It Is!

Now, you want some sauce? Well they have them. The bourbon syrup is addicting. Then there is the…….READ ON!


Premier Tucson Homes Newsletter – October 2021

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 26, 2021

premier tucson newsletter

Our October 2021 Newsletter is here!

Topics include –

1 – The September Tucson Housing Market Update.

2 – Southern Arizona Wineries

3 – Camping in Tucson/Southern Arizona

And more…..

Tucson Activities and Events are in full force beginning in November.

The biggies are the 32nd All Souls Procession And Ceremony and El Tour de Tucson

To see the November event schedule…….. CLICK HERE……. and see them all!


4 Fun Filled Adventures When Camping In Tucson, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 19, 2021

camping in tucson azArizona provides unsurpassed scenery through out the State. And what better way to see it than pitching your tent at one of its state parks.

The ability to find solitude and scenery is available every where. From the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona to Patagonia State Park in the southern AZ.

Many campgrounds can handle lots of tourists. But the lesser-known public lands rely on visitors to do their part to maintain the grounds.

Here is a recent guest article on 4 Fun Filled Adventures To Try When Camping in Tucson, AZ…….GO HERE!


10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Arizona

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 6, 2021

Motorcycle Rides in ArizonaThe mountains in northern Arizona create are many winding roads along with beautiful scenery. For the motorcycle enthusiasts it offers some of the best motorcycle rides in Arizona.

Here are the most beautiful trails and best motorcycle rides in Arizona you can find.

From red-tinted slot canyons to rolling hills dense with pine trees, Arizona offers one of the most diverse natural landscapes in America. 300-plus days of sunshine and miles of winding asphalt roads make Arizona a haven for motorcyclists.

Got your ride washed and gassed up and leather on? Well here is what you need to know……GO HERE!


Stone Canyon Golf Club Sold To Acris Group

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 7, 2021

Stone Canyon Club - Golf & HomesA Dallas golf course operator – Arcis Golf – has acquired the Stone Canyon Club from Phil Mickelson. Stone Canyon is in Oro Valley, AZ. It and 5 other Arizona golf courses were part of a package deal with Mickelson.

The six properties include three private clubs and three daily fee facilities. The price wasn’t disclosed.

The private clubs are Stone Canyon Club, The Golf Club at Chaparral Pines. and The Rim Golf Club, both in Payson.

McDowell Mountain Golf Club, Ocotillo Golf Club, and Palm Valley Golf Club are public. They are all in the greater Phoenix area.

Arcis operates 66 golf clubs in the U.S., including nine public courses in Dallas-Fort Worth. It ranks as the sport’s second-largest operator behind Dallas-based Club Corp. For more on the sale and Arcis Golf …….GO HERE!


Tips On Buying A Home In Southern Arizona

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 31, 2021

Tucson Real Estate Market - Buyer TipsThe home buying process is straight forward, but can become complex. Especially if you don’t understand the details.

To buy a home in Arizona, every buyer need to be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan. The pre-qualification is part of Arizona’s standard resale home purchase contract.

The “pre-qual” also estimates closing fees and down payment options. Oh, and another important item….Interest Rates.

Another critical step in the process is finding the “right” Realtors to work FOR YOU!

For more insight into the home buying process in the Greater Tucson area……..GO HERE!


VA Loans – Provide Opportunities For Veterans

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 19, 2021

VA LoansThe VA loan program has backed more than 21 million loans in its now 70-year history.

This mortgage benefit is in many ways more important today than ever.

Why, $0 down payment benefit and looser credit requirements. About 90% of VA buyers get into a home without making a down payment. That’s a huge benefit!

Despite the $0 down benefit, VA loans have had the lowest foreclosure rates. The VA wants to keep veterans in their homes. makes this a model for other mortgage programs.

Another big factor is that there’s no mortgage insurance premiums. VA loans are government-backed mortgages.

But VA buyers do pay a funding fee that most choose to finance. Borrowers with a service-connected disability are exempt from this fee.

For more on VA Loans……..GO HERE!


Solar Panels – Yes OR Maybe

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 10, 2021

pool heaters solarFor most people, solar is a financial decision: how much does solar cost, and how much will it save you?

Those two questions go hand-in-hand. Keep them both in mind when deciding whether to go solar.

Key factors that influence how much your solar panel system will cost include;

  • the quality of the solar equipment you use,
  • which installer you use,
  • how much you pay for electricity now,
  • how you pay for the system,
  • what rebates and incentives are available,
  • how much your solar panel system costs.

For more on Solar Panel considerations and choices……..GO HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – June 2021

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 14, 2021

tucson real estate blog postWith 2021 at the half way point, southern Arizona and the Tucson Real Estate Market is headed into summer. And that means HOT! Both temperatures and home prices are going UP!

June 2021 shows the Average and Median Sales Prices for single family homes increased – AGAIN -year over year, by 37.0% and 31.5%, respectively.

Active Listings increased over the prior month, but continue at historic lows with 901 single family homes on the market at the end of June. That translates to a 12 DAY supply.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!


Tucson In List Of Best Cities In America

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 2, 2021

Tucson real estate blog postTUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Tucson named as one of the best cities in America. Resonance Consultancy released its best cities in America list on June 30, 2021.

The Old Pueblo took the 20th spot. Tucson ranked #10 in both Weather and Parks & Outdoors subcategories.

Tucson should move up in future national rankings, due to a torrent of new investments in the city.

Another big factor in the ratings is the University of Arizona. It gives the city a “youthful bounce” and also highlights downtown’s public transportation. There is lots more on what makes Tucson a great place to live ……..READ ON.


When Planning A Move Don’t Forget About Your Pets

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 23, 2021

Movig Your Pet blog postMoving can be a stressful experience for anyone. But moving with pets can add extra challenges. Not only on you, but your pet.

Pet owners need to consider that their pets may be sensitive to such a change and put them in their  moving plan.

The moving process and new surroundings can cause emotional stress for pets. Pets like to be in familiar settings as much as people do.

This guest article provides some tips on moving with pets. It will help ensure your pets have a safe and happy transition to their new home…….. READ ON.


Arizona Top Destination People Are Moving Too — Think Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 16, 2021

Tucson real estate blog postA national moving company report shows Americans are leaving California in droves.

Americans “are fleeing” California along with New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. These four states had the most outbound moves in 2020.

Two other states people are leaving are Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Where to you ask? Arizona, Idaho and Texas.

And the next question….WHY?

Jobs and a better lifestyle are the quick answers. But underlying concerns, not stated, include widespread protests and riots last year.

Crime rates in some cities have climbed amid the “de-fund the police” movement. Large cities loosing people had increased shootings and homicides in 2020.

That trend continued during the first six months of 2021.

Also, people moved to states where homes were larger and relatively less-pricey.

Those are reasons why Arizona is in the top states people moved to……….READ ON.


What Is The Best Season To Buy A Property In Tucson, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 8, 2021

Tucson real estate blog post season to buyIs there a “Best Season” to buy a home in Tucson, AZ. Over the last 5+ years, seasons haven’t matter. The Tucson housing market has become a sellers market. Inventory of Tucson homes for sale is at record LOW levels. Under 1,000 homes for sale in the Tucson metro area.

Not only that, mortgage rates and under 3.0% and demand for a home in Tucson/Southern Arizona is HIGH.

With that said, here is a guest article presenting thoughts and considerations on the Best Season To Buy……..READ ON.


Understanding The Reverse 1031 Exchange To Buy A Tucson Home

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 3, 2021

reverse 1031 exchangeOK, so what is a Reverse 1031 Exchange? It is a 1031 Exchange in reverse.

That’s how it got its name. A Reverse 1031 exchanges allow a person to buy a property right away. Then have 180 days to sell an existing investment property. The new property replaces the old property after it is sold.

This can be especially important in a hot real estate market. Have you seen the Tucson statistics lately. It is a HOT market.

But the Reverse 1031 exchange can also create some challenges.

Want to know more of the In’s and Out’s of the Reverse Exchange? ………….READ ON.


Tucson AZ On List Of 5 Awesome Cities To Visit In 2021

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 25, 2021

Tucson Cactus signMove over Tubac. Esquire put Tucson AZ on list of 5 “Awesome Cities” to visit in 2021.

With mask and social distancing rules eliminated, you might be thinking “lets travel”. But foreign destinations are still a bit tricky. So lets think domestic cities.

Not the big ones, but lesser-trafficked cities. How about cities with a gastronomic, architectural, and cultural appeal?

Good idea, but you might be asking – Where are they?

Esquire has come to the rescue with a list of 5 “Awesome Cities” to visit in 2021.

And guess what? Tucson, AZ is on the list!…….READ ON.


Tubac, AZ named Best Small Town Arts Scene For 2021

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 19, 2021

Tubac blog postOnce again bigger isn’t always better. Especially for Tubac, AZ.  One of 10 small towns, with a population of fewer than 30,000 people and an active arts scene.

Tubac’s award for “Best Small Town Arts Scene” proves it.

And if you are looking for that special piece of art, fountain or pottery or ………its only minutes away….in Tubac, AZ. READ ON.



5 DIY Pest Control Ideas

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 11, 2021

real estate blog post - pest controlIf you live in Arizona, you know we have a variety of pests. Spiders, termites, centipedes, ants, cockroaches, mice and scorpions to name a few.

These tenacious intruders won’t give up, so we humans have to fight for our living spaces.

For the DIY enthusiast, there are some easy ways to stop the pests before getting the Pros involved.

Some of these pest control ideas may not work for you, but others swear by them. If you have an infestation, these solutions are worth a shot……….. READ ON.


Will Home Warranty Plans Save You Money??

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 5, 2021

tucson blog post home warrantyHome warranty plans are often requested by the buyer of a “resale” home. It is common for the buyer to ask the seller to pay for the plan as well.

Having a home warranty provides the buyer you some peace of mind should a major home system fail.

Lets be clear. A home warranty plan is NOT an insurance plan. They are a service contract. In general, these plans guarantee to pay
the cost of repair or replacement if covered items. Items include appliances, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems should they stop working.

When considering a home warranty plan understand what they cover. And what they don’t. If you are purchasing a new construction home the manufacture’s warranties are available.

Need more information………READ ON.


Rancho Sin Vacas In The Catalina Foothills

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 28, 2021

Sin Vacas Tucson SubdivisionThe entrance to Rancho Sin Vacas is a unique and beautiful guard house. It is a reminder of Italy and the Roman empire.

Situated in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains created architectural challenges for builders. But provided fantastic views for home owners. Needless to say at a steep price.

Rancho Sin Vacas Subdivision is in the west part of the North Area of Tucson, AZ. This Tucson subdivision is north of E Ina Rd and east of N Oracle Rd.

Shopping, restaurants, and activities are nearby at La Encantada This shopping plaza has many name brand stores and great restaurants.

If you are considering a luxury home in Tucson, the Rancho Sin Vacas community should be on your list of places to see.  Want more……READ ON.


Presidio San Agustin del Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 21, 2021

Old Tucson centralSan Agustin Presidio del Tucson is an interesting part of Tucson’s history.

The original fort – “presidio” – was small and not will constructed. But in 1782, after a large Apache assault, it was rebuilt and fortified. Adobe brick walls 8 to 12 ft high enclosed an 11 acre area that became Fort Tucson.

Fort Tucson sat in what is now present day downtown Tucson. What is now bounded by streets of Church, Washington, and Congress, and up to the banks of the Santa Cruz River………READ ON!


Best Tacos In Tucson?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 9, 2021

Best Taco TucsonMany of our clients are interested in experiencing the tradition of great tacos in Tucson. Its a staple!

Since we arrived in Tucson in 2002 we have taken time to visit many local diners, drive-in and dives.

We continue to Tucson has greatlocal food options including Tacos.

But what are the best tacos in our great city? Well, here is what we believe are at the top of the list…………..READ ON!


Franks Restaurant At Pima

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 31, 2021

Frank's Restaurant TucsonSo you have heard of a real dive restaurant. Well this place is the basement!

Nothing fancy here. A simple outrageous place with great food and exceptional service. The decor on the walls is a jumble of almost anything.

No two people at your table will get the same type of coffee cup. But the food is great and the portions are large. Prices are Very reasonable.

Service is always top notch. You go in and find any place you can to set, watch them cook your meal, sit back and enjoy.

This place is Frank’s by day and Francisco’s Mexican by night. What can I say! Give it a try…….. READ ON!


Buying A Second Home In Tucson – Is 2021 The Time To Do It?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 11, 2021

Tucson city lightsGetting a second home amid a global pandemic may be challenging. But it also an opportunity.

So, before you make any rash decisions, make sure to read this guide. We will tell you about the Tucson real estate market and some things second home buyers need to keep in mind.

A second home gives a person the chance to experience a different lifestyle and weather.

Now, due to everything that is, a lot of people are resorting to leaving big cities and buying a second home in Tucson. But, should you do it, too?……..READ ON!


Miraval – A Well Being Resort & Spa

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 4, 2021

Miraval tucson resortTucson has TWO world class wellness resorts and spas. Canyon Ranch – the topic of our last blog post – and Miraval.

Miraval, a global leader in well-being resorts and spas, opened in 1995.

Miraval Arizona pioneered the destination well-being spa resort. It provides comprehensive program of activities, experiences, and personal treatments.

The core of Miraval’s program is mindfulness, and its motto, “life is better when in balance”, guides each visit.

Activities include fitness, meditation, yoga, well-being, equine, hiking, biking, and metaphysical exploration. For more….. READ ON!


Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort & Spa

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – February 17, 2021

Tucson canyon RanchTucson is blessed with a great climate and lots of sunshine. A perfect place to have a world class wellness resort and spa.

And Tucson has two. Canyon Ranch and Miraval.

Today’s Tucson blog post takes a look at Canyon Ranch, the first of the two wellness resorts in Tucson.

Opened in 1978, Canyon Ranch® Tucson has redefined health. It brings together the true well-being of mind, body and spirit.

It programs focus on impactful ways to bring about lasting health, energy, joy, and peace.

Canyon Ranch sits in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. It provides an exploration of mind-body wellness in a relaxed setting.

Rooms and suites offer classic furnishings and soothing tones. Some suites include a separate dining area and patio.

The Canyon Ranch Grill and the Double U Café both offer daily inspired meals and snacks. These dishes include regional, seasonal ingredients and approved by the resort’s nutritionists.

Let yourself unwind at the indoor and outdoor pools, lounge on your private patio. Relax in the meditation garden, or take a stroll through lush desert grounds.

For more on the Canyon Ranch……….READ ON!


Tucson 2020 Housing Market Review & 2021 Forecast

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 11, 2021

Tucson Real Estate Blog The December 2020 Tucson Housing Report is in and with all the issues facing Arizona and the country it was a stellar year. The Tucson Housing Market 2020 review saw prices at new highs.

The upward trend hasn’t just continued as COVID-19 worsened; it’s gotten stronger and stronger throughout the second half of 2020.

Demand remained high throughout 2020 and as home inventory fell to new all time lows, year over year prices saw strong gains. December 2020 average sales price for a single family home was up 15.9% over December 2019.

For a quick look back and the 2020 Tucson Housing Market and an outlook for 2021…..READ ON!

Investing In Real Estate

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 30, 2020

Invest in real estateWhen you think about real estate investing, the first thing that comes to mind is your home. A person buys a home and expects the value to increase.

Most of the time they do. But sometimes they don’t. Real Estate, like the stock market, can have ups and downs.

Real estate investors have options when it comes to choosing investments.

For Example:

  • One of the key ways to invest in real estate is to become a landlord of a rental property.
  • Flippers buy undervalued real estate, fix it up, and sell for a profit.
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) provide real estate exposure without the need to own, operate, or finance properties.

Real estate has become a popular investment vehicle over the last 50 years. But understand investing in real estate requires a long term outlook. Sometimes, VERY LONG.

Here’s a look at the most common way to invest. Owning rental properties……….READ ON


Wild Garlic Grill – Great Food – Convenient Location

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 23, 2020

Wild Garlic Grill tucson restaurantsThe Wild Garlic Grill has put it stamp on Tucson dining since it opened in a old A & W at 2325 N First Avenue in 2012.

It out grew that location and moved moved to the foothills in 2017. The setting warm, yet classy, at Plaza Colonial on the corner of Skyline and Campbell.

Executive Chef Steven Schultz combines classic French preparations with Southwest and California flavors. Locals will recognize the name from the Red Sky restaurant in Plaza Palomino.

This Tucson restaurant offers memorable cuisine in an elegant style. For more……..READ ON


Sewailo Golf Course – Casino Del Sol Tucson, AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – December 14, 2020

Casino del sol golf courseSo its winter back there in the Midwest, east coast and northwest. Ready for warm weather and a golf vacation? But where?

Consider Tucson AZ.

Golf abounds here all year around. From Green Valley to the south to Florence to the north. And of course the greater Tucson area has over 30 courses.

For those with a bit of game, you must try Sewailo.

Sewailo means “flower world” in the Pascua Yaqui language. In spring colors emanate from cacti, brittle brush, rose bushes, and pyracanthas.

Couple that beauty with cascading streams, creeks and mountains and you have Sewailo. Yes it is in the desert, but water awaits the errant tee shot or approach…READ ON


6 Things Sellers Must Disclose

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 30, 2020

home for sale blogSelling a home in Arizona requires completion of the Sellers Property Disclosure Statement. AKA – SPDS.

It is 6 pages long and gives the buyer details about the home. Including repairs and upgrades the seller has made to the home.

If you plan on selling a home in Arizona, this part of the process may not be your favorite, but it’s necessary.

The seller needs to complete the entire disclosure document. But some sections are mandatory. By law…….READ ON



How Much Are Closing Costs?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 12, 2020

tucson closing costsClosing costs are fees associated with the buying and selling a home. These costs get paid at the closing of a real estate transaction.

For real estate, “Closing” is when the title of the property transfers from the seller to the buyer.

Both the seller and the buyer of a home incur various closing costs. Closing costs vary based on where you live, the property you buy, and the type of loan you choose.

Who pays which closing costs follows state/local practices. But keep in mind, these costs are negotiable between the seller and buyer. To do that, who pays what must be in the home purchase contract submitted to the seller.

To get more details on “Closing Cost”……READ ON


Lost Barrio In Tucson AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – November 5, 2020

tucsson blog post Lost Barrio“The Lost Barrio Tucson” Warehouse Shopping District has quaint shops and galleries. Located in a historic warehouse district of Tucson known as the Barrio San Antonio.

This unique area has antiques, home accessories, gift items, hand crafted furniture.

Oh did I mention art? How about rugs, tribal and folk art, Asian art, architectural elements, Mexican imports.

There’s also Tooley’s, a small café offering a casual breakfast and lunch menu.
It is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon! But call ahead to confirm hours and COVID restrictions…… READ ON


How To Buy A Home From Home

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 28, 2020

Ben Kim Boldt Tucson RealtorsTucson’s housing market continues with strong buyer activity and low home inventory. As a local Realtor team we are seeing the way low inventory is affecting the Tucson home buying process.

These conditions mean homes sell fast. Many with two or three offers.

Conditions suggest the market will stay hot even as cool weather and the holidays arrive.

So how can you buy your “perfect” home when it comes on the market? And may be gone in a day!

If you want to visit the home before you put in an offer the logistics are not in your favor. But there is an option! …… READ ON

55+ Communities Attracting Snowbirds

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 22, 2020

55 + Communities TucsonSnowbirds are back in Tucson! And many are returning to their home in a 55+ adult community.

If you have retired or are planning to retire, than a 55+ adult community might be for you. There are lots of living options that are out there, but a55+ adult community is unique.


Here are a few things to consider when you are evaluating your options….

  • Low- or no-maintenance exteriors!
  • Opportunities to make friends easily!
  • A quiet environment with lots of activities!
  • Amenities and activities to meet your interests!

Interested? Want to know more? Its easy…..GO HERE!


When Is A Mountain More Than A Mountain?

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 15, 2020

Tucson A mountainIn Tucson, AZ a mountain is not just a mountain. When someone refers to “a mountain” they mean “A” Mountain.

It’s a specific place. “A” mountain is west of the I-10 Freeway near downtown Tucson.

“A” Mountain was Sentinel Mountain or Sentinel Peak. It was a lookout point of the Spanish in the late 1700’s.

In 1915 that changed when the University Of Arizona football team defeated Pomona College.

But today, it is the bedrock of the rivalry between ASU and UArizona since the 1950s?

Want to know more about this historic place in Tucson history ………HEAD HERE!


Things To Do In Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – October 6, 2020

Tucson things to doCOVID-19 has closed or postponed most of Tucson’s great events this year, but there are still places to go and things to do!

It doesn’t matter if you are a resident, snowbird or visitor, gas the car and get ready to ……GO!

For starters, how about a day trip to Tombstone or the Sonoita wineries?

Tombstone is open and rooring to entertain you. Yes, a mask might be necessary even if you don’t plan to rob the bank.

Arizona wineries in Sonoita/Elgen are open with some restrictions. So, call ahead and find out what their schedules are.

Tucson restaurants are open with restrictions on seating capacity. Check out our restaurant list and dine in style.

And of course, call ahead and bring a mask, just in case.

Want more options? Then take a look at our “Things To Do In Tucson!”…………HEAD HERE!


Discover Arizona’s Lakes And Rivers

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 29, 2020

Theodore Roosevelt Lake AZYou may have the impression that Arizona is for land based activities. Horse rides, hikes, golf, tennis and biking.

But would you believe Arizona is a great place for water sports. Boating, water skiing, fishing and beaches.

the State of Arizona has over 120 lakes and 5 major rivers. Who would believe it? Arizona beckons outdoor enthusiasts to hike, raft, ski and fish year-round.

Yes, lots of lakes. But only 2 are natural. Stoneman and Mormon lakes. Both of these lakes are near Flagstaff and often dry.

All the rest are man made and used for flood control, power generation and irrigation. This includes Roosevelt Lake and Lake Mead. Both are man make and the largest lakes in Arizona.

Arizona’s major rivers include the Colorado, Gila, Salt, and Little Colorado. Most of the other rivers are off shoots of the major rivers.

Now for a little know fact you can stump your friends with. Arizona has more shoreline than the entire west coast of the United States.

For more on Arizona’s lakes and rivers….. HEAD HERE!


Southern Arizona Wineries – A Great Day Trip

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 22, 2020

Day trips from Tucson All right folks, is anyone just wanting to get out of the house for the awhile. If you are consider a day trip to the Sonoita / Elgen area for a wine tour.

Yes, the wineries are practicing Covid-19 safety standards, but its a nice drive and something to do.

There are over 20 wineries in the Southern Arizona. Each with their own unique labels and blends.

So pack up, gas up and head out. OH, save a little room in your vehicle to bring your favorite back.

Want more info to plan your trip? Start …..HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – August Data

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – September 13, 2020

tucson real estate blog postThe August Housing Market Report shows year over year gains in Median and Average Sales prices.

The Average and Median Sales Prices increased year over year, by 21.1% and 15.2% respectively. Increasing sales, higher prices and…..inventory continues to dwindle.

Only 1,233 single family homes on the market at the end of August. That’s a 1.0 month supply. OMG….. How low can it go?

Condos and Townhouses median sales price and average price gained 19.0% and 17.2%.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!


JUST LISTED – 1077 W Mulligan Dr – Oro Valley AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 28, 2020

Tucson subdivision Fairfield Rancho VistosoThis elegant home at 1077 W Mulligan Dr Oro Valley, AZ is in the heart of the Rancho Vistoso Community. The small gated neighborhood of Fairfield Rancho Vistoso has 68 homes.

The great room floor plan is an entertainers delight. The large kitchen is open to the great room and dining area. Guests can visit and stroll out to the patio to enjoy the pool, spa and BBQ. Oh, and the views of course!

Homes are single story, masonry stucco homes ranging in size from 1,941 to 2,805 square feet.

Some homes offer guest casitas or quarters, and all feature two, two and a half, or three car garages.

Fairfield Rancho Vistoso homeowners also enjoy a private community pool and spa. Views of the Catalina and Tortollita mountains are bold backdrops for many homeowners.

Fairfield Rancho Vistoso named the streets with “golfers” in mind. Street names are N. Maxfli Drive, N. Slazenger Drive, N. Topflite Drive, W. Mulligan Drive, and W. Titleist Drive.

For more on this great home in Fairfield Rancho Vistoso…….. HEAD HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – July Data

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 12, 2020

tucson real estate newsletterJuly’s Housing Market Report shows YOY gains in Median and Average Sales prices.

Both the Average and Median Sales Prices increased year over year, by 10.6% and 8.5% respectively. Increasing sales, higher prices and…..inventory continues to dwindle.

Only 1,301 single family homes on the market at the end of July. That’s a 1.1 month supply. OMG….. How low can it go?

Condos and Townhouses median sales price and average price moved in opposite directions. The median sales price decreased 4.2%. While the average sales price eked out a meager 0.2% increase.

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Looking For A Steak House in Downtown Tucson – Charro Steak

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – August 6, 2020

Tucson Charro SteakHeaded to downtown Tucson for the day? Thinking steak for dinner? If that’s the case head to Charro Steak.

This new Flores family restaurant is in the center of the downtown Tucson revitalization. Across the street, AC Hotels by Marriot is under construction and forecast to open in the fall of 2017.

The Flores family has been in the Tucson restaurant business since 1922. Their first restaurant, El Charro Cafe is at 311 N. Court Avenue. It is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the United States that has been continuously operated by the same family.

Charro Steak opened April 6, 2016, in the historic Julian Drew Building. It is inspired by the Charro horseman of Mexico. Charro Steak brings simple foods from Sonora, Mexico.

Want to know more about this great place for steak? …….GO


Get Your Utilities Set Up Before You Arrive

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – July 29, 2020

tucson utilitiesIf you are moving to a home in Tucson AZ, you want to make sure you have our utilities.

Get your electricity, water, gas, and Internet ready for day you move in.

As Top Tucson realtors, we help our clients start or cancel utilities before they move.

When you move from out of town it is likely your current utility provider may not provide service to your new home. That means a new account needs to be setup.

To help, here is a list of Tucson utilities, trash, phone and internet providers to jump start the process…….GO


Questions To Ask When Selecting Your Realtor

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 26, 2020

Selecting a Tucson RealtorThe “right” real estate agent becomes your partner, advisor, best friend, and therapist. That is why it is critical to select the best Realtor for you. Choose one you trust!

Otherwise you may be stuck with someone you don’t see eye-to-eye with. If you don’t trust them how can you believe their answers to questions are in your best interest?

Use somebody you feel confident is going to give you the best advice to achieve YOUR objectives. How can you discover who is the best Realtor for you?

Ask the right …….QUESTIONS


Tanque Verde Ranch – Luxury Dude Ranch

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – June 6, 2020

Tucson Tanque Verde RanchTanque Verde Ranch is a dude ranch surrounded by miles of gorgeous mountains and desert. The east side Tucson all you could wish for in a dude ranch. But with luxury accommodations and amenities.

This rustic, all-inclusive resort borders Saguaro National Park East. Guests can enjoy guided horseback rides, hiking, and mountain biking.

There’s also swimming, communal ranch meals, and kids’ activities. Despite the resort’s remote location, guests can stay plugged in with free Wi-Fi access.

If you want TV, consider bringing your laptop or tablet. No TV’s in the guest rooms. Some believe it adds to the authenticity of the experience. Others aren’t so sure?  Want to learn more…….. Head over HERE PARTNER!


Tucson Makes Forbes 10 Best Cities To Recover From COVID-19

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 27, 2020

Tucson best cities ForbesForbes published a list of the 10 US cities best poised to recover from coronavirus – as well as the 10 worst.

The cities were not ranked. The good news is that Tucson landed among those best positioned to recover.

Tucson and the other 9 ciites share many traits. Including college towns, tech hubs, and having fast growth pre-coronavirus.

Could your city be on the list? Find out ………HERE!


Taxes 2019 & 2020

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 21, 2020

Tucson Arizona TaxesTax season has been extended this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The deadline to submit your tax return and pay any tax you owe is now July 15. If you’re expecting a refund, you should file as soon as possible.

Taxpayers can delay paying their 2019 federal income taxes for up to 90 days, as long as they don’t owe more than $1 million to the federal government. To be so lucky. OMG!

There are no penalties or interest due if you wait.

Taxpayers who owe quarterly tax for 2020 receive a payment extension as well. Typically, first-quarter taxes are due on April 15.

However, those payments can now be made as late as July 15 without penalty.

Find more ………HERE!


Consider A 203K Loan In A Low Inventory Housing Market

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 15, 2020

Tucson 203k loansThe FHA 203k loan will help you find your dream home in a low inventory housing market. This type of loan allows you to buy your home AND complete any necessary repairs.

It is a loan that may help your turn a fixer upper into your dream home.

The 203k lets you buy and fix up a house in one transaction. No HELOC and NO out of pocket cash after buying the home.

Is it easy peasy? Well, yes and no. The steps are straight forward.

Apply ? Get Approved ? Find A Contractor ? Get Bids ? Close the loan ? Complete Repairs ? Move in

There will be more hoops to jump through, but depending on your situation it well be worth it.Start your deep dive ….HERE!


Wondering About Living In Arizona? Here Are The Pros & Cons

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 9, 2020

tucson pros consWhy is living in Arizona a good idea.

For starters, The National Academy Of Sciences – Engineering – Medicine suggests that UV light “destroys the genetic material inside viruses and other microbes”.

This includes the COVID – 19 virus. UV light kills viruses on surfaces, but not quickly.

So is that enough to make a move to Arizona? Probably not!

But consider this!

Arizona also offers residents an great quality of life. Scenic landscapes with mountains and expansive desert vistas.

Plus, Arizona’s higher education institutions include the University of Arizona and Arizona State. And there are many other smaller universities and community colleges.

Need a job? Opportunities are very good. Technology, health care, government, trades, and transportation sectors are booming.

So, if you are considering Arizona as a place to live and want more information – Start your deep dive ….HERE!


Has COVID-19 Disrupted Your Life? Maybe Its Time For A Move

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – May 1, 2020

Moving to ArizonaArizona has a lot going for it. So put it on your list.

Arizona has great “big” cities and lots of more rural communities to choose from.

And if you are someone who likes warm weather, outdoor activities, and things to do, Arizona is for you.

But it also goes for people who prefer to be inside more. Arizona cities have many museums and theaters and cinemas.

Housing – renting or owning – is inexpensive. And jobs are plentiful. In the cities and rural towns.

Want to further your education. Arizona has top universities and community colleges.

There are many things to consider before deciding where to move. But if you are open to some thoughts………START HERE!


Saguaro Bloom Subdivision Marana AZ

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 24, 2020

New subdivisions are popping up on our desert landscape every day. National builders creating neighborhoods and communities across Tucson. To some degree new construction is filling the void of low resale home inventory. The lowest we have experienced in a decade.

Saguaro Bloom is being build by D.R. Horton. It is a big community planned for 2,400 homes in Marana, AZ.

At Saguaro Bloom a Spanish influence is prominent. Southwest style homes are available in ranch and two-story, open-concept floor plans. There are a total of 28 one and two story floor plans in four series.

  • Classic Series – 8 floor plans from 2,047 to 3,207 SF – starting in the Mid $200’s
  • Grand Series – 5 floor plans from 2,047 to 3,185 SF – starting around $300,000
  • Express Series – 9 floor plans from 1,315 to 2,645 SF – starting in the Mid $200’s
  • Freedom Homes ( Active Adult ) 6 floor plans from 1,315 to 2,645 SF – starting in the Mid $200’s

If new construction is what you are looking for, Saguaro Bloom may be for you…..MORE HERE!


Tucson Housing Market Report – March Data

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 20, 2020

Tucson Real EState February’s Tucson Housing Market Report shows continued YOY gains in Median and Average Sales prices.

Median and Average Sales Prices for single family homes is up 13.0 % and 8.3% respectively.

Condos and Townhouses showed Median and Average Sales prices jumped over 5%.

Now for the bad news for buyers, the number of homes for sale fell below 2,000. Down over 27% from February 2019.

To get the “rest of the story”…….HERE!


Looking For A Single Story Home In Tucson? ……Start Here

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – April 13, 2020

Single story tucson homesMoving to Arizona is at the top of peoples list for many reasons. A new job or a retirement destination. Or a winter retreat.

Arizona offers affordable housing, great weather and endless activities. For those reasons people have flocked to Arizona.

Arizona has great opportunities to purse jobs, schools and careers.

Are you considering a home in Tucson, AZ? Do you want a single story home?

Well if both questions are YES then start your search for a single story home …. HERE!


History Of Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 30, 2020

tucson Arizona history Historical theories suggest the first people inhabited the Americas around 45,000 B.C. Their journey took them across the Bering Strait on a land and ice bridge to the Americas.

These earliest inhabitants were hunting large animals in what is now Alaska.

But around 15,500 BP, ice free corridors developed along the Pacific coastal area. The animals and hunters migrated south. South along the coast line and then into the interior of the land.

Land that is now the southwestern United States and Mexico. Although the exact dates are subject to debate, Paleo Indians were southern Arizona some 14,000 years ago.

Southern Arizona, including the Tucson area, were places these earliest peoples settled and lived……READ ON!


Tucson Housing Market For February 2020

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – March 22, 2020

tucson housing marketFebruary’s Tucson Housing Market Report shows continued YOY gains in Median and Average Sales prices.

Median and Average Sales Prices for single family homes is up 13.0 % and 8.3% respectively.

Condos and Townhouses showed Median and Average Sales prices jumped over 5%.

Now for the bad news for buyers, the number of homes for sale fell below 2,000. Down over 27% from February 2019.

To get the “rest of the story”…….READ ON!


Tips For A Successful Home Marketing Strategy

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post February 18, 2020

Selling Tucson Home marketing strategyA home marketing strategy needs to showcase a home in its own unique way. Each home is different some way and each marketing campaign needs to be different as well.

The marketing strategy you create with your Realtor needs updating on a regular basis. Every 4 to 5 weeks to reflect the “new” current market.

Today’s real estate market demands a flexible marketing strategy. As new listings appear in the Tucson MLS, the market changes. And so should your marketing campaign……READ ON!


Tips On Repairing Or Replacing Your Older AC System

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post February 12, 2020

Tucson air conditioning repairFederal law has eliminated the use of R-22 Freon after 2020. This has made repair/replace decision tougher for home owners with older AC units.

Replacing an air conditioner can be a pricey. And homes with zoned or dual systems more so.

To be clear, in most circumstances, an air conditioner is repairable. But without available R-22 Freon, costs will be even greater to do so.

And fixing that older unit will suck up more money in the long run. Biting the bullet and replacing an old AC system become the prudent thing to do.

People throw money at old cars all the time. But old cars have sentimental value. AC systems don’t.

So if your older AC system has issues and you are looking for tips to help answer the question – do I repair or replace my old system?……READ ON!


Tucson Lifestyle Home Design Trends

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post February 3, 2020

Tucson home design trendsAre you in the market to buy a new home in Tucson AZ? Or a homeowner planning a home “facelift?

If your answer was yes, then you should be thinking of the latest trends in Arizona home designs.

Even if you have no immediate plans to buy or sell, updating your home will add value. If they incorporate the new home design trends.

And buyers should consider features in need of updating when buying an older resale.

Making over-personalized or unpopular design choices could hurt a home’s value. So consider the current new home styles and trends.

And today’s Tucson Lifestyles are influencing new home design and renovations. Interested? …….READ ON!


What You Need To Know About HOAs In Tucson

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 27, 2020

HOA Frequent QuestionsA homeowners association (HOA) is an organization that enforces rules for their residents. This can be owners of condominiums, townhouses and single family homes.

Anyone buying a property within an HOA’s jurisdiction becomes a member. It is not an option!

And must to dues to the HOA. Some HOAs are very restrictive about what members can do with their properties. Other less so.

An HOA has a board of directors or governors elected by the residents. They enforce and oversee the HOA’s rules and regulations. Know as Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of the community.

Some CC&R’s are very strict. Other quite “loose”. But every home buyer should know what they will being living with after they buy their “perfect” home. For more ……READ ON!


Tucson Housing Market For December 2019

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 15, 2020

tucson home marketThe last month of 2019 closed the year, but provided BIG increases in year over year prices.

December’s Median and Average Sales Prices for single family homes is up 12.3 % and 11.1% from December 2018. This level of Year Over Year gains make owning a home in Tucson an attractive investment.

Condos and Townhouses showed median sales prices flat year of year, but the average price jumped 7.5%.

And, unfortunately for buyers, the number of homes for sale fell below 2,100. Down over 20% from the same period in 2018.

To get the “rest of the story”…….READ ON!


Tucson Rodeo And Rodeo Parade

Tucson Real Estate Blog Post – January 3, 2020

Tucson rodeoBuckle up for La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros in February 2020. One of the top 25 pro rodeos in the United States, staged at Tucson Rodeo Grounds in February since 1925.

The action is bumpy as champion cowboys and cowgirls test their skills in six rodeo events.

Before dawn on Thursday of Rodeo Week, fans start lining the streets to watch the Tucson Rodeo Parade. The world’s longest non-motorized parade.

Watching from curbside is free of charge. Tickets for grandstand seating and pre-parade live entertainment are available on TucsonRodeoParade.com.

For more on this great annual Tucson Event ………READ ON!


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