Oro Valley AZ History And Community

Oro Valley AZ History And Community

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Oro Valley AZ

Oro Valley AZ has been inhabited for nearly two thousand years. The Hohokam tribe lived in what is now Honeybee Village.  Honeybee Village is located in the Tortolita Mountains on north side of Oro Valley AZ.

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Early History of Oro Valley

Hohokam artifacts continue to be discovered in the Honeybee Village. The Hohokam inhabited Honeybee Village continuously for nearly 700 years.

Tribes known as the Apache arrived in the southern Arizona including Oro Valley Az in the early 16th century.  These tribes inhabited the region only a few decades prior to the arrival of the Spanish Conquistador.

The Spanish established forts in the area, including the Presidio at Tucson (1775).

Beginning in the 19th century, Americans increasingly settled in the Arizona Territory.  After the Mexican-American War and subsequent Gadsden Purchase settlements increased in the area.

The Late 1800’s Still Remains

George Pusch, a German immigrant, settled Oro Valley Az in 1874.  He established a cattle ranch. This ranch was unique because it utilized a steam pump to provide water.

His ranch became known as the Steam Pump Ranch.  The ranch was located on the Cañada del Oro.  It can still be seen to the west of Oracle Road just North of First Avenue in Oro Valley Az.

Gold miners arriving into the American West also were attracted to southern Arizona. Gold was said to be in abundance in and around the Santa Catalina Mountain north of Tucson.

Fueled by the legend of the lost Iron Door Gold Mine many came to the area to seek their fortunes.   They trekked through the Oro Valley Az area focusing their attention along the Canada del Oro wash bed in their search for gold.

After World War II Oro Valley Began To Grow

After World War II, the Tucson area experienced dramatic population growth.  This growth also impacted Oro Valley Az.

In the early 1950s the Oro Valley Country Club opened at the base of Pusch Ridge. While it may not have been intended, the country club affirmed the area’s future as an affluent community

One tract housing development was built in the area in the early 1950s. However, the majority of homes in the Oro Valley area were built by individual land owners on large lots.

The community continued to grow.  With growth area residents increasingly desired local control of the land in the area.  In the late 1960s, incorporation became a greater focus in Oro Valley.  A petition to incorporate began circulation in Oro Valley in 1968.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors officially refused to allow Oro Valley to incorporate.  That lead to litigation between Oro Valley Az and Pima County.

Oro Valley Incorporated

Ultimately, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of incorporation. In 1974 the Town of Oro Valley Arizona was incorporated with only 2.4 square miles.

The original town limits included the Linda Vista Citrus Tracts, Campo Bello Estates, Shadow Mountain Estates, and Oro Valley Country Club Estates.   Activity in Oro Valley centered primarily around the Oro Valley Country Club and Canyon del Oro High School.

While originally referred to as Palo Verde, town founders proceeded with incorporation efforts with the official name of Oro Valley.   It was felt the name Oro Valley would garner support from influential residents of Oro Valley Country Club. The Town began with a population of nearly 1,200.

Through the 1980s and particularly in the 1990s Oro Valley experienced significant residential and commercial growth. In 1990 the town had a population of 6,670, and by 2000 that figure had increased to 29,700 residents.

During that time, residential communities of all housing-unit densities were developed in the town.   Several master-planned communities were established and developed. For several years in the 1990s Oro Valley was the fastest growing municipality in Arizona.

Today And Tomorrow

Oro Valley has attempted to strike a balance between population growth and environmental preservation. The town has attracted a number of country clubs, golf courses, and resorts, helping to solidify its reputation as one of the Southwest’s most affluent communities, with one of the highest median household incomes in the region.

Oro Valley Arizona presently encompasses approximately 34 square miles (2005).  Oro Valley provides an expanding public parks system, notable outdoor amenities and upscale retailing ventures. The Catalina State Park is located in Oro Valley and provides camping, hiking trails and horse trails.

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Oro Valley Hospital, Schools And Shopping

The Oro Valley Hospital on Tangerine Rd services the residents of Oro Valley, SaddleBrooke and Northwest Tucson AZ

Oro Valley families are served by the Amphitheater School District which is one of the statistically highest performing public school systems in Arizona. Search for an Oro Valley Homes By School. One of the great new facilities in Oro Valley is the Aquatic Center.

Oro Valley Marketplace was completed in 2008 and brings additional shopping, dining and entertainment venues to Oro Valley AZ. And of course, the Oro Valley AZ weather is always outstanding.

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