City Of Tucson AZ

The City Of Tucson AZ

Modern Lifestyles In The Heart Of The Old West

The City Of Tucson AZ LightsTucson AZ is in southern Arizona about 90 miles south of Phoenix. And to the south, the Mexican border is 75 miles away.

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona. And Tucson has the second lowest costs of living in the state. But Phoenix is more well known due to its size and as the Capital of Arizona.

For this reason, Tucson AZ has flown under the radar in many ways. It remains a hidden gem as a place to live, winter or to retire too. Tucson embraces its history and cultural heritage.

As a matter of fact, southern Arizona and the Tucson area are one of the oldest inhabited areas in North America. Long before Spanish soldiers arrived in the 1600’s, Hohokam Indians farmed the area. Yes, farmed in the Sonora Desert Valley that surrounds Tucson.

For 4,000 years the Hohokam’s built villages close to streams and the region’s rich bottom land. Furthermore, these Tuscon Basin villagers were part of the larger Hohokam world.

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Also, the Hohokam established significant trading centers throughout the southwest. And are the original builders of the canal system around the Phoenix area.

These ancient canals were rebuilt by Mormon pioneer settling in the Lehi area of Mesa, Arizona.

The name of the city “Tucson” also comes from the Pima Indians, direct descendants of the Hohokam’s.

At the foot of “A Mountain” west of the downtown Tucson AZ, is the site of Pima Indian village called “Schuk-shon”. The name means “the place at the foot of the Black Mountain”. The Spanish who inhabited the area in the early 1700’s pronounced it “Tucson”.

Spain’s Role In Tucson

Tucson AZ San Xavier MissionAs Spain expanded its position in the world, they sent soldiers and priests to Mexico. A country they owned at that time.

From there they moved north into America. Much of what is now the southwest United States was under Spanish rule.

Along with the soldiers, came Father Francisco Kino. He established the Mission San Xavier del Bac in 1699. It was a work in progress for almost 100 years. Being completed in 1797.

Another great work is the Mission San Agustin, a “visita” of San Xavier. This smaller mission sits on the west bank of the Santa Cruz River. The construction of the mission and the convento started in 1757. It took 33 years to complete construction and completed in 1790’s.

In 1775, Hugo O’Conor established the Tucson Presidio. That year marked the official birth date of the City of Tucson AZ.

Tucson was part of Mexico when it fought for independence from Spain in 1821. With the Gadsden Purchase in 1854, Tucson AZ became part of the United States.

Gadsden Purchase

The end of the Mexican-American in 1848 established the border between the countries. Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The U.S/Mexican border ran along the Gila River.

It is important to realize that the Gila River is south of Phoenix. And for this reason, what is now southern Arizona and the City of Tucson belonged to Mexico.

In 1862, the U.S. Government’s also decided to build the transcontinental railroad. In light of that, planning for two railroad lines began.

One with a central Route through the United States. And a second Southern route through Arizona and New Mexico.

But the treaty with Mexico meant the railroad needed to run north of the Gila River. The mountains in this area make the cost of the rail line more expensive.

For this reason, the Gadsden Purchase came about. It moved the U.S border farther south. And made building the southern transcontinental railroad cheaper and faster.

To be sure, without the Gadsden Purchase in 1853, Tucson AZ might still be part of Mexico.

Railroads, Silver, And Gold

Of equal importance, the Southern Railroad route was critical to settling the southwest.

In 1877 silver was discovered in southern Arizona near the Goose Flats. It was one of the largest silver finds of the time.

In a like manner, the growth of the mining industry created a population boom. And Tucson, along with other Arizona towns, began to grow.

The Journey To Now

Arizona became an official territory in 1863. And between 1867 and 1877, Tucson AZ was the territorial capital.
In 1880, Tucson’s population reached 8,000. The driver of this growth was the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Arizona became the 48th state in 1912. The last state on the 48 states in the continental United States.

By 1950 Tucson’s population reaches 120,000. And by 1960 it doubled to 220,000. Not only was this growth driven by copper mining, but also by new technology. Air Conditioning!

By 1990, Tucson AZ is the 33rd largest U.S. city with a population over 400,000. And the 2010 census estimated the population of the City of Tucson at 526,000.

And coupled with the growth in the City Of Tucson, so did the greater metro area. The 2010 census estimated the population of the Tucson metro area to be 980,000.

And the 2017 estimated population for the Tucson metro area is over 1 million.

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Things To Know About Living In The Tucson AZ Metro Area


Tucson AZ Historic Neighborhoods

A Perfect Blend Of Desert And Mountains

The Sonora Desert Valley is a unique setting for the City of Tucson AZ. Tucson and its neighboring communities exist in a natural desert landscape. But the surrounding mountain ranges create a stunning backdrop.

Each of the five mountain ranges is distinct. From the soft rolling slopes of the Tortolita mountains in the north. To the tall and jagged ridges of the Catalina Mountains. The mountains create a unique and distinctive setting for the Town of Oro Valley.

The City of Tucson covers almost 600 square miles of desert landscape. The topography changes along with the mountain ranges based on where you are. This provides residents an array of natural landscapes, desert vistas, and mountain views.

The mountain ranges are a distinctive part of everyday life in the City of Tucson and metro area.

Tucson AZ And Southwest Home Decor


Tucson Weather is “Outstanding”. Tucson AZ boasts more than 350 days of sunshine every year. That makes it the sunniest city in the United States! OK, there may be some broken clouds.

Tucson weather has warm days and when the sun sets the evenings are cool and comfortable. Tucson weather in spring, fall & winter seasons provides mild temperatures that are legendary.

Summers can be hot. But the low humidity makes the high temperatures tolerable and the evenings pleasant.

A study by the NOAA stated Tucson AZ is one of the cooler cities in Arizona. That’s based on average summer temperatures, not being a “cool place” to live.

The Gulf Of California influences Tucson’s desert climate. The Gulf Of California is about 200 miles to the southwest. The summer moisture from the gulf creates summer monsoons.

What Is A Monsoon?

city of tucson az monsoonsOne of the frequent questions hear from our clients is “What is a monsoon?”

The word monsoon originates from the Arabic word mausim, which means season. For centuries traders sales the waters off the Arabian and Indian coasts.

They observed that dry northeast winds in the winter turned to the southwest in summer.

That change brought torrential rains to the Asian landmass.

In the Asian landmass and the Sonora Desert Valley of Tucson, these rains are beneficial. The desert wildlife and vegetation need water. Even the cacti.

These wind shifts are the mechanism for the monsoons in southern Arizona. For a most of the year, low-level winds of Tucson’s Sonora desert regions tend to blow from the land toward the sea.

In this case, the Sea is either the Gulf of California or Gulf of Mexico.

But in summer the winds shift from west to southeast. That brings moisture from the Gulf of California and Gulf of Mexico into the area.

Monsoon Season

The official period for monsoons in Tucson AZ is from June 15 to September 30. During this period prevailing winds switch from westerly to southeasterly. That wind shift brings more moisture in from the Gulf of California (mostly) and the Gulf of Mexico.

Coupled with the increased moisture is a higher dew point.

Most of Tucson’s summer days begin clear and warm. As the day progresses, giant clouds develop and tower high into the sky above the mountains. As the clouds rise, their temperatures cool.

Cooler temperatures combined with higher relative humidity creates the possibility of rain. Rain often dumping huge quantities of water in a very short time. These monsoon rains are very concentrated. One can drive from rain to no rain within a few blocks.

These “cloud bursts” will also be accompanied by strong winds, lightning and flash flooding. Flash flooding occurs as the rain comes off the mountains and collects in washes in the foothills of the mountains. As the water accumulates, it becomes deeper and moves faster. Real Fast!

Always observe the signs that says “Do Not Enter When Flooded”!

Tucson AZ Events, Attractions And Things To Do

The City Of Tucson offers an incredible array of things to do.

Places to dine, annual events, entertainment, sports and, yes, shopping.

The weather in Tucson AZ means outdoor activities take place the year around. Golf, hiking, cycling are available every day. Activities and events are rarely canceled due to weather.

Yes, it is warm in the summer, but you don’t have to shovel the sunshine! There are lots of things to do in Tucson – TAKE A LOOK!


Tucson Az Restaurant Oro Valley AZUnlike many cities, there isn’t a “restaurant row” in Tucson. But great Tucson Restaurants can be found throughout the Tucson AZ Metro Area. That means a little planning maybe required before heading out to dinner at a just discovered restaurant. Google Maps or Waze are handy tools.

The restaurant scene in Tucson has everything from small local eateries to Multi-Star Fine Dining.

For a great dining experience in Tucson, try the Hacienda Del Sol. Our special place.

You can sit on the patio or take a table in the main dining room. No matter the location the food and services is always a great experience.

Check out the Best Tucson AZ Restaurants Reviews list – HERE!

Shopping In Tucson AZ

Tucson provides a wide range of shopping options to meet the needs of everyone. From local stores on 4th Avenue to large shopping malls.

And during the winter season, there are lots of art fairs to explore.

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is in the central area of Tucson AZ. It is a downtown campus and brings a vibrant lifestyle to the area.
In a like manner, U of A athletics plays an important role in the City of Tucson. Basketball, football, baseball, and women’s softball teams are all top 20 NCAA teams.

The downtown area lots of options for student housing. Condo and townhouse may provide a good investment and student housing.

Tucson Lifestyles And Other Information

Tucson AZ Is Ranked In Top 10 Best Small cities In the U.S.

There are a lot of things to like about living in Tucson Arizona. Whether it is in the City of Tucson or one of the neighboring communities.

We picked Tucson AZ over five other western cities. And we never looked back.

But we aren’t the only ones who think Tucson is a great place to live. In Fact, ranked Tucson THE Best Small City in the Continental U.S.

Honolulu ranked first in the U.S., but it’s a bit offshore and expensive.

Whether you’re looking for a better job, a winter home or a place to retire to. Tucson has it all.

What makes Tucson AZ the Best Small City? It’s a large enough to have an endless list of things to do, but small enough to be very comfortable and friendly. Take a few minutes and enjoy some of the unique scenes and attractions Tucson has to offer – HERE!

And For Those Considering Where To Retire

Everyone knows Arizona is at the top of the list of states to retire.. surveyed “seniors” living in cities across the United States. They were asked what they felt was important in making their decision on the best place to retire. Considerations included:

  • Cost of living
  • Weather
  • Crime rate
  • Healthcare
  • Tax rates
  • Walkability
  • Well being ( the warm fussy feeling)

The results identified three of the four top best cities to retire were in Arizona.

1. Phoenix Metro ( this include Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ)
2. Prescott
3. Tucson AZ

55+ Communities

The idea for 55+ communities started in Arizona when Del Webb developed Sun City Arizona. It was not only the first 55+ community in Arizona, it was the first in the United States. Sun City, Arizona opened on New Year’s Day 1960.

It is hard to believe, but 100,000 visitors toured the property during the first weekend. And 400 homes sold during the first month. 2,000 in the first year. Today, it is one of Arizona’s largest 55+ communities with 26,000 homes and 40,000 full and part-time residents.

Along with the homes, Sun City has 11 golf courses and countless amenities and social clubs. The demand for adult communities is as strong as it was in 1960.

Arizona and Florida have built 55+ communities for retired “boomers” and future retirees. Florida boasts over three hundred 55+ communities. Florida has more to meet the demand from the megalopolis in the Northeast.

Arizona has over one hundred 55+ communities. And almost half of those are in Tucson AZ and Southern Arizona.

Neighboring Communities Of Tucson AZ

> Town Of Oro Valley

tucson az town of oro valleyThe Town of Oro Valley is 15 to 20 minutes north of Tucson AZ. It is also recognized as one of the top ten places to live or to retire too.

Oro Valley Arizona appears in two different best places lists in the same year. Now the studies were by Nerdwallet and published on

One study ranked Oro Valley as the No. 1 Best Place For Young Families in Arizona. Another ranked Oro Valley No. 4 on the list of best places to retire in the United States. MAP

I guess that means you should come to Oro Valley Arizona as soon as you can and stay forever. But many residents of Oro Valley already knew that.

The study found that No. 1 ranked Oro Valley, Arizona is a dynamic center of education and research. It is a regional center for the biotech industry that provides higher paying jobs.

The median income for Oro Valley households is about 50% higher than the US median income. Oro Valley has a #1 safety ranking by the FBI for cities in Arizona.

Oro Valley’s BASIS Charter School is ranked as one of the top 10 high school programs in the US.

> Dove Mountain

tucson az Dove Mountain Dove Mountain is in the Town Of Marana. The opening of a Ritz Carlton Resort in the foothills of the Tortolita Mountains put it on the map.

Marana is northwest of Tucson AZ about 5 miles east off the I-10 freeway on Tangerine Rd. – MAP

Marana subdivisions including Dove Mountain offer starter homes to luxury million dollar estates.

For one thing, homes in Dove Mountain sit on the ridges of Tortolita Mountains. The soft rolling topography creates stunning sunset views and desert vistas.

Development in Dove Mountain began in 1996. Now there are over 4,000 homes in 25 neighborhoods. And more are being built each day.

As a master planned community, Dove Mountain homes are all 1 story. Builders build low-density communities. Large areas of the desert landscape are set aside to enhance the tranquil setting.

City Of Tucson Area Compared To Other Arizona Cities

Direct Flights To Tucson AZ

Tucson International Airport serves almost 3.6 million passengers a year. For visitors to Tucson, the official Tucson AZ airport code is TUS.

Tucson International Airport’s main terminal has two concourses.

  • Concourse A has 9 gates
  • Concourse B has 11 gates.

There are 6 primary carriers serving Tucson International Airport. All ticketing occurs on the upper level. This level provides access for passenger departures.

If you are parking your car the main parking lot outside the terminal is very convenient. But Expensive. More than the remote lots or the private off airport parking.

The 6 primary carriers provide none stop service to many destinations. Connecting flight are often needed for east coast and international destinations.

Not only is Tucson International available, but the Phoenix International Airport is only 75 to 90 minutes away.


Tucson AZ Water is a frequent topic for people thinking of moving to Tucson. Supply and quality of Tucson water are the specific questions.

The BIG question first! Tucson has enough water! Tucson’s water supply is more than adequate for today and the foreseeable future. There is no water shortage in Tucson.

Tucson Water comes from wells across the Tucson area. And Tucson sits on top of an aquifer. The size of the aquifer is gigantic.

Research suggests it will provide Tucson water for many years. Tucson water is also supplied from the Colorado River.

Water from the Colorado River to the aquifer via the Central Arizona Project (CAP). This is a canal that runs through the middle of Arizona.
Although Tucson has plenty of water, water conservation is important. At the present time, there are no water restrictions in place. As in California and a few other states.

That said, attention to water preservation practices are important.

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