El Presidio Tucson Historic District

El Presidio Tucson Historic District

  El Presidio Tucson Historic District Homes for Sale With Descriptions, Pictures & Maps

el presidio tucsonEl Presidio Tucson was Tucson’s first neighborhood. It was founded in the mid 1800’s and a key point in Tucson history. It was adjacent to the walled Spanish fort call Presidio San Agustin del Tucson. Thus its name. This structure was the largest Presidio built by the Spaniards in North America.

The “El Presidio” refer to the fort that replaced the Tubac outpost for the Spainish in the New World.

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El Presidio Tucson was laid out by Colonel Hugo O’Connor in 1775. It was built by Spanish, Mexican, and Native American people.

A few of the homes survive on what remains of the old fort. The forts perimeter generally bordered by Church, Pennington, Washington, and Main Street.

The fort boasted of walls that were three feet thick and 12 feet high. Raised bastions at the northeast and southeast corners created a impressive site. In total the fort encompassed about 10 acres.

The population increased and ownership changed from Spanish to Mexican in 1821. However, the low, flat roofed adobe buildings in Tucson remained the same.

Today, the El Presidio Tucson historic neighborhood is about 12 blocks. El Presido Tucson’s border begins just north of downtown. From Sixth Street to Alameda Street. Granada Avenue to Church Avenue are the remaining boundary.

El Presidio Tucson contains about 80 architecturally significant homes. These homes were constructed between the mid-1800’s and 1912.

El Presidio Tucson was designation a historical district in 1975. Many of the design characteristics found in El Presidio Tucson are also found in the Barrio and Armory Park.

The homes along Meyer Street are steeped in Spanish-Mexican influences. Thick adobe walled Sonoran row houses share walls to moderate the Tucson heat. On Main the home styles reflect an influence of the eastern U. S.

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