Barrio Viejo Tucson AZ

Barrio Viejo Is One Of Tucson’s Earliest Neighborhoods

A Rich History and Culture

Barrio Viejo tucson azBarrio Viejo was established in the 1800s. It is definitely one of Tucson’s earliest neighborhoods. With the distinctive Hispanic styling and culture Barrio Viejo takes Tucson straight back to its origins.

Recognized for its adobe row style houses found in Mexico, many of the buildings in this historic Tucson area have been standing for more than 100 years.

Although the adobe is wearing the historic look is part of what makes Barrio Viejo such an important piece of Tucson history.

The Traditions

Barrio Viejo is loaded with Hispanic tradition. The evidence of this culture is visible at virtually every turn. The vibrant colored adobe row homes and the varicolored doorways are one of the Barrio Viejo’s most distinguishable traits.

Many of the streets also exhibit artwork symbolizing the strong presence of a Spanish way of life in southern Arizona.

The Barrio Viejo community is home to students, families, young couples, and older generations. The Barrio neighborhood is a diversified community of both English and Spanish speaking residents.

Center Of Tucson

The Barrio Viejo neighborhood is considered at the original center of Tucson. It is home to El Tiradito or The Wishing Shrine, the El Minuto Café, and El Parque de Mendoza y Orlando.

El Tiradito, or the Wishing Shrine, has been on South Main Avenue in Tucson, Ariz. since the Barrio Viejo neighborhood began. As one of the most well known landmarks of the area, it is visited daily by residents and tourists alike.

According to the Tucson Convention and Visitor’s Buraeu and Tucson Parks and Recreation, El Tiradito means “the castaway” or “the outcast”. The shrine began when a member of the Catholic Church had been charged of such a horrible sin before dying that they would not allow him to be buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

He was buried at El Tiradito instead. Many legends surround the story of El Tiradito.

Today the site continues to be a city park. The adobe wall that lines the back, features holes and spaces crammed with notes and prayers from visitors. Located in the front of the shrine is a large candle umbra adorned with flowers and the drippings of melting wax from the candles lighted over many years.

Adobe Row Houses

Barrio Viejo serves as one of the largest concentrations of adobe structures in the UNITED STATES. In addition to the large quantities of adobe, it is also recognized for its vibrant colors and genuine Mexican style row houses.

The neighborhood was once only homes. Today it is now a combination of homes, places of business, restaurants, parks, a school and some vacant structures.

The old bricks are showing through the adobe on some of the buildings showing the more than a hundred years of age. Others have been newly refinished and remodeled.

The homes and structures throughout Barrio Viejo are often decorated with barrio artwork and religious symbols. The vibrantly colored buildings highlight the style of the community and its history. From purple walls to wrought iron gates, Barrio Viejo has exactly what most would call a very distinct style.


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