Comparing Cost Of Living In Arizona Cities

Comparing The Cost Of Living In Arizona Cities

Easy Comparison Of Living In Arizona Cities

Comparing The Cost Of Living In Arizona Cities

A recent study by the Council for the Chambers Of Commerce of 7 Arizona cities ranks Bullhead City having the lowest cost of living in Arizona cities.

Tucson Arizona came in second by less then 2 percentage points. Note – only 7 cities participated in the study.

Cost of living Tucson AZThe study focused on professional households in the larger cities in Arizona. This means only the households in top 20 % income bracket were polled.

The approach to the study puts the costs of home ownership higher in the results then might be should all households were included in the study. An index of composite results were published based on an average score of 100.

Six key Arizona cost of living categories were examined. Groceries, housing, transportation, healthcare, utilities and miscellaneous goods and services.

Arizona City Comparison – Overall Rankings

Overall, the index for each of the participating Arizona cities in 2020 based on 60 items ranging from gasoline prices to mortgage rates to personal hygiene products gave the following rankings.

Bullhead City: 91.7.

Tucson: 93.3.

Phoenix: 93.6.

Prescott-Prescott Valley: 96.2.

Sierra Vista: 96.4.

Lake Havasu City: 101.6.

Yuma: 101.6.

Flagstaff: 118.4.

This results suggest Bullhead City is the cheapest place to live in Arizona. Tucson has the second lowest cost of living in Arizona. However, when you look very closely at Tucson’s costs for housing, Tucson has the lowest cost of living in Arizona.

Tucson Housing Is Lowest – By A LOT!

Tucson AZ becomes one of the cheapest Arizona cities when you focus on home prices. Tucson’s average home price is 15% lower then the next city – Sierra Vista. Sierra Vista is about 60 south of Tucson AZ.

Ranking housing prices and mortgages of participating Arizona cities, from low to high shows Tucson at the top for cities in Arizona:

Tucson: $248,660, with a monthly mortgage of $907.

– Sierra Vista: $283,818, with a monthly mortgage of $1,044.

– Phoenix: $285,221, with a monthly mortgage of $1,046.

– Bullhead City: $293,452, with a monthly mortgage of $1,054.

– Lake Havasu City: $356,733, with a monthly mortgage of $1,288.

Flagstaff: $485,381, with a monthly mortgage of $1,830.


So what does this study on the cost of living in Arizona cities mean to you? Simply, if Tucson AZ isn’t at the top of your list of cities in Arizona to consider for a your future home, it should be!

Want to compare Tucson, AZ to other U.S. cities? Here is an easy to use tool……COMPARE!

Tucson is not only one of the cheapest places to live in Arizona, it has an endless list of low cost things to do – all year around.

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