Tucson Housing Market Pulse – July 2023

 Tucson’s Housing Market Pulse – July 2023

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The July 2023 Tucson Housing Market Pulse shows year over year sales prices for Single Family Homes continue to move up…Again! The median sales price for a single family home increased 3.2% and the average sales price gained 6.1% from July 2022.

Active Listings of Single Family Homes are DOWN 24.9% from July 2022 with 1,670 single family homes on the market at the end of July. That’s up 4.8% from June.

At the current burn rate for closed transactions that translates in to 1.9 months supply.

Condos and Townhouses prices moved up as well. The year over year Median sales price moved UP 14.8% and Average sales price UP 6.1%. With 151 Active Listings of Condo/Townhouses on the market there is only a 1.0 months supply.

One more thing, the ratio of sales price to list price is slightly under 100%. Under, but not by much! Single Family sell at 99.3% of list and Condo/Townhouse at 99.5% for July 2023.

Now for the details……

The Tucson Housing Market July 2023 – Single Family Homes

July 2023 Tucson Housing, Tucson Housing Market Pulse – July 2023

The Tucson Housing Market July 2023 – Condos & Townhouses

July 2023 Tucson Housing, Tucson Housing Market Pulse – July 2023

The Take Aways

Mortgage Rates

With the increase in the Fed Fund rate, mortgage rates have moved up.

In the Tucson market, rates appear to be following this pattern holding in the range of 7.30% to 8.0% with Good to Very Good Credit.


No change here!

The Sale to List Price ratio for July was 99.3% for Single Family Homes and 99.5% for Condos/Townhouses.

> Inventory Of Homes For Sale

New listings for Single Family Homes are DOWN 24.9% from the prior year, but UP 4.8% from June 2023. Condos/Townhouses have similar results…..but worst. Down 41.7% from July 2022.

> Prices

Median and Average prices “wiggled” up and down for both Single Family Homes and Condo/Townhouses.

> The Bottom Line

Mortgage rates moved up, demand continues to be high and resale inventory low. That means prices “should” continue to rise, but higher mortgage may dampen buyers interests. On the other hand, new home builders are going strong and raising prices in response to demand.  Many new home builders have a captive finance units and able to give rate incentives or closing cost offsets.

Will Tucson home appreciation be greater than the borrowing rate?  Time will tell.

Over the last 12 months, the Average Price of a Single Family Home and Condo/Townhome is up 6.1%.

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Not much changing on a month to month basis in the July 2023 Tucson Housing Market.

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