Arizona Inn Tucson AZ

Tucson’s History And Traditions Can Be Relived At The Arizona Inn

The Arizona Inn Is Located In The Heart Of Tucson Arizona

Early Beginnings

Arizona Inn Tucson AZThe Arizona Inn shares a prominent place in the history of Tucson Arizona. This quaint hotel sits in the heart of Tucson and is concealed by a typical Spanish wall of that era.

The Arizona Inn opened in December 1930, just 13 months after the stock market crash of  October 1929 and ensuing great depression.

The history of the Arizona Inn is as storied as the names of the people who have stayed there. To start, the creator of the Arizona Inn was Isabella Greenway. Isabella Greenway was Arizona’s first Congresswoman and a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt. Plenty of family and friends of the Roosevelt’s and other Washington dignitaries have stayed there.

Senator John Kennedy was a guest in early 1958. Salvidor Dali, Howard Hughes and a host of others have all been guests

A Place And A Time To Be Remembered

A stay at the Arizona Inn is a glimpse into the days of Humphery Bogart, Gary Cooper and Clark Gable (he stayed there).  It is very quiet and the rooms are spacious. It is to be remembered guests of the time usually came by train and stayed for months, not just a day or two. After arriving at the Tucson train station, they endured a 2 mile ride on bumpy roads to get to the hotel on the outskirts of Tucson.

Consequently, closets are large compared to today’s standards and the grounds of this 95 room hotel provided abundant space to walk, relax and get away. The large library echoes a time when people read books, yes, real books, for relaxation and entertainment. Quiet, comfortable and close to the services of the hotel. A day could flash by as one delved into the classic words and images of Hemingway or Steinbeck.

Prior to 1974, the Arizona Inn was closed during the summer. Today, the Arizona Inn is open all year around. Whether a guest or a lunch or dinner guest, the history of the Arizona Inn is intoxicating and to be enjoyed.

The Arizona Inn remains family owned and operated since opening in 1930. Four generations of family have welcomed guests and allowed them to share the vision of Isabella Greenway. To provide “A simple, home-like, cottage hotel, complete in its luxuries and convenience of service, and built with the desire to give its guests privacy, quiet and sunshine.” – Isabella Greenway, Arizona Inn opening night December 18th, 1930 ( from the ebook on the Arizona Inn Website )


Tucson has many historic treasures that provide a look at the glory of the old west in the early 1900’s. The Inn was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

In addition to the Arizona Inn, the Hacienda del Sol offers a rich history of Tucson and the west.

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Arizona Inn Tucson AZ was last modified: September 1st, 2015 by ben4wp
Arizona Inn Tucson AZ was last modified: September 1st, 2015 by ben4wp

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