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Townhomes for sale tucson azTownhomes for Sale in Tucson Arizona are found throughout the greater Tucson, AZ area. You can choose from an urban lifestyle in the city to seasonal or year around living in a 55 + community.

For an urban lifestyle, downtown Tucson is the place for you. It’s undergoing a wave of renovation. New restaurants, hotels, and neighborhood bars are being built.

Downtown is also full of established complexes with condos and townhomes. Developers have been converting apartments into condos and townhomes. New projects, including senior living, are either underway or already available.

The options aren’t only downtown. There are condos and townhomes all over metro Tucson, from the foothills to the Town of Oro Valley.

Robson’s Resort Communities in SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch, and Quail Creek offer villas. These developments make Tucson the perfect choice for seasonal living. Of course, year-around living works as well.

Whether its a place of your own, an investment property, or a place for a college student, you will find it in Tucson.

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Condos and Townhomes for sale Tucson are frequently found in Central Tucson. Being near the University of Arizona provides student rentals.

For parents, there is an opportunity to turn those monthly rent payments into a return on investment. With the “right” purchase, that might just pay for your student’s college degree when sold.

 What Is Difference Between a Townhome, Condo, Patio Home or Villa?


A townhome is a type of residential building. Townhomes are a cluster of similar structures that share some common features.

Unlike a freestanding home, a townhome will share a wall with its neighbor(s). Townhomes might be side-by-side with two units sharing a wall. With a single level structure, the owner also owns the dirt under their structure.

Most townhomes will have their own driveway and garage, as well as a front, side, and backyard.

Townhome owners maintain the outside of their building. This would including the landscape and any exterior components like patios or decks.

If there is a HOA, the Homeowners Association may be responsible for maintenance. This could include both structure and landscaping.

Townhome complexes will often have shared amenities for owners. Popular amenities include a pool, fitness center, and patio/BBQ area.


Condo ownership is a popular form of real estate structure, especially in urban areas.

A condominium is a single unit within a larger multi-story building. The owner of a unit owns the structure itself, but not the land under it.

This leaves the property owner with exclusive ownership rights to their unit. Shared amenities in the building are under the governance of a homeowner’s association.

Amenities range from hallways and lobbies to workout facilities and pool areas. Condo owners pay dues to a Homeowners Association for maintenance.

Condos offer an appealing option for those who seek urban living, but don’t want to own a single-family home.

Patio Home And Villas

Patio homes and Villas are often referred to as “garden homes,” “courtyard homes,” or “cluster homes,”. Another term “zero lot line” houses is also used to describe this unique blend of townhome and condo.

They are in fact the same as a row house. They are single-story or one-and-a-half-story homes that share a wall with neighboring home. and lack much to no yard.

This living style is beneficial for those who would like low-maintenance home ownership.

They may also be lower cost since these zero lot line homes use less land to build on.

Patio home communities usually have an established homeowner’s association (HOA). Homeowners pay monthly HOA dues to maintain shared amenities.

These might include pools, landscaping, and other facilities the community has to offer.

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Are you considering buying a Townhome, condo or villa in the greater Tucson area? If so, finding the perfect home for you or your family can be a difficult process. But we are here to make the process much less stressful.

As a top Realtor Team working in the Tucson area since 2002, we are well-versed in the Tucson Real Estate market and the communities in Tucson.

From our backgrounds and experience we have learned it is important to clearly understand what clients want. So, we ask questions to better understand your wants and needs, your budget, and timelines.

At our first meeting, we review the current real estate market with you. We will provide you with real-time data to explain the Arizona home buying process in detail.

We want to make sure you’re informed and know what to expect, which is why we want to be your partner along the way.

Many of our clients have bought new construction homes. We are familiar with new construction and ready to assist you.

We can also provide you the details on the 55+ adult communities in Tucson. Whether that is for a resale home or new construction.

For us, you are far more than another real estate transaction. You are a client and a potential future friend. We are eager to create a long-term relationship that will last even after you move into your new home.


Townhomes for sale in Tucson Arizona are found throughout the greater Tucson area. There is likely one to meet your interests and lifestyle choices.

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