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2020 Home Prices Were UP…….Big!

tucson housing market 2020 Even though the country has been in the grips of the pandemic since March, the Tucson Housing Market 2020 review saw prices at new highs. The upward trend hasn’t just continued as COVID-19 worsened; it’s gotten stronger and stronger throughout the second half of 2020.

While that may sound surprising, there are many reasons why real estate is selling faster during the crisis.

That real estate boom hasn’t been confined to a single state, or a handful of states, either. While activity and prices have soared nationally, Arizona has seen some of the most impressive figures – and that bodes well for homemakers and investors alike.

In fact, real estate has been one of the rare positives during a year that’s seen record unemployment and mass disruption to people’s lives, careers, and well being.

US House Prices are High

Lets put the bigger picture into the Tucson Housing Market 2020 Report. The housing market started to build early on in the crisis. By August, states across the country saw significant gains – and some of the most positive activity since before the great financial crash of 2008.

That may have bucked a general trend of bad news, but it was going to get even better for real estate. By September, house prices were still rising nationally. Things show no sign of slowing down as we approach 2021.

The way the market here in Arizona has behaved amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been even more extraordinary. It’s exceeded trends we’ve been seeing in the rest of the US.

In December, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) ranked Tucson second for price appreciation compared to a list of one hundred other metro areas nationwide. During 2020, the agency estimates the value of homes in Tucson rose by an astonishing 10.3%. The increase was under 5% in the rest of the country.

That figure is based on some pretty solid data supplied by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – who have a stake in more than 50% of US mortgages – so it’s a good indicator of what’s an incredibly healthy real estate market.

The agency looks at properties that repeatedly sell to form an accurate idea of how much cash is changing hands and how that’s rising or falling over time.

US Interest Rates Are Low

Realtor Darren Robertson explains, “The Federal Reserve acted to protect jobs and the economy early on in the pandemic. It cut the interest rate and made a solid commitment to keep it low for as long as it takes the nation to recover from widespread lockdowns, layoffs, and pandemic measures.

That might well prove to be a good thing for business, but one of the most significant impacts of a low interest rate is cheaper mortgages. The fact the chairman of the Fed made it so clear earlier this year that the rate won’t rise until at least 2023 has done absolutely nothing to dampen confidence among homemakers and investors.”

More people than ever are looking to get on the real estate ladder for the first time or expand their investment portfolio. The only catch in Tucson at the moment is that buyers need to be on their toes and ready to grab property opportunities when they come up – because there isn’t an endless supply of real estate out there.

Supply and Demand – Driving Home Prices Higher

Housing supply isn’t a problem confined to Arizona. All across America, the effects of the pandemic have extended to construction – and especially during the first few months of measures, house building pretty much stopped.

That’s created a situation in most states where the demand for houses is a lot higher than the number of properties being constructed. COVID-19 didn’t just stop work either, it also caused supply chains to dry up, and materials became scarce.

When supply can’t keep up with demand – in any market – prices head North, and that’s precisely what’s been happening across the US during the pandemic.

In Tucson, where home builders were outpacing the supply of new lots even before COVID-19, that just means home values in Tucson are increasing faster, doubling the national trend.

It’s Cheaper to Buy in Arizona

While interest rates and supply and demand are both powerful drivers of the current real estate boom, it’s impossible to overlook the fact you just get more for your money in Tucson and other metro Arizona areas.

Nationally, the median house price sat at $312,800 in October 2020, but Arizona is still the cheapest of any neighboring states, with an average home costing just $283,623. In comparison, California comes in at $579,332, the median house price in Nevada is $311.018, and living in Utah will set you back $360,044.

One of the other big changes the pandemic has brought is working from home. People are bailing on cities in their thousands all over the US. Nearly half the workforce telecommuted during COVID-19, and many companies are committed to developing new ways of working.

A revolution driven by new tech even before the virus reared its head has gotten accelerated by lock downs and rising case numbers – and looks set to speed up after the pandemic passes, not slow down.

That sort of mass lifestyle change creates more demand in areas like Tucson, where families can get more space for their money than in America’s large cities – and a better quality of life.

Looking Forward – Living in Tucson, Arizona

The Fed’s commitment to a low interest rate through 2023 will only encourage a healthy real estate market right across America. The longer it continues, the higher supply and demand will drive prices.

That’s going to be truer in areas like Tucson, where it will take several years for construction to catch up. Combine that with a median house price which is so much lower than the national average, the way the virus has changed how we work and live, and the fact Arizona gets more than 300 sunny days each year, and it’s easy to see why folks wanted to move here this year.

Looking forward, that trend isn’t going to change any time soon.

The Above Guest Article Provided By …. Emila Smith

Final Thoughts

The December 2020 Tucson Housing Market Report is OUT!  And as expected, there are new records for Average and Median Prices, low inventory and days on market.

Its a reasonable guess that the the trends will continue into 2021.

So buyers attracted by low finance rates or Tucson sunny days will need to be close to asking price with offers. The good news is the demand for a home in Tucson is strong and so is home price appreciation.

The good news is, a quick look at what’s on the Tucson market right now tells us it’s still not too late to get involved.

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