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arizona  home pricesTucson Arizona home prices are easy to find on the popular internet services. Lots of data on Tucson Arizona home prices is available. However, have you ever considered the accuracy of the data?

As Top Tucson Realtors we are working with clients every day. We work to understand their interests and timing. Buyers and Sellers see Tucson home prices differently. Buyers want “low” Tucson Arizona home prices. Sellers want “high” Tucson Arizona home prices. 

No surprise there!

While different Buyers and Sellers often start the conversation with similar comments.

Buyers may begin with “We found a property for sale on Zillow.com or Trulia.com.”

Sellers might say “We found our home’s market value from Zillow.com or Trulia.com.”

Both Zillow and Trulia have lots of data. Unfortunately the data provided isn’t always accurate.

Trulia.com and Zillow.com are considered 3rd party portals. That means they get their listing information from various multiple listing services (MLS), individual brokerages, agents and 3rd party syndicates.

A recent study done by the WAV Group found that 36% of the listings shown active on Zillow.com and 37% on Trulia.com were no longer for sale in the local MLS. Compared to 0% errors for the listings on local agent websites. 

What was also validated that Trulia.com only showed 81% of the active listing and Zillow.com showing only 79% of the total active MLS listings. Same goes for the lag in days when new listings appeared on their site. Took Trulia.com 9 days and Zillow.com 7 days to get new listings uploaded into their site.

As the Chief Operating Officer of WAV Group indicated, “The findings are clear; real estate brokerage websites showed by far the most homes for sale, recognized which homes were no longer for sale, and displayed new listings much earlier.”

Interested in searching the Tucson MLS to see accurate and timely data.  Use our Website Tools to review current Tucson Arizona home prices.

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