Arizona State Tax Climate

Arizona Offers Residents a Favorable Tax Climate

Income Tax, Sale Tax, Property Tax and Vehicle Fees

Arizona State Tax ClimateThe Arizona State Tax climate is likely different from where you live today. Arizona State Taxes Arizona Income Taxes, sales taxes and vehicle license tax.

Although not a state tax, there is a county property tax on your home or land that you own.

Arizona is considered a “tax friendly” state, but there are taxes.

And if you are considering living in Arizona or buying Arizona real estate for a winter retreat you had better check them out.

My guess is that some Arizona State taxes will be lower, and some Arizona State taxes will be higher than where you live today.

It all depends on your personal situation. Whether the level of taxation in Arizona is a factor in your move or not, it is best to be aware so there are no tax surprises later!

The Tax Foundation” website provides information that may be useful in determining how a move to Tucson Arizona could affect your state/County/Local taxes.

And if Florida is on your list of places to live, here are some “trade-offs between Arizona and Florida.

Arizona State Taxes – Personal Income Taxes Will Be A Flat Tax In 2023 And After

Arizona’s income tax for the year 2023 (filed by April 2024) will be a flat rate of 2.5% for all residents.

Before this change, Arizonans paid one of two tax rates.

Single filers with a taxable income of up to $28,652 paid a 2.55% rate, and anyone that made more than that paid 2.98%.

Married couples filing a joint return, paid the 2.55% rate for taxable income up to $57,305. The rate increased to 2.98% for any income over that amount.

?So, this new rate is a tax cut for all.

Kiplinger recognized Arizona as one of the top ten most friendly tax states in the U. S. A flat tax rate that reduces taxes will make Arizona even more favorable.

Check the Arizona Department of Revenue website for additional information.

Arizona State Taxes – Vehicle Tax

The fee to obtain a driver’s license is between $10 and $25. You can determine how much it will cost you at the Motor Vehicle Department web site.

In Arizona the fee to register your vehicle is generally less than $15. But there is also a vehicle license tax (VLT) assessed at the time of registration. The VLT is the same as the personal property tax charged by other states. The more valuable your vehicle, the higher the VLT will be.

Arizona State Taxes – Homes and Land

Property taxes are based on a home’s specific location. Each county and city set their tax rates to fund many items. These items will be shown on the annual tax bill. Read more on Arizona Property Tax rates.

Pima County Property Tax statements are based on the Arizona Property rates and process.


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