Arizona State Tax Climate

Arizona State Tax Climate

Arizona State Tax Climate – Income Tax, Sale Tax, Property Tax and Vehicle Fees

Arizona State Tax ClimateArizona State Tax climate is likely different than where you live today. Taxes include Arizona Income Taxes, Pima County property taxes, sales taxes and Arizona State Tax for vehicle license plate fees.

Are you considering living in Arizona or buying Arizona real estate for a winter retreat? If the answer is yes, you might want to do some research about Arizona State taxes. My guess is that some Arizona State taxes will be lower than wherever you are moving from, and some Arizona State taxes will be higher.

For instance, many people are unpleasantly surprised by the personal property tax levied against automobiles in Arizona. It is paid along with your vehicle registration. Others are surprised that their real estate taxes might be lower in Arizona.

It all depends on your personal situation. Whether the level of taxation in Arizona is a factor in your move or not, it is best to be aware so there are no tax surprises later!

The Tax Foundation” website provides information that may be useful in determining how a move to Tucson Arizona could effect your state/County/Local taxes.

Arizona State Taxes – Personal Income Taxes

Residents and nonresidents that earn income in Arizona will pay state income tax. To compute your Arizona income tax, you will start with your federal adjusted gross income. Then you will be able to make certain additions and subtractions to arrive at Arizona taxable income.
Kiplinger recently recognized Arizona as one of the top ten most friendly tax states in the U. S.

Check the Arizona Department of Revenue website.

Arizona State Taxes – Vehicle Tax

The fee to obtain a driver license is between $10 and $25. You can determine how much it will cost you at the Motor Vehicle Department web site. The fee to register your vehicle is generally less than $10, but there is an additional vehicle license tax (VLT) assessed at the time of registration. This is the equivalent of the personal property tax charged by other states. The more valuable your vehicle, the higher the VLT will be.

Arizona State Taxes – Homes and Land

Property taxes are based on a homes specific location. Each county and city set their tax rates to fund many items. These items will be shown on the annual tax bill. Read more on Arizona Property Tax rates.

Pima County Property Tax statements are based on the Arizona Property rates and process.


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Arizona State Tax Climate was last modified: December 15th, 2017 by ben4wp
Arizona State Tax Climate was last modified: December 15th, 2017 by ben4wp

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