Catalina Foothills High School

Catalina Foothills High School In The Heart Of The Foothills

Aver 1600 Students Attend Catalina Foothills High School

catalina foothills high school tucson azCatalina Foothills High School is a public high school, located in the suburban community of Catalina Foothills. The “Foothills” are located about 10 miles north of the City of Tucson, Arizona,

Catalina Foothills High School is the only high school in the Catalina Foothills School District. Also, identified as School District 16.  The Catalina Foothills community is located in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The Catalina Foothills School District opened its doors in 1931 with nine students and one teacher, who met in a garage. In 1939, developer John Murphey ended up selling 2.2 acres on River Road to CFSD for ten dollars. The sale was done with the stipulation that the land had to be used for a public school.

That summer, a two-room country school house was designed by Joseph T. Joesler and built by the Work Progress Administration. It was referred to as the River Road School. After many years it became the location for the CFSD administration. The building is has been named the Murphey Administration Center.

Today, some 75 years later, more than 5,000 students are enrolled in the seven school facilities that comprise CFSD.

For many years of Catalina Foothills students attended high school in either the Tucson Unified School District or the Amphitheater district. As the population of the Catalina Foothills grew,  Catalina Foothills students attended Amphitheater High School in North Tucson.

Although Canyon del Oro High School in Oro Valley was closer, it had been essentially closed to out-of-district students. As the Amphitheater district began to experience overcrowding, the need for a high school in the Catalina Foothills School District became apparent.

Construction began in 1991 on a 40-acre site in the center of the district. The Catalina Foothills School Board had acquired the site in the late 1970s. The school opened to a 9th grade class in 1992 when classes met at a district middle school. In 1993 the campus was opened to 9th and 10th graders. The  first graduating class of Catalina Foothills High School was in late spring 1996.

In 2006, Catalina Foothills had the state’s

– second highest percentage of students exceeding math,

– third highest percentage of students exceeding reading standards, and

– ninth highest percentage of student exceeding writing standards.

Catalina Foothills High School has continuously been rated in the top 1.7% of high schools in the U.S. Annually, Catalina Foothills averages about 12 National Merit Finalists.

Catalina Foothills High School now serves roughly 1,650 students in grades 9 through 12. The school mascot is the peregrine falcon, and the school colors are blue and silver. Based on the percentage of students passing or exceeding the AIMS, Catalina Foothills is one of the top high schools in the state. Map to Catalina Foothills High School.

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