Continental Ranch Homes By Tucson Subdivision

Continental Ranch Homes By Tucson Subdivision

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Continental Ranch Marana ArizonaContinental Ranch– is a subdivision Northwest of Tucson in the Town of Marana. Continental Ranch is close to the I -10 freeway with easy access to the City of Tucson. I 10 also makes travel to other Tucson communities, as well as Phoenix, an easy trip.

Continental Ranch is a Master Planned Community located in the Town of Marana which is approximately 25 miles North of the City of Tucson

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Continental Ranch Homes – All
Cancion De La Luna
Continental Estates Parcel 52c
Continental Ranch Active Adult
Continental Ranch Desert Traditions 1
Continental Ranch Parcel 3
Continental Ranch Parcel 4
Continental Ranch Parcel 7
Continental Ranch Parcel 8
Continental Ranch Parcel 9
Continental Ranch Parcel 10
Continental Ranch Parcel 11
Continental Ranch Parcel 12-A
Continental Ranch Parcel 12-B
Continental Ranch Parcel 16
Continental Ranch Parcel 17
Continental Ranch Parcel 18
Continental Ranch Parcel 23
Continental Ranch Parcel 26
Continental Ranch Parcel 27-A
Continental Ranch Parcel 27-B
Continental Ranch Parcel 28
Continental Ranch Parcel 36
Continental Ranch Parcel 37
Continental Ranch Parcel 38
Continental Ranch Parcel 40
Continental Ranch Parcel 50
Continental Ranch Parcel 51
Continental Ranch Sunflower
Copper Moon
Desert Traditions II
El Rio @ Continental Ranch
Quail Park
Sombrero Peak Estates
Sonoran Moon
Sonoran Vistas @ Continental Ranch
Sunset Vistas
$150,000 – $250,000
$250,000 – $350,000
$350,000 – $500,000
Over $500,000


Continental Reserve Homes – All

Continental Reserve Block 1 & 7
Continental Reserve Block 7 & 8
Continental Reserve Block 9
Continental Reserve Block 10
Continental Reserve Block 12
Continental Reserve Block 13
Continental Reserve Block 14
Continental Reserve Block 15
Continental Reserve Block 16 A
Continental Reserve Block 16 B
Continental Reserve Blk 17-19
Sierra Crest
Silver Moon
Sunset Ranch Estates


$150,000 – $250,000
$250,000 – $350,000
$350,000 – $500,000
Over $500,000

Marana and the surrounding areas have been inhabited for literally hundreds of years. Archaeological finds suggest over 10,000 years. Hohokam Indians are among the original overseers of the land on which this Tucson subdivision is located. The Town of Marana is the jurisdiction governs Continental Ranch. Marana has incorporated many prehistoric aspects into public projects and facilities.

Marana has provided its families many walking and biking paths along the Santa Cruz River running through the town. Originally a farming community (PIMA Cotton), Marana has created a balanced today’s active life styles with its cultural history.

Long before the coming of the Spanish Conquistadors and missionaries in the 17th Century, the area was inhabited by the Hohokam people who developed extensive canal systems and used waters from the Santa Cruz River to irrigate crops.

The first European to visit the Marana area was a Jesuit Priest, Father Eusebio Francisco Kino in 1694. In 1775, Juan Bautista de Anza, Captain of the Presidio of Tubac led an expedition north along the Santa Cruz River to found the city of San Francisco. With the area under U.S. jurisdiction in 1854, prospectors seeking mineral riches intensified their efforts in the region. Gold was not discovered in abundance, but, by 1865, high-grade copper ore was being shipped from mines in the Silver Bell Mountains.

Rail transportation came in 1881 and signaled a major change in the area. It gave Marana its first identification as a specific place by appearing on Southern Pacific Railroad maps in 1890. “Maraña” is a Spanish word meaning a jungle, a tangle or a thicket and was chosen as an appropriate name by the railroad workers as they hacked their way through dense brush. With the early establishment of mining and ranching, it was not until after WWI that Marana became primarily an agricultural center, producing mainly cotton, wheat, barley, alfalfa and pecans.

During World War II, the impact of the rising importance of the military came quickly to Marana. The Marana airfield (1942-1945) was the largest pilot-training center in the world during WWII, training some 10,000 flyers, and Titan missile sites were later located in the area as part of a complex of ballistic missile installations built around Tucson.

In March 1977, the Town incorporated about 10 square miles and, in August of that year, the 1,500 townspeople elected their first Town council. The Town is now a little more than 120 square miles with a population of 35,000.

Marana boasts an excellent K-12 education system, primarily provided by the Marana Unified School District (MUSD). MUSD has been recognized for its many National Blue Ribbon and State of Arizona “A+ School” certifications, as well as serving as home to the Arizona Teacher of the Year in 2007.

The community is also served by several alternative high schools, including the Mountain Rose Academy and PPEP TEC High School and MUSD’s Another Chance at Education (ACE) and Marana Career and Technical High School (MCAT). Additionally, MUSD operates an outstanding Career & Technical Education (CTE) program at both of its high schools.

Marana also has an active airport – Marana Regional Airport.


  • The airport has two intersecting asphalt runways.
  • Runway 12/30, the primary runway, is 6,900 x 100 feet. There is a GPS approach for both ends of this runway. Runway 12 and Runway 30 have a 4 box PAPI and REIL’s.
  • Runway 3/21, the crosswind runway, is 3,900 x 75 feet. There is a GPS approach for both ends of this runway. Runway 3 has a 2 box PAPI with a 500 foot displaced threshold. Runway 21 has a PAPI.
  • The Airport elevation is 2,031.

More information on the Town of Marana can be found at the Marana Website.

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