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Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails – A Best Tucson Restaurants Review

The Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails – An Eclectic Dining Experience – CLOSED

Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails Tucson AZDowntown Kitchen + Cocktails is more than a Tucson restaurant. It is one of the top restaurants in Tucson by celebrated chef Janos Wilder. A James Beard award winner. That, my friends, is an Oscar.

Downtown Kitchen is, not to anyone’s surprise, located in downtown Tucson AZ. For those not familiar with Tucson, it’s located at 135 S 6th Ave and south of Broadway – MAP.

But Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails is more than a restaurant. It’s Janos Wilder’s kitchen. It reflects his lifetime interest in food from around the world. In the Downtown Kitchen, Wilder services American food with a flare. The flavors are diverse as the world itself.

And the ingredients come from local providers. Gardeners and farmers are sought out to add their seasonal produce to the menu. The result is a unique experience with American food combined with diverse flavors. Flavors from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Indo-China and Latin America.

The Downtown Kitchen Chef

For Janos Wilder, a Kitchen and cooking have been a love affair as a young child growing up in East Palo Alto, California. During high school and college, Janos Wilder worked in restaurants.

After graduating from Berkeley, he headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a brief period. And then to France to study cooking in Bordeaux. He worked alongside well-known chefs in French restaurants and bistros.

He returned to the United States and found Tucson, AZ. His intention was to start a French Restaurant. But discovered the local gardens didn’t grow French produce.

So, seeing the opportunity, Wilder discovered and used the produce of the area. His first restaurant, Janos, opened in October 1983. It combined french cooking techniques with local ingredients. It was an instant success. Playboy magazine named Janos one of the nation’s top regional restaurants in 1984.

The restaurant moved to the Westin La Paloma in 1999. And in 2000, the James Beard Foundation named Janos Wilder as the top chef in the Southwest In 2002, Janos spearheaded Kai at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Phoenix. In 2010, he returned to Tucson, AZ to open Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails.

Janos Wilder continues to use his culinary experience to create a unique venue and dining experience at this top Tucson restaurant.

The Restaurant

Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails is at the top of the list of great Tucson restaurants. From the comfortable outdoor patio to the casual inside dining area, it is a standout. The bar runs the full length of the dining room and provides a great happy hour experience.

The staff is knowledgeable and super attentive. But one caution, the dining area is open and noisy. So if you are going to Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails to share secrets, forget it! You won’t hear the whispers.

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