Dreaming of Living in Southern Arizona?

Dreaming of Living in Southern Arizona?

Here’s How to Handle a Move

Living in Southern ArizonaWhether you’re dreaming of living in Southern Arizona or have another destination in mind, moving to another state takes effort and care.

Fortunately, you can make the process easier by using a few reliable strategies.

Ben and Kim Boldt of Premier Tucson Homes share a few tips, tricks, and insights that can help.

Tips and Tricks for Moving to Another State

Create a Personalized Move-Out Checklist


When creating your move-out checklist, here are some of the tasks you’ll want to tackle:

  • Disconnect utilities
  • Forward or hold your mail
  • Cancel local newspaper delivery
  • Update or cancel your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance
  • Refill or transfer prescriptions
  • Gather school records or contact details to get the information transferred
  • Update pet vaccinations
  • Request copies of vehicle maintenance records
  • Get vehicles serviced if the drive is long

Catalog Your Valuables and Supplement the List with Videos

Moving.com notes that even though you’ll take steps to hire reputable moving professionals, there’s always some risk when someone else handles your belongings.

Since that’s the case, spend time cataloging your valuables. Create a list with a physical description and estimated value, storing it in an accessible place, like a cloud drive.
Then, supplement that information with videos.

Take footage of each piece, including close-ups to document their current condition. Also, when movers arrive, ask them to introduce themselves on video and continue recording footage during the day.

That gives you a full record of who handled your belongings, making it less likely that anyone considering stealing will move forward with their plan.

Consider Moving and Launching a Business

A move is often a fresh start. Since that’s the case, leaving the traditional working world behind and launching a business is potentially a wise choice.
If you’re thinking about starting a company in your new location, make sure you learn what it takes to launch your venture.

The first step is deciding on what type of business structure you want to operate as, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited limited liability company (LLC). Many entrepreneurs choose to form as an LLC due to certain tax advantages and the protection of personal assets.

Using a formation service to register as an LLC Arizona is a great way to ensure the process is complete accurately, quickly and affordably.

Once you’re better educated on the process, it’s time to draft a business plan. Your business plan should describe the company, outline your structure, discuss how you’ll sell your products or services, dig into the funding you’ll need, and review financial projections to give yourself a solid starting point.

What You Need to Know About Working and Living in Arizona

If you’re considering Arizona as a potential destination, there are some details as of 2022 you need to know about working and living in the area. Here are some points you’ll want to consider.

  • The median price of a house in Arizona is around $460,000 in November 2022. For rentals, costs will vary widely depending on where you live in the state, and there’s certainly no shortage of available apartments.
  • Each year, a single adult in Arizona spends about $3,083 on food on average according to 24/7 Wall St. For a family of four, an annual food budget averages $8,903.
  • Overall, utilities cost a bit less in Arizona than in many other areas. For basic utilities (electricity, natural gas, and water), the average household spends about $173.70 in Phoenix or around $196.48 in Tucson.
  • On the education front, in-state tuition on average runs just $9,565 per academic year in Arizona.
  • For infant childcare, Arizonans spend around $10,948 annually. For a four-year-old, the price is about $8,547.
  • Single adult Arizonans spend an average of $5,007 on transportation, while a family of four typically spends closer to $13,644.
  • Arizonans have a relatively low unemployment rate at just 3.3 percent as of June 2022.

If you’re planning on relocating your family to Arizona, the above tips can make the transition easier and less stressful.

When you’re ready to find a home in Southern Arizona, be sure to get in touch with Ben and Kim Boldt of Premier Tucson Homes or calling (520) 940-4541.

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