Gaslight Theater Tucson

Gaslight Theater Tucson Arizona

Gaslight Theater Tucson Arizona – A Fun Place To Go!

Gaslight theater tucsonGaslight theater Tucson AZ is on east side of town at Broadway and Kolb. The Gaslight is not just another one of the theaters in Tucson. The Gaslight Theater Tucson provides exceptional live entertainment to the area.

It has been doing live Tucson theater for almost 36 years. Tucson has been the home for the Gaslight Theater since in 1977. The Gaslight Theater Tucson actually began in Skagway, Alaska. A few University of Arizona drama students got the idea of doing theater in Alaska! Skagway, Alaska to be exact.

The eventual Gaslight Theatre troop founded the “Mighty Moose Melodrama Theatre”. There was only one production during that one summer in Alaska. By the end of the summer, the troop headed back to Tucson Arizona. Arizona is Warm!

Shortly after getting back, the Gaslight Theatre Tucson openned in a red barn in Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde Road.

Some ten years later, the Gaslight Theater Tucson moved to a new location. The old Jerry Lewis Theatre on corner of Broadway and Kolb. The building was refurbished and a little diner was added at the location. “Little Anthony’s Diner” is adjacent to the Gaslight Theater Tucson location.

The Gaslight Theater and Little Anthony’s Diner provide a great place to have some fun. The Gaslight is truly a down home comedy theater set in a western theme. The Gaslight Theater Tucson has the look of a western saloon of the late 1800’s.

The main stage of the Gaslight Theater Tucson is elevated. There are additional areas on either side of the main stage. The area to the right holds the band. The band at the Gaslight Theater typically has an awesome rag time piano, a drummer and some strings.

During the performance actors will often be out on to the left area wing as well as the main stage.

The Gaslight Theater cast consists of around a dozen actors. Generally, only six to eight are in any one play. Performances change about four times each year or more. Cast members appear to have a great time as well. With add lib lines coming right and left, cast members are regularly cracking up on stage.

With add lib lines and actors having fun, no two shows at the Gaslight Theater Tucson are exactly the same. Except for the unforgettable fun everyone has.

So if you are looking for a one of a kind experience in Tucson, the Gaslight Theater is it. Go to dinner at “little Antony’s Diner” and take in a performance. The Gaslight Theater Tucson will provide lots of laughs and great fun in Tucson Arizona.

Visit the Gaslight Theater Tucson Website for more Information.

If you are looking for a movie theaters in Tucson, the Gaslight Theater isn’t one of them. Good food, a great time, live and raucous entertainment will provide an experience to remember!

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Gaslight Theater Tucson was last modified: June 17th, 2015 by ben4wp
Gaslight Theater Tucson was last modified: June 17th, 2015 by ben4wp

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