Gates Pass

Gates Pass Is Named for Thomas Gates

Gates Pass Is A Stunning Tucson Attraction

gates pass tucson arizonaGates Pass is located on the West side of Tucson. Gates Pass is named after Thomas Gates. Gates was a miner in the Tucson area and needed a shorter route to his Avra Valley mine.

The pass is part of the Tucson Mountain Community Park. Gates Pass is a popular area for hiking, biking or just relaxing and enjoying the unbelievable scenes.

The road to Gates Pass ascends gently up into the Tucson Mountains. The park area is located in the pass at the top. There are plenty of pull out areas along the way to take in the views or take photos.

The scenery is as natural and wild as possible get. You will be able to spot many types of wildlife. Bobcats, Deer, Javalina and Foxes are at home in the area. Of course other small desert critters such as rabbits, snakes, quail and such abound.

The slopes of Gates Pass are  studded with Saguaro Cactus. This place offers gazillion of them. If you are searching for a place to take a few great Saguaro Cactus pictures look no further. The Mountain Views are really spectacular as well!

Gates Pass is on the way to several Tucson Attractions. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Old Tucson Studios and Saguaro National Park West. In the event you heading for any spots give yourself a bit of time to stop and check out Gates Pass.

A few other popular Tucson destinations to check out would be Kitt Peak about 50 miles Southwest of Tucson and the Pima Air & Space Museum on the South Side of Tucson.

To get to Gates Pass take the I-10 Freeway West to Speedway. Take Speedway west into the Tucson Mountains. MAP to Gates Pass

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Gates Pass was last modified: September 8th, 2015 by ben4wp
Gates Pass was last modified: September 8th, 2015 by ben4wp

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