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Qwest CenturyLink In Tucson Arizona

Qwest CenturyLink Is The Tucson Utility For Phone Service

Qwest centurylink tucson azQwest CenturyLink provides telephone service in Tucson Arizona. Most Tucson phone service comes bundled with cable TV or internet service. However, if a person only wants phone service in Tucson, Qwest CenturyLink is the likely provider.

Qwest CenturyLink is one the nations largest provider of telephone services.

Century Link merged with Qwest Communications in 2011. The combined company become Qwest CenturyLink. The new company has re-branded itself to CenturyLink.

Qwest CenturyLink offers other services. High Speed Internet Tucson and cable TV. The cable TV is provided by Prism.  Needless to say, there are various service “Bundles” to choose from. Qwest CenturyLink also offers numerous promotions and “deals”. So ask what the latest promo is and choose the services you really need.

Bundled packages from Qwest CenturyLink may reduce your monthly bill. However, always consider how you will use the services. Fewer and fewer homes are using a land line phones. VoiP and cell phones are becoming the norm. Cable TV is provided through many sources.

A call to Qwest CenturyLink is all you need to do to set up an account. CenturyLink support services will schedule a time to come to your home. They will the hook up the services ordered.

Similar to most service calls today, call Qwest CenturyLink 7 to 10 days ahead of time.

While a person will likely never need to visit an office, the Qwest CenturyLink Tucson Office is identified to be located at

4500 N Oracle Rd (Tucson Mall)
Tucson AZ 85705

The general CenturyLink Tucson Customer Service number is 877-216-9617

See the MAP for directions from your locations. Or just visit the CenturyLink – website.

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