SaddleBrooke Ranch Home Floor Plans

One Of These SaddleBrooke Ranch Home Floor Plans May Be For You

There Are 10 Home Floor Plans To Choose From

SaddleBrooke Ranch Home Floor Plans – See Them Here

Saddlebrooke Ranch home floor plansArizona has forever appealed to pioneers searching for new and exciting horizons. The Sonora desert area where SaddleBrooke Ranch is located provides views that stretch on forever. The open desert area creates a sense of freedom and opportunities to achieve new heights.

Find Tucson Homes For Sale At SaddleBrooke Ranch

SaddleBrooke Ranch is the newest Robson Resort Community in Tucson AZ. It is located about 20 miles north of Tucson AZ. SaddleBrooke Ranch is about 7 miles north of Robson’s first Tucson development of SaddleBrooke.

The Features

This new Robson Community is planned to have over 6,500 homes and a wide array of SaddleBrooke Ranch home floor plans. SaddleBrooke Ranch provides owners an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this new Robson Resort Community.

As you drive through the entry gate, the tranquility and quiet surroundings are evident. The amenities of SaddleBrooke Ranch include the beautiful La Hacienda Club. This facility is the focal point of the community.  It features outdoor and indoor pools, fitness center, tennis complex and sports courts, a spa, barber shop, learning center & art room, bistro & lounge and more.

Golf is available at a SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Club. The course is relatively easy to play, but you need to hit is straight and avoid the washes that cross the fairways to score well.

With so many SaddleBrooke Ranch home floor plans make it easy to create your own kind of lifestyle. Here you don’t have to settle for anything, except what you want to do today.

There are 10 SaddleBrooke Ranch Home floor plans to select from. All give the buyer an opportunity to choose floor plan options to meet their unique needs.

8 Things To Know BEFORE You Enter The New Home Builders Model Homes and Sales Office

It is important for you to understand

  1. You have the right to be represented by a Realtor when buying a new construction home.
  2. BUT your Realtor MUST be with you on your FIRST visit to the new home builder’s sales office and register you!
  3. You will not pay more to have US represent you when buying a new construction home in Tucson, AZ.

If you don’t have a Realtor with you on your first visit – KNOW THIS

  1. The sales agent at the builder’s sales office works for the builder, NOT YOU!
  2. They will ask you to “register” when you come in – or shortly after.
  3. If you register, you are GIVING UP YOUR RIGHT to be represented by a Realtor at that builder’s site in the future.
  4. Chances are the builder’s sales agent WILL NOT disclose this to you!
  5. If you register at the builder’s site, you are on your own to work through the builder’s contract and all purchase decisions. Yes, the builder’s sales agent will work with you through the paperwork. They will answer your questions. BUT with who in mind? You or the builder they work for? Will they tell you there are homes for sale with the floor plan you want that may be less than it will cost you to build it?

At this time, SaddleBrooke Ranch residents have full access to the facilities and facilities at nearby SaddleBrooke.


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