Trico Electric Tucson Utilities

Trico Electric Cooperative Services Northwest Tucson And Outlying Areas

Trico Electric Cooperative Is One Of The Tucson Utilities To Contact

trico electricTrico Electric is the electric power company for Marana and Northwest Tucson. Trico was established in 1945. It is a non-profit member owned electrical power cooperative.

If you live in Marana, portions of Northwest Tucson or the outskirts of Tucson you will be served by Trico Electric Cooperative. See service area map.

In most cases, Trico Electric will turn on your electrical with a phone call. If the electricity is currently on, simply inform them the day you want it transferred to your name. They’ll handle it from there.

The seller will also be calling Trico Electric to inform them to cancel or transfer their account. When that happens, Trico Electric will do a final meter reading and change over the account to the Tucson home buyer.

Typically the new Tucson home buyer does not have to be present for billing transfer to be made. However, in some situations the power company may need the Tucson home owner to be present.

In all cases, make sure that the electric power is on at your new Tucson home before Southwest Gas (SWG) arrives to switch on the gas. Should the electrical power be off, SWG cannot test gas appliances and will not turn on your gas service

Trico Electric Cooperative is in Marana. The company headquarters is in Northwest Tucson just East of I-10. It will be on the north side of Tangerine Road. Map To Trico Electric Cooperative.

You ought call Trico at least a week ahead of the scheduled closing date to be certain they have enough time to switch over your account.

Visit the Trico Electric Cooperative website for more information.

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