Tucson Arizona Weather

Tucson Arizona Weather Will Make You Happy Every Day

Higher Elevations And Low Humidity In Tucson, AZ

tucson arizona weatherTucson Arizona Weather provides about 350 of sunshine every year. That makes it the sunniest city in the United States! OK, there may be some broken clouds from time to time.

Even after a monsoon, there is sunshine. And a beautiful sunset. Tucson Arizona weather has warm days and cooler evenings. Tucson weather is legendary in spring, fall & winter.

Summers can be hot, but the lower humidity helps keep the high temperatures very tolerable. And cooler night time temperatures make the evenings pleasant.

Tucson Arizona average summer temperatures rank 20th for cities the southwest. When you include the ties at 7th & 14th. That’s based on a recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Yes, 20th!

Nine Arizona cities have summer temperatures higher than the summer Tucson temperatures. Key reasons for the lower Tucson temperatures is elevation. Tucson is at 2600 feet above sea level. Second, humidity is very low.

By the way, Peoria, Glendale, and Goodyear Arizona were not identified in the study. These Phoenix suburbs were likely included with Phoenix, AZ. It is worth noting that Tucson will be 8 to 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix in the summer. Check it OUT!

Arizona Weather Average Summer Temperature By City

If add to the list, 12 Arizona cities have higher Arizona summer temperatures than Tucson, AZ.
Southwest cities ranked by average summer temperature, include

  1. Lake Havasu City, 94.6 degrees
  2.  Needles, Calif., 94.1
  3. Bullhead City, 94
  4. Willow Beach, 93.5
  5. Phoenix, 93.1
  6. Laughlin, Nev.,  92.9
  7. (tie) Gila Bend and Blythe, Calif., 92.1
  8. Indio, Calif., 92
  9. Laveen, 91.4
  10. Palm Springs, 90.9
  11. Scottsdale, 90.4
  12. Yuma, 90.3
  13. Mecca, Calif., 90.1
  14. (tie) Deer Valley and Las Vegas, 90
  15. Tempe, 88.1
  16. Laredo, Texas, 87.8
  17. McAllen, Texas, 86
  18. Tucson, 85.7

For a “real time” look at our Tucson sky and Tucson weather? TAKE A LOOK!

Fun Facts About Tucson Arizona Weather

  • If you stand in the shade, it will be slightly cooler than standing in the direct sun.
  • Fans can make you feel more comfortable, as long as they are on and you are in the breeze.
  • Frying an egg on the sidewalk is not only impossible, it’s stupid.
  • Sunscreen screens the sun.
  • Sweating causes the body to lose water, which can be replenished by drinking water.

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