Tucson Charter Schools

Tucson Charter Schools

Tucson Charter Schools Provide Innovative Learning And Student Achievement

tucson charter schoolsTucson Charter schools bring innovative learning methodologies to public education. Tucson Charter schools serve a wide range of students. Charter schools go way beyond a one-size-fits-all traditional public school education.

Tucson Charter Schools, and all Arizona Charter Schools, are held accountable for student achievement by the State.

Arizona leads the nation in charter school growth. It has one of the highest percentages of students in charter schools. Arizona had over 600 charter schools and a total enrollment of over 180,000 students in 2013. Almost 30 percent of the state’s public schools and about 17 percent of the students are charter schools.

The Arizona Legislature authorized charter schools in 1994. In 1995, the first Arizona Charter schools opened. Charter schools give parents academic choices for their children.

Charter school programs stimulate learning and improve individual accomplishment. Tucson Charter schools, as do all Arizona Charter schools, contract with the state or school districts to offer tuition free academic services.

There are over 85 charter schools in Tucson AZ. Most public Tucson charter schools are operated outside of local school districts. In some cases, school districts may sponsor charter schools.

The Arizona Charter Schools Association was created to oversee the operations of all Arizona Charter schools. The Association operates as a nonprofit organization. It ensures Arizona students have access to high quality public school.

Tucson Charter schools work to achieve a high level of quality in all aspects of operation. Tucson Charter school programs are designed to be sustainable and improve student accomplishment.

Tucson Charter Schools can be found throughout the Tucson Metropolitan area. A current list of Tucson Charter Schools is found on the Arizona Department of Education website for Pima County.

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