Tucson Housing Market Pulse – January 2024

 Tucson’s Housing Market Pulse – January 2024

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Let’s start the new year of the Tucson Housing Market Pulse with new report formats from the Tucson Association of Realtors. The big change is that all home types are lumped together. Single-family, condos/townhomes and manufactured homes. Yes, its dumb, but that’s what they did.

Also, the focus of price reporting is on the median sales price of homes sold.

It’s a new reporting format on the same Tucson real estate market.

And here we go!

The January 2024 Tucson Housing Market Pulse shows the Median sales price for increased 8.0% from January 2023 and stands at $352,500. As for the average sales price, it increased 5.5% over January 2023. Remember, that’s for all homes sold – Single-family, condos/townhomes and manufactured homes.

Median, note Median, days on market was 26 for January 2024. That’s a drop of 6 days from the prior year.

One more thing, the ratio of sales price to list price was 97.98% for January 2024. Active listings at the end of January stood at 3,062. Single-family at 2,592, Townhouses at 164, Condominiums at 141 and Manufactured homes at 118.

If you are the type that adds up the details and checks it against the total, you will find details are 47 less than the total. Someone flunked math, I guess.

The Tucson Housing Market Pulse January 2024 – All Homes – Single Family – Condos/Townhomes – Manufactured Homes


January 2024 Tucson real estate market pulse

Months Supply

Median Sales Prices

The Takeaway

Mortgage Rates

The Bureau of labor reported the consumer price index increased 0.3% in January. On a 12-month basis, that came out to 3.1%, down from 3.4% in December.
Inflation remains a wildcard for the Fed and adjustments to the federal funds rates may have to wait. A quick review of mortgage rates has rates from 6.75% to 7.25%. Of course, credit scores and regional incentives would affect these rates.


January 2024 sales of 873 were the lowest (by 1 for November 2023 at 872) in the last 3 years. But median and average price were up 8.0% and 5.5% respectively. So, unit sales are down, but prices – year over year – are up. And the ratio of sale price to list price is at 97.93%

Interest rates may be slowing sales, but buyers are paying close to list for a Tucson home.

> Inventory Of Homes for Sale

New listings came in at 1,722 in January. An increase of 165 over the prior year. By the way, that is 10.6%. It is likely interest rates are keeping the “move up” buyers in their homes. Swapping a 3.25% mortgage rate for 7.0% on a more expensive home increases the caring cost a lot!

> Prices

Prices continue to increase year over year as shown above the median sales price was up 8.0% year over year.

> The Bottom Line

Mortgage rates held in January 2024 and may not decrease during the 1st half of 2024 as had been suggested.

No change in the near-term outlook! Prices up and home inventory seeing some increases. Will some snowbirds put their home on the market as they head to their summer homes?

We will find out fairly soon.

It’s deja vu all over again on new construction. New home builders are steadily raising prices in response to demand with low resale inventory.  Most buyers are happy as well to get a new home and not need to remodel anything. New home builder incentives may also play a part in the new construction option.

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Not much change in the January 2024 Tucson Housing Market Pulse other than the TAR data changes.

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