Tucson Lifestyle Home Design Trends

Current Tucson Lifestyle Home Design Trends

Tips On Tucson Lifestyle Trends Utilize The Homes Indoor And Outdoor Space

Tucson Lifestyle Tucson HomesTucson lifestyle is influenced by today’s designs and buyers wants.  With great weather there’s no surprise what the buyer wants. Here’s what we believe are noticeable design trends in the market today:

Tucson lifestyle utilizes outdoor living space.  With our great weather, we find that home owners spend more time outside than inside. With that said, they want a functional and nicely furnished outdoor room ranging from patio furniture, cocktail tables, curtains, to a TV with a high tech sound system.

A Tucson lifestyle may have an outdoor kitchen.  The outdoor living space with a outdoor kitchen is the dynamic duo. This space ranges from simple grills to elaborate built-in stations with everything the happy chef would want. Designs with sinks, refrigerators, beer tap, wine cooler, pizza oven, to elaborate counter tops for the buffet style events. That outdoor area will need a heater.

Depending on the time of year, Tucson is known for the big temperature swings from 5-40 degrees during the evening hours. Some type of heat is typically welcomed. Everything from the Mexican chiminea, tower heater, fireplace, to the fire-pit is a great compliment to your outdoor living space Tucson lifestyle for the outdoors may have a water feature.

From pools, spa, spool, waterfall, koi pond, to a fountain, it helps set the mood to your outdoor oasis. For the family home that wants to entertain the kids to the tranquil setting for the afternoon cocktail to watch the sunset, a water feature is a great element to add for life’s balance.

Outdoor Gardens have become a part of the Tucson lifestyle.  With the ever growing concern of healthy eating, organic gardens is a new must have. Top garden choices are tomatoes, peppers (easy SW kick to your meal), herbs, garlic and artichokes. A raised garden bed is a favorite to avoid bending too much.

Newer home are “Smart Home”.  Want to manage your energy costs (temperature, lights), security, and electronics through a single device? Then a “smart home” that controls all these features is a must. You can easily access these systems through the main control in your home, via a laptop, or even an android phone.

Tucson lifestyle will consider GREEN Energy Efficiency.  Living in the desert, we need to be especially conscious of the environment we live in. Conserving energy and water is the right choice.

Inside the home popular features include low-water toilets and faucets, tankless hot water heaters, to the higher seer HVAC units. For the outdoors, consider adding rainwater capturing systems, gray recycled water (laundry), solar panels, to planting drought-tolerant plants for the xeriscape design.

Kitchen & Bath Design reflect Tucson lifestyles.  The balance between traditional and contemporary is the new popular design. Cove ceilings rather than crown molding. Floor tiles in the great room that are 18-24 inch tiles rather than the small 6-12 inch tiles. Open “live-in” spaces for cooking and socializing. Master suites that are dual functioned sleeping and unwinding areas and a bathing experience that offers a retreat. Away goes the “cultured marble” with tiled showers.

Paint & Themes will enhance a Tucson lifestyle. Paint color trends move in cycles of every 5-10 years. Neutrals remain more popular than vibrant hues. Greens with browns, or yellows with grays are a popular duo combination. Purples and oranges are popular accent colors. Themed decorating is also back by popular demand.

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