Tucson Statistics November 2011 Housing

TAR MLS Tucson Statistics November 2011 And Housing Price Trends

See MLS History And Tucson Statistics November 2011 And Housing Market Trends

tucson statistics november 2011 housing


Tucson Statistics November 2011 Housing are from the Tucson MLS monthly data. The Tucson Association of Realtors operates the Tucson MLS System.

Tucson Statistics November 2011 Housing – January to June

January February March April May June
Unit Sales 780 879 1,169 1,152 1,247 1,312
$ Avg Sales Price
$166,998 $182,388 $163,590 $173,981 $168,453 $167,172
Active Listings-EOM 7,147 6,947 6,701 6,269 5,796 5,566
Avg Day On Mkt 108 107 84 83 83 79
% Sale to List 94.33% 95.01% 94.46% 94.49% 95.41% 95.93%

Tucson Statistics November 2011 Housing – July to December

July August September October November December
Unit Sales 1,124 1,106 1,064 982 1,015
$ Avg Sales Price
$173,141 $154,944 $150,699 $151,812 $158,434
Active Listings-EOM 5,412 5,167 5,155 5,290 5,191
Avg Day On Mkt 76 73 80 74 78
% Sale to List 95.34% 95.32% 95.44% 96.18% 99.52%

Review the Tucson Statistics November 2011 along with other months to see the trends in the key statistics.

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