Valley Of The Moon Tucson AZ

Valley Of The Moon A Tucson Historic Landmark

Valley Of The Moon Tucson Becomes First Historic Landmark Since 1995

Valley Of The Moon Tucson AZOften overlooked by the media, Valley of the Moon has had a place in Tucson’s heritage since the early 1930’s. Its unique beginning and status in the history of Tucson was acknowledged by being designated a Tucson Historic Landmark in May 2015. The first property receiving such designation in over 20 years.


Valley of the moon was the vision of Mr. George Legler. Mr. Legler had moved to Tucson from Indiana in 1917. Soon after his arrival, he purchased the land that would become the Valley of the Moon Tucson AZ.

Perhaps due to some medical ailments, or just having inspiration. Mr. Legler felt there was a need to sustain the mind and soul as well as the physical body. Since the early 1920’s, Legler focused on the belief that “kindness to all is the golden key to happiness”.

Around 1923, Legler began building Valley Of The Moon. He was initially helped by Frank Thibault. For his effort, Legler gave Frank a spot on the property to build an adobe house for he and his wife.

An Place To Imagine

Over the years, many people gave their time and efforts to build what have become the Valley Of The Moon as we know it today. The heritage of Valley Of the Moon has made it a place of unique wonderment. Magical images and buildings create a story book land for children and adults reliving memories and imaginations.

Visit the enchanted garden, meet the magical people and see many strange creatures both large and small. Will you have a conversation with the gnomes in the garden? Who knows, how good is your imagination?


The Valley Of The Moon Tucson AZ is a unique and memorable place. It stimulates the memories of past childhoods and brings families together to explore. Explore the wonders of growing up, creating imaginary friends and having a tea party with the mad hatter.

The designation as a Historic Landmark means Valley Of The Moon cannot be developed to be anything other than the enchanted story book land it was intended to be.

Valley of the Moon is open the first Saturday of every month. Admission is Free and is only for a few hours around sundown. Additionally, Valley of the Moon holds special events and fantasy performances.

Valley of the Moon can be discovered at

2544 E Allen Rd.
Tucson AZ 85716

Here is a MAP to discovery your imagination in one of the unique things to do in Tucson, AZ.

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Valley Of The Moon Tucson AZ was last modified: June 12th, 2015 by ben4wp
Valley Of The Moon Tucson AZ was last modified: June 12th, 2015 by ben4wp

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