White Stallion Ranch

Relive The Old West At White Stallion Ranch

White Stallion Ranch Provides A Memorable “Old West” Experience Just Minutes From Tucson AZ

White Stallion Guest RanchWhite Stallion Ranch is where the pavement ends and the old west begins. Although just 15 miles from Tucson Arizona, it is a place where one can sense the history of the old west.

White Stallion Ranch sits on 3,000 acres of Sonoran Desert alongside side the Saguaro National Park – West. The location affords horse rides and guided hikes that follow the park trails and create access to the Saguaro National Park not available to others.

Operating Since 1965

White Stallion Ranch has been operating under the same family owners (The Trues ) since 1965. The ranch is known for its horse activities and features everything from scenic mountain rides to sociable wine & cheese rides. But don’t let your horse get tipsy.

For those with riding experience, all day excursions are available to you. For the beginner, lessons are available for groups or individuals for a fee.

As you mount your horse and begin the ride you will be taken back to the West as it was in your favorite western movies and TV shows. The ranch has actually been the location for numerous productions. Views of Safford and Panther Peak may be a “deja vu – all over again” moment from one of the shows.

For those not going out on the trails, on-site facilities include outdoor tennis and basketball courts that are lighted for evening play. There is also a heated pool, redwood hot tub, fitness center and an extensive recreation room.


White Stallion Ranch features 41 authentically decorated en-suite rooms. All are fully air-conditioned. Every room has a private patio and views of the cactus gardens or mountains. A few guest rooms are close to the corrals, so don’t be to surprised to wake up to friendly faces looking over the fence! And perhaps a early morning “Winnie”

Meals are served in the main dining room. Once a week there is an evening outdoor barbecue and breakfast rides together with a cowboy breakfast add an Old West touch to mealtimes.

Sonoran Desert Landscapes

The Sonoran desert surrounds the White Stallion Ranch and is teeming with wildlife. Coyotes howl in the evening and through out the night. Other wildlife include, Javelinas (look like wild pigs, but are related to the hippo family), mountain lions, bobcats, deer, rabbits and raccoons. There are also multitudes of birds and reptiles of all kinds.


All of  this desert splendor is available at the White Stallion Ranch just 30 minutes from all that Tucson (MAP) has to offer. The True family continues to deliver the hospitality and excellent customer service that provide memories that last a lifetime and have guests returning year after year.

If you are considering an “Old West” experience for your next vacation, the put the White Stallion Ranch at the top of your list. Tucson is an easy flight from most major airports throughout the United States. The Tucson International Airport is smaller and therefore very convenient for both Arrivals and Departures.

And if you enjoy your stay and find Tucson a place you would like to call home or just have a winter retreat, we can help.

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White Stallion Ranch was last modified: December 5th, 2014 by ben4wp
White Stallion Ranch was last modified: December 5th, 2014 by ben4wp

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