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canadians buying in arizonaFor Canadians Buying in Arizona – Welcome to our website

Thinking about purchasing property in Arizona? Then our site will help you to better understand the Arizona home buying process. Our home search tools will help you find home meeting your criteria and lifestyle interests.

Is the opportunity right for Canadians buying in Arizona? Each person needs to make that decision for themselves. However, there are a lot of homes owned by Canadians in Arizona.

A builder to Tucson AZ is Mattamy Homes, a Toronto based home builder. But here is some information to help in your decision making.

The rate of exchange between the Canadian and U. S. dollar is very close to parity. Home values have been increasing, but still remain well below the 2006 peaks.

As a Canadian buying in Arizona our website will help you review the Tucson housing market. You may even find that perfect home to buy. Our site is built to help Canadians buying in Arizona become more familiar with the Tucson area and lifestyle choices available.

Check out these easy pre set searches. Tucson subdivisions and neighborhoods offer a wide range of housing choices. Also,property taxes on Tucson homes are quite reasonable compared to other area of the U.S.

There Are Differences

Canadians buying in Arizona well see some differences from Canada. However, our professional backgrounds and experience will help you through the process.  Yes, there are different laws, tax issues, financing and terminology.

We are here to answer help you with answers to your questions based on over a decade of Tucson Real Estate experience.Check out our Background. We offer a a lot more than Tucson Real Estate experience. R

ead what our clients have to say!

While we can guide you through the process, we strongly suggest you appropriate accounting, legal or financial professional about your particular circumstances.

As in many things, the time to plan for your purchase is before you buy. Clearly, understanding what you can afford and how the process works makes everything easier.

Following are some of the he frequently asked question we hear from Canadians Buying In Arizona.

Canadian Buying In Arizona Real Estate  – General Questions from Canadian Buyers

Canadians buying in Arizona often askShould I buy right now? Would it better to wait?

Answer –

If we had a crystal ball that worked, we might be able to provide an answer. Unfortunately, there is no  clear answer. The Tucson Real Estate market continues to improve and exchange rates change.

The reality is the choice will vary based on your specific situation. Here are some of the facts.

The Tucson housing market saw pricing being driven down by foreclosures and distressed sales. In a few areas of the market, prices were down close to 50% off the peaks. Review the Tucson Housing Market Trends.

The Tucson Market hit the low point in late 2011. Since then the trend has been moving up through 2012 and 2013. Have there been dips. YES! However, year over year prices trends are up. In some areas quite a bit.

This relative stability began buying in earnest in 2012 and the market has seen significant appreciation through 2013. Still, prices are well under peak levels. If this will be a secondary home, wintertime residence, or long-term investment, then Tucson Arizona is undoubtedly worth a look.

Taking into consideration the general economic view for the United States, the recent favorable rate of exchange for the Canadian dollar is forecast to last for a while.

Buying in ArizonaWhere are the best deals?

Answer –

This really depends on the kind of home you are interested in and how you’ll use it. There are plenty of excellent deals in across the Tucson metro area.

The last few years have seen appreciation in the Tucson Real Estate market. Inventory levels have remained relatively low in 2013. In some popular area it even has become a seller’s market. For those looking in the $500K and over price points there is inventory and some deals.

Set up a Tucson Real Estate Home Search

The market downturn also caused a consolidation of new home builders. New home construction is now rebounding in Northwest Tucson.  New construction in Tucson is priced competitively and is a viable option.

Canadians  askHow long can I stay in the U.S.?

Answer –

Your visa status may control the extent of your visit, but most snowbirds can’t stay in the U.S. longer than 6 months (182 days) if they want to keep their provincial health care coverage.

Some Canadians ask – Can I pay cash?

Answer –

Actually, purchasing with cash can be an advantage if there are other offers on the same property. A seller will feel more comfortable knowing they don’t have to wait for a loan approval.

Paying in cash is easy. Wiring the funds is preferable. Carrying a suitcase full of cash across the border doesn’t work very well. Homeland Security might want to talk to you.  All that you need at contract is proof of funds for the seller. That can be as simple as a letter from your accountant, financial adviser or bank official.

Many Canadians buying in Arizona arrange their finances at home. This helps them to take advantage of the current exchange rates. BMO Harris Bank has many locations in Arizona. BMO Harris is owned by the Bank of Montreal. This Canadian connection is making it easier to coordinate financing in the U.S by Canadian’s.

Canadians buying in Arizona askWhy should I buy in the Tucson area instead of California or other areas?

Answer –

We have a number of clients that were considering either Palm Springs or the Phoenix area. They eventually decided on Tucson Arizona.

We think the choice is easy. Home prices have remained lower on average here than in California or Phoenix. That means a better value in Tucson AZ.

If you are looking for relaxation, golf and a pool, you won’t go wrong in either area. However, for the long term, the Tucson metro area offers a lot more to do. And it is less expensive.

There are many things to do in Tucson. World class dining and shopping. Tucson is well located. Many points of interest are nearby. San Diego is only 6 or 7 hours by car.

Other cities and attractions like Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest are great overnight trips. Not to mention Rocky Point Mexico, which is known as Arizona’s beach, is 3 hours away. That’s similar to a commute in LA.

Tucson also has a vast array of places to see, things to do and great dining.

Canadians askCan I buy more than one property?

Answer –

There are no limitations regarding the number of properties one can purchase. With the notable constraint of funds.

The U.S. and Arizona have favorable trade policies and there are no untold hurdles to purchasing.

Don’t forget that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service – our version of the CRA) will want their share upon the eventual sale of a property. See you tax adviser to keep this as low as possible.


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