Cobblestone Subdivision Tucson AZ

Cobblestone Subdivision Tucson AZ


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Cobblestone Subdivision Tucson AZ Homes

Cobblestone Subdivision gives homeowners luxury living and gated privacy in the Catalina Foothills north of Tucson.

Homeowners in the Cobblestone Subdivision enjoy magnificent views of the Catalina Mountains and the twinkling City lights.  Cobblestone Subdivision homes tend to be more contemporary in style. And home sites frequently exceed one acre. These sought after homes will be over $1 million dollars.

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The Catalina Foothills area provides a unique topography with many ridges, rocky terrain, and washes, or arroyos, and overlooks the City of Tucson. The Catalina Foothills sit at the base of the Catalina Mountains which creates the opportunity for stunning views of the Catalina Mountains and the night lights of the City of Tucson.

Catalina Foothills homes can be expensive and frequently go over the million dollar level. But older homes, built in the 1950’s and 1960’s, are great fixer uppers. Cash and vision will turn an older home with good bones into a great investment.

Location And Convenience

The Foothills area provides easy access to downtown Tucson. Cobblestone Subdivision homeowners are minutes away from dining, entertainment, and shopping.

Cobblestone Subdivision families are served by School District 16. One of the top performing school districts in Arizona. However, if you are looking at other “Foothills” homes, some may NOT be located School District 16.  So, if it important to you to be in School District 16, be sure to check the “School District” information in the listing detailed OR call us 1 866 316 5575 to verify the home’s specific location.

It should be noted that not that not all Foothills homes are located in School District 16.  So, if it important to you to be in School District 16, be sure to check the “School District” information in the listing detailed OR call us 1 866 316 5575 to verify the home’s specific location.

Other luxury subdivision nearby includes Sin Vacas, La Paloma, Pima Canyon and Ventana Canyon.

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