Downsizing For AZ Retirement

10 Tips To Downsizing For That AZ Retirement

Moving To That Arizona Retirement Will Likely Mean A Smaller Home And Downsizing

Downsizing Can Be An Emotional Challenge

Downsizing AZ RetirementOne of the frequent things we hear from our clients moving to Arizona is “I didn’t think downsizing would be that hard!”

The amount of “stuff” that can be accumulated after living in the same house for an extended period of time can be downright overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to that “perfect” home to start your AZ retirement, moving for a new job or just deciding it is time to live in a warm climate. Downsizing can be a challenging experience.

A key thing to understand is that many warm climate homes generally don’t have basements. You know, that place where everything goes because you might need it.  When living in Arizona, that is the rule, not the exception. No basements means less storage and that leads to downsizing.

Also, based on how long you have been in your home before moving, there are many emotional ties to the treasures in the home. Downsizing your home is challenging because it is a process of letting go of a person’s history and memories.

While there isn’t any magic to the downsizing process, one rule is begin as soon as you have made the decision to move. Don’t wait!

How To Downsize

Start with the small things and work your way to the big items such as furniture, appliances and entertainment centers. Also, nothing should be off limits to downsizing. Either use it, love it or leave it behind!

From our personal experience moving from our last home in Wisconsin to living in AZ, we can say our downsizing efforts fell short. We moved many things that we later sold or donated to a worthy charity. These included some bigger items we thought would work in our new Tucson AZ home, but didn’t fit our later southwest decor choices.

10 Tips On Downsizing

  1. Create a plan. Schedule time on your calendar each day for downsizing.
  2. Start in the rooms that are not used as much. The guest room or basement for example.
  3. Use an ABC system. For example;
    1. “A” items will have high emotional value. Some will move and some won’t.
    2. “B” items will have medium level importance. You will most likely need to do some additional sorting to determine what to keep them or what to get rid.
    3. “C” items that can be sold at an estate sale or donated.
  4. Organize similar items into one box or container. It will be easier for pick up by a charity.
  5. Identify a few charities you would like to donate things too.
  6. Schedule an estate sale or garage sale for items of value. If they don’t sell, donate.
  7. Big items can cost a lot of money to move. Sell the appliances, furniture and the 3rd set of dishes.
  8. Consider how the furniture you plan to take will look in your new home. New furniture is less expensive then it used to be and many area have resell shops the almost new used furniture. It just many be cheaper to leave it all behind and buy new.
  9. If you have a lot of books, challenge yourself on which ones to move. They are heavy! Don’t forget, you’re moving costs are charged by weight. Where will they be in your new home?  Garage??  Tucson has lots of libraries and book stores.
  10. Get the floor plans for your new home and arrange furniture you plan to take in each room. Then revisit #8


And remember, downsizing should be done one step at a time, at least until the moving van arrives. Worst case, you move something you will be donating in your new community.

If you are considering Tucson AZ as a place to live Or thinking about a place to escape those long winter days, we can help.

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Downsizing For AZ Retirement was last modified: June 19th, 2015 by ben4wp
Downsizing For AZ Retirement was last modified: June 19th, 2015 by ben4wp

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