Green Homes In Tucson AZ

Green Homes In Tucson Arizona

Tips About Green Homes And What Home Buyers Want

Green Home tucson azGreen Home buyers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They understand that a Green Home is really a comprehensive and integrated set of construction practices.

A resent study done by HomeInnovation Research Labs proves this. Findings indicate “it’s not just about the windows and HVAC systems anymore”. Home buyers of today will reward builders responding to their wants. The builder gets a sale! Buyers want completely Green Homes. Bits and pieces of “green” aren’t going to satisfy them.

The energy efficiency of a Green Home can be quickly measured by the savings. Most green home buyers are looking for more than the energy efficiency. They want a certified Green Home that will deliver those benefits and MORE.

One of the challenges for buyers is that “Green” is too vague. It is also overused and often meaningless. Some builders may object to building and certifying Green Homes. Builders frequently note that their buyers are not asking for “Green.”

Often times that is true. Few home buyers march into a sales center and declare “they want a Green Home”. Tucson home buyers know exactly what they want. However they just might not call it “Green”.

Another concern for all home buyers is cost. Will a homes labeled “Green Home” cost more than they can afford. Their concern with cost doesn’t mean that certain green features aren’t desirable. They are! Buyers just want to understand what they are paying for.

Consumers may be more interested in specific benefits versus a blanket categorization of green features. Home buyers are more interested in what makes a home a “Green Home”. How do green features impact the environment. In the broadest sense how do the features reduce a homes carbon footprint.

Green Home Features

Some of the Green Home features and building practices include:

– Higher “R” factors for wall and ceiling insulation

– Tankless hot water heater

– Energy Star appliances

– Improve indoor air quality with carpet, paints & ventilation

– Rainwater harvesting/collection

– Dual pane low E windows

– Correct HVAC size for home

Who and What Impacts the Home buyers Decision for a Green Home

Research suggests four factors will influence a buyer selecting a green home. These include; gender, geography, age, and educational level. Each will impact which green marketing message might resonate best. Some examples:

  • Energy efficiency, which results in lower operating costs, may be a difficult benefit to sell in neighborhoods where utility costs are low.  
  • Younger buyers typically care more about the potential environmental impact of their home and respond more favorably to information about features that reduce the home’s environmental footprint.
  • Women are more influenced by green features than men and they often respond very positively to homes that have “show and tell” visual aids and interactive displays.

Tucson home buyers have long embraced the Green Home. Home styles include single family residence (SFR), condo and lofts. In some cases a complete community. Some of our favorite “green homes” are the condo and lofts in downtown Tucson. Both Ice House Lofts and Indigo Modern provide green homes. Another Green Home community in downtown Tucson is Armory Park del Sol. The Civano neighborhood in Southeast Tucson is also very popular.

Pepper Viner & TJ Bednar are Tucson home builders that have embraced Green Homes for years. In fact, they are probably the pioneers of green homes in Tucson.

Pepper Viner built the Civano neighborhood. TJ Bednar captures the Spanish Colonial design in their homes. Their homes have also earned the Tucson Electric Power (TEP) guarantee. Both builders have Energy Star ratings on their homes.

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Green Homes In Tucson AZ was last modified: June 16th, 2015 by ben4wp

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Green Homes In Tucson AZ was last modified: June 16th, 2015 by ben4wp

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